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Loved the coat! I'll definitely buy more coats in the future.

— Joseph L
Durham, United States

Very cute, but also thin fabric.

— Juleen W
Los Angeles, United States

LOVE the fit and style. One of the pocket snaps fell off though, and the zipper lining is coming loose, after only a few months, but the great style makes up for it since I can sew these back myself.

— Hida V
Santa Fe, United States

About RebelsMarket

In today's society, we are told that we need to follow the crowd to be “Cool”. We believe the world is ready to wake up to new thoughts and ideas. It is time to break the mold!
RebelsMarket is on a mission is to ensure we give you access to coveted aesthetic and alternative fashion that aligns with who you are. We believe everybody is unique and so are our styles!

“Better Than Normal”

RebelsMarket is designed to be a community that provides unparalleled access to aesthetic clothing, ideas and inspiration for those with a Rebel spirit. The aim is to restore a unique sense of personal value and confidence, in a manner that revives personality and crystallizes the desire to stand apart from the masses.

RebelsMarket is a great place for you to spend time discovering new items and sharing the ideas and inspirations that are important to you. Browse alternative styles like Rock, Metal, Gothic, Fetish, Pinup, Rockabilly, and Emo. Other offbeat products include Steampunk, House & Clubbing, Streetwear, Skating, Surfing and Snowboarding. We also offer handmade decor and fashion created by artists sharing their own Rebel spirit.

No more endless searches for the perfect studded jacket or lace-up combat boots, we’ve created the one place you can feel like yourself and find what you want from head to toe with rebel clothing, jewelry, gothic home decor and more. You stand out from the masses, so match your look to your attitude at RebelsMarket! RebelsMarket - For the rebel in you!