When it comes to rocking an edgy, alternative style, nothing can complete your look like a unique watch for men. They are a stylish and functional accessory that can add finishing touches to your style.

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A Brief History of Wrist Watches

The word watch can be traced to the old English word 'woecce,' which meant watchmen. Originally fixed timepieces, the pocket watch, as well as the modern wristwatch, were made as portable pieces. Technological improvements later allowed for their miniaturization, making them a common and useful fashion accessory.

Wristwatches were initially worn by women, which explains the subtle design variations. Men, on the other hand, carried pocket watches until the 20th century.

At first, wearing wristwatches among men was limited to military personnel, but soon it caught up mainstream attention and started being worn by men all around the world. There are mainly two types of watches common these days, digital and analog watches. Digital watches, for instance, come with both electric and analog displays. In contrast, analog watches mostly come with three hands of varying measurements to indicate time. These two types both run on batteries. Another variety is the motion-based bio-charging type, which tends to lean on the pricey side. Modern electric watches not only display time but they also serve as compasses, barometers, and even alarms.

How to style

There are different fun and versatile ways through which you can complete your look with a stylish wristwatch. For example, you can pair your LED bracelet watch or a wristband with a plaid shirt, or black stonewashed vests.

A classic black leather strapped piece can be easily paired with a checkered flannel shirt or biker jeans completed with ankle-length boots for a casual look or a night out in the club. You can also swap it for a simple silver metal watch.

For goths and metalheads, there are a wide variety of skull watches and accessories that can complement your look. You can opt for a skull-designed bracelet to watch either in metal or leather variations or go retro and pick up a skull steampunk-intending leather-strapped timepiece. Additionally, you can also opt for neo-Victorian to pirate-themed pieces- the choice is yours.


How to Choose a Cool Watch to Compliment Your Style

 Different Styles of Watches

Watches are a great example of functional fashion. They not only give an extra dimension to any outfit but also allow you to check the time quickly, the old-fashioned way (especially when you don't have your phone at hand).


(1). Automatic and Manual Styles

If you're on the hunt for the perfect style, you need to consider movement. This is how the watch will function daily. Automatic and manual style timepieces, for example, have different functions. They are made up of gears and springs and are typically the type of watch that you'll see in the steampunk subculture. It is a diverse accessory that makes a perfect gift for men and women. Due to the gears and springs involved, they pair perfectly with Victorian-style clothing, steampunk clothing, or gothic accessories, but still won't look out of place when paired with more low-key outfits or simple jewelry such as leather bracelets or cord necklaces.

(2). Quartz Movement

In layman's terms, this is a battery-powered watch. They are very popular because of their affordable prices. If you want to opt for a quartz style piece in a relaxed and funky design, it definitely won't break the bank, and you'll still be able to complement your existing quirky accessories.

(3). Pocket Watch

If you want something more unique, you could try a pocket watch. They are stand-alone pieces attached with a chain (rather than being worn on the wrist). They are great for making a statement when your occasion requires formal wear, and pair perfectly with cufflinks or some drop earrings.

The beauty and classic nature of unique watches are a great way to elevate an everyday outfit into something extra special. It doesn't need to cost an arm and a leg! Check out the latest styles of unique watches on RebelsMarket, and add one or two timepieces to your wardrobe. You're sure to find a stylish piece to fit your style.