Men's Dress Shoes

Whether you are going for a typical working wardrobe or a classic weekend look, consider getting yourself a few pairs of cool dress shoes for men to compliment your style. Why should men own a pair of handmade dress shoes? As men, we want to be stylish and nail our everyday looks with some cool closet staples that will leave everyone gazing. 

All occasions call for a standout look. Whatever the occasion may be, it’s easier to pull off a look when you already have the essential cool formal shoes for men in your wardrobe. RebelsMarket offers an array of the best men’s dress shoes to choose from. With different shoe sizes and color patterns- you will definitely fall in love with a pair or two. Shop the most comfortable dress shoes for men and add a few new pairs to your arsenal.

Top 10 Affordable Cool Dress Shoes for Men

(1). Oxford Shoes

Most men would agree with me that a pair of oxford shoes is the first pair of cool dress shoes for men that is a must-have. Oxford shoes are actually the first formal pair I invested in. Oxfords come in an array of varieties, sizes, and colors but can easily be spotted because of its closed lacing system. While other oxford shoes may also come square-toed, (which is a bit outdated), most oxford shoes feature short backs and lower heels that are just the perfect combo for a more polished appearance. 

Prepping for a good occasion?  Just pair your oxford shoes with a fitting suit, a button-up shirt or blazer, and you will be ready to step out. Add some spice to your look by going for color patterns like the men blue color leather or the punk black studded round toe lace-up dress shoes all available at RebelsMarket. 

(2). Brogues

If you do not own a pair of brogues, then this article is meant for you. Brogues are a versatile closet piece. Brogues are, however, different from oxford shoes in that brogues feature decorative elements along with the shoes' upperparts. The best part about brogues is that they can be paired with any outfit, even skinny jeans

(3). Monkstraps

Ever heard of monk straps? Monk Straps are cool formal shoes for men that are technically like loafers without laces. Monk straps feature double, single or triple straps with a buckle (two or three) at the end. The double-strapped dress shoe is, however, more common as compared to the others. 

If you are looking for just the perfect pair of cool dress shoes for men suitable for formal meetings and night outs, then monk straps are the ideal choice for you.

(4). Loafers

 Dressing up for a summer go-to? Then loafers will work great. Pair your casual or formal outfit with loafers, and you are ready for the day. If you love dress shoes for men with moccasin styles, then loafers will suit you perfectly. Try pairing your pair of tassel loafers or penny loafers with chino pants or denim and see how many heads will turn to look at your bomb outfit. 

(5). Chukka Boot

Chukka boots are a shoe staple that reaches the ankle. Chukka boots are very simple, as they feature minimal lacing that is mostly open. Based on this description, chukka boots are not as complicated as their name, right?

Although not as sophisticated as brogues, chukka boots made from traditional leather create a sharp sense of style that makes them perfect for semi-formal and smart-casual looks. For a casual look, chukka boots partner well with jeans, either blue or black and a statement t-shirt. For office wear, try pairing your suede shade chukka boots with a cotton shirt, and you'll be set for the day.

(6). Sandals

With a pair of unique leather flipflops in your wardrobe, you wouldn’t have to worry about your feet getting sweaty during summer. While sandals are a poor choice for office wear, the pair makes you look cool in events such as weekend get-togethers. Just look for a sleek pair of sandals, pair with fitting jeans and a white t-shirt, and you will be ready to step out during summer.

(7). Derbys

Derbys are almost similar to oxfords only that they feature an open lacing. With Derbys, the lighter the shade, the more casual the shoe. Derbys are a style piece most suitable for formal occasions such as black-tie events, weddings, and even funerals. If you, however, want to go for a more casual look, you can consider other materials such as suede. Alternatively, you can just pair your welted leather Derbys with a suit and step out.

(8). Lace-up Boots/ Dress Boots

As the name suggests, dress boots feature laces on the front to the ankle. Perfect for casual weekend or evening wear, lace-boots have a slim style that often draws more attention to your outfit. 

Dress boots really look best in brown or black, especially when paired with fitting chino pants or dark wash denim. 

(9). The Wingtip

The wingtip is another shoe staple that is a must-have. The good thing about wingtip shoes is that they can never go out of style, so you are safe if you own a pair. If your dress shoe inventory has black Derbys or oxfords, then consider going for a brown pair of wingtips. Wingtip shoes pair well with slacks, collared shirts, or even jeans.

(10).  Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots are quite popular. Do you know that a pair of Chelsea boots are the ideal dress shoe for a more elegant touch informal dress code? Well, at least you now have a reason to get yourself a pair from RebelsMarket. Chelsea boots come in a range of styles. The round-toed mens dress ankle boots, for instance, feature elastic sides that make it easy to slip in and out without too much struggle. Get yourself a pair of Chelsea boots and wear them with your roll-neck sweater, jeans, or a double-breasted coat.  

 We have talked a lot today about essential shoe staples that you must have in your closet. Torn in between the most comfortable men’s dress shoes to pick? Feel free to scroll through our dress shoe collection at RebelsMarket. You will definitely end up picking more than a pair.