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Punk Rock Clothing

Love punk clothing? We bring you punk rock clothing and jewelry out of the mosh pit and onto the runway. If you dig the take, don't care attitude of loud concerts, long hair, sky-high heels, and leopard print tights, then our punk clothing section is for you.

Shopping for Punk Clothing

Punk rock fashion hit the scene more than 35 years ago, rebelling against the perceived pretentiousness of mainstream music and mainstream culture as a whole. Its movement was all about making a significant statement in handmade clothing that spits on materialism. But over time, the fashion world was finding inspiration in the underground punk rock movement. So much so that major fashion designers like Vivienne Westwood and Jean Paul Gaultier began using punk elements in their collections, and fashion magazines began featuring punk-inspired hairstyles and clothing. Today, the appeal of punk rock clothes crosses over several music genres and types of personalities.

Famous for its anti-establishment beliefs and hardcore music, punk rock fashion became a trend in the 1970s. This fashion trend has undergone several changes over the years and has a few variations. Some of those variations include hardcore, glam, pop-punk, and deathrock. Punk rock fashion as a genre began as a response to what musicians perceived as the "excesses" of mainstream rock music, and it was during this period that it came to existence.

It was popularized by several 1970s bands such as the Sex Pistols, the Clash, and the Ramones. Innumerable designers, including Vivienne Westwood, Givenchy, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Emilio Pucci, and Saint Laurent, have created their takes on punk rock fashion for their collection. Subcultures such as cyberpunk, heavy metal, greasers, skinheads, industrial, and rude boys have been influenced by punk rock fashion.

It also embraced badass anti-establishment views and a DIY ethos – punk clubs sprang up in old sheds and derelict warehouses across cities like London and New York, and fans began to assert a new style of dress. Punk rock clothes and subculture became a cult of DIY, hard-edged clothing for hard-edged people.

Spiked hair, bullets, rivets, safety pins, and ripped jeans made punk fashion looks for men like the raging survivors of a musical apocalypse. The punk rock outfit trends gave way to faster styles such as hardcore and a variety of different offshoots such as post-punk. In the 1990s, pop-punk rock bands such as Green Day and The Offspring brought punk back into the limelight, with a crisper, cleaner, more melodic sound. It remains one of the most influential alternative fashion subgenre and youth cultures, which has influenced the fashion industry from clothing (dresses, tops, t-shirts) and jewelry(rings, necklaces)  to accessories.

The term ‘punk rock’ first appeared in the magazine Creem in 1971. It was not only used to describe aggressive and fast music but also the fashion associated with such music.

This fashion first emerged as an aggressive movement in the United Kingdom during the 1970s. Originally intended to be rebellious and confrontational, the fashion was heavily influenced by the punk music scene.

In fact, to date, the designs of Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood continue to inspire people. Punk rock clothing was designed to offend the general population deliberately. Some people even tore and destroyed their shirts on purpose.

One of the most iconic punk rock clothing was the DESTROY T-shirt sold in London. It became infamous because not only did it feature the Nazi Swastika, but it also had an inverted crucifix design.

Anarchy symbols, Karl Marx and Mussolini portraits, leather jackets, combat boots, chains, bondage pants, and spikes became extremely popular among the punk rockers. During this time, Mohawk hairstyles, studded belts, piercing, dyed hair, slim-fit jeans, sleeveless T-shirts, and punk hoodies for women became inescapable fashion trends.

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How to Style Punk Rock Clothing

The punk rock style emerged after World War II as a rebellious style against what was popular or the status quo. The style became popular in the 1970s and has evolved and changed with each new decade creating several different variations. Dressing punk rock is easy to do because it is so versatile that you have to decide which one is best for you!

Variations of Punk Rock Style

Punk rock style is accepting of everyone, so you can choose a style that best suits your tastes and personality. Each style of punk rock is however characterized by specifics elements.

Glam Punk: Glam punk is all about being seen and making a statement. This style is known for bright colors, right clothing like spandex and leather, prints, metallics, and glitter. A great inspiration for the glam-punk rock look is David Bowie!

Pop Punk: This is the most popular kind of punk rock style and considered mainstream punk. It is what you can find in stores like Hot Topic. Skinny jeans, vintage band t-shirts, studded belts, accessories like bracelets, arm cuffs, eyeliner, skater shoes, converse, and bright colored hair is what pop-punk is all about.

Hardcore Punk: Hardcore punk is about the mosh pit life, and clothes should be simple, cheap, and easy to jump around in. Plain t-shirts, baggy pants, and clothes that you can throw away after they get torn and stained in the mosh pits are what you should wear to emulate hardcore punk.

Rockabilly Punk Rock Style: Classic car shows are full of this style inspired by the rat pack and 1950's greaser look. For women, tank tops and halter tops with stripes and polka dots, red, blue, black, and white colors and slim-fitting dresses that stop just below the knee.  This style is all about the heels and bright red lipstick and fancy hairstyles for women as well. The Rockabilly style for women is flirty and vintage. For men, the rockabilly style is about leather jackets, cuffed jeans, white t-shirts, plaid and slicked back hairstyles, and wing-back shoes.

Regardless of the style of punk, you gravitate towards, one thing you should keep in mind is that the style is all about rebelling against the norm. If something is super trendy, punk rock style abandons it. If the popular kids in school are wearing it, a punk rock style kid will never wear it. Being punk rock is choosing individuality and finding your style, not trying to fit in with everyone else.

The Punk Rock Clothing Style Wardrobe Basics

If you are just getting into the punk rock style, there are a few wardrobe basics that you should stock up on in your closet.

For Guys: You need black jeans, bullet or studded belts, leather jackets and pants, band t-shirts, vintage t-shirts, converse or military-style boots, vans, loose-fitting plaid t-shirts or button-ups, black eyeliner.

For Girls: You need black skinny jeans and leather pants, bullet and studded belts, bracelets, band t-shirts, mesh, ripped clothing, neon hair color, bondage pants, converse, vans, doc martins or military-style shoes, tutu or tulle shirt, vintage 1950's style rockabilly dresses, black, pink, and silver clothing.

You'll notice that a lot of the clothing and accessories are the same for each gender. Punk rock style is known for having a lot of gender-neutral clothing options or being androgynous. When you get dressed every day, your style should reflect a level of effortless. Punk rock clothing style doesn't pander to matching and top brands. Mismatching clothes, wrinkled t-shirts, vintage clothing from the thrift store, and looking like you just threw on whatever was on the top of the laundry basket.

Some of the band T-shirts you should look for from the 1990s include Sum 41, My Chemical Romance, Blink 182, Green Day, Alkaline Trio, but you should also shop your vintage clothing stores for T-shirts from The Clash, The Ramones, Dead Kennedys, The Banshees, and more.

Punk Rock Outfit is About Clashing

The Clash was one of the first punk rock bands that drove the genre to popularity in music. Your outfit shouldn’t be cohesive. You should mix hard and soft styles like a leather jacket with a pink tutu or a Scottish kilt with military-style combat boots, t-shirts with ties, or tuxedo jackets over skinny jeans.

Punk Rock Accessories

Accessorizing the punk rock style is about mixing metals with other textures like denim or leather. Mix chains and studded belts with skinny jeans and a black studded leather jacket to complete an iconic pop-punk.

DIY accessories are always considered punk rock, and many people like to use nailheads, spikes, wire, and other materials to create their accessories and jewelry. For women, nylon and fishnet tights are a staple accessory piece that can be worn under shorts or skirts and if they get ripped? Even better!

If you wear glasses, or even if you don’t and just want to, choose thick, square-framed glasses that are reminiscent of the “nerd” look of the 1950s.

Punk Rock Hair

There is no standard way of styling your hair to be considered punk rock, although many people believe colored hair and hairstyles are jarring to be punk rock. Shaved sides or undercuts, mohawks, dreads, long hair, short hair, and everything in between can also work. Just keep in mind, if you see it becoming trendy, change it!

Straight hair for girls was once a favorite look for skater girls who wanted to emulate Avril Lavigne, but today, any hairstyle—including the wavy mermaid look is fashionable and encouraged.

Punk Rock and Body Modification

While it is not a hard-fast rule that you must have body modifications or tattoos to be considered punk rock, most of the people who love this style do have these things. Some popular piercings include eyebrow, tongue, nose, multiple ear piercings, and gauged ears.

Punk Rock Makeup

Men and women sport makeup in the punk rock style with both genders using black eyeliner to achieve a signature look. You don’t need to wear eyeshadow for the punk rock look, just learn how to do a great winged look with eyeliner and lash lengthening mascara.

Dark lipsticks are also a signature look of punk rock style. Purples, blacks, and mauves are popular with minimal makeup on the rest of the face.

Where to Shop Punk Rock Clothing

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No matter who you choose to get your style inspiration from, remember that the real aesthetic to punk rock style is to make it your own. Don't worry about copying someone else's style verbatim. Instead, use these style icons as a basis to start filling your closet with clothing from any decade.  With just a few basics, you can be seen as the hip, cool kid too.

Remember that punk rock style is more than clothes—it's the music and way of life as well. If you are going to dress punk, you need to be familiar with the music of the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s, which made the style so famous. Browse our collection for a ton of options to choose from. Shop today to enjoy 10% off your first order, with free shipping.