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Men's Underwear

Affordable, daring, sexy, and comfy. These are the words we use to describe the unique men’s underwear section. If you are the kind of person who is not afraid of experimenting and re-inventing style, then our underpants should already be in your closet. They have timeless designs that stand out as unique, setting a record of you being a man who knows what he wants. Make a statement and be comfortable throughout the day, and even with nothing on. Shop now!

Take your wardrobe collection to the next level by revamping your underwear section in your closet. Today, there are so many types than you can even keep up with. Here are different types of best men’s underwear and how to dress them.

Types of Men's Underwear

Boxer Briefs: These cover about half of your thigh to about a third.  They offer protection from chaffing during workouts and sports and are often made with a moderate rise on the waist.  They provide just about the same amount of support as a standard brief, with complete coverage. They are characterized by their elastic waistband or a baggy leg. Boxer briefs are perfect for wearing workout clothes and gym shorts, ripped skinny jeans, and cargo pants.

Briefs: Most guys own a pair of briefs. They're your standard underwear and come in a variety of different rises, designs, and variations. They cover your entire backside and package but leave the upper thigh and side of the leg exposed, making them comfortable to wear under just about anything. They are perfect for guys who need support or those who prefer to keep everything in place. Wear these with regular cut jeans, dress pants, and board shorts.

Trunks: These are quickly becoming a favorite cut for underwear among men in the know. A trunk cut is a hybrid of a brief and boxer brief without the heap of fabric (in other words, they’re boxer briefs with short legs and a square cut appearance). If you like briefs but want to try something a little different, you should try trunks. 

Jockstrap: This is a supportive underpant designed to cup the male genitals preventing them from any unnecessary movement during sports. It consists of three pieces of elastic; one on the waist and the other two under the buttocks. They all connect to a pouch in the front of the genitals, leaving the buttocks exposed. They are perfect when worn under uniforms, tight biker jeans, and Bike Shorts.

Thong: G-strings are pretty much a bare minimum as far as underpants are concerned.  A thin piece of fabric connects a pouch to the waistband in the back, leaving the gluts fully exposed.  It's perfect for an underwear fetish or men that like their jeans extra tight without having to worry about exposed underwear lines. The male thong is both erotic and practical underwear. 

Bikini bottoms: These are acceptable in public and are in many cultures preferred to traditional swim trunks. Gaining popularity among women in the early part of the 20th century, bikinis are a possible predecessor of the standard brief, initially sold in 1935.  Men's bikini bottoms are often designed without waistbands or zippers. They are mostly for sunbathing and recreation unless; you're a bodybuilder, in which case it's uniform. 

Long underwear: Also known as long-johns and thermal underwear, these have a fascinating history. Initially designed for women in the 19th century seeking less restricting garments, long underwear was part of a one-piece garment called the union suit. It comes in form-fitting and lightweight fabrics with moisture-wicking properties for optimum comfort during the coldest days.

Underwear Materials

Apart from types, material also has a significant impact on the comfort, quality, and longevity of your underpants. Let's take a look at some of the common materials used.

Micro-fiber- This is a very fine fiber with a softer feel. It is an artificial material commonly crafted from rayon, polyester, or polyimide.

Micro- modal- Made in Austria, this is a fiber that is thrice as soft as cotton. If you want very soft and cozy underpants, I’d recommend the ones made from this material.

Tencel- This material is almost similar to the modal types. The only difference is that it is much stronger than both cotton and modal as it is crafted from wood.

Micro Modal Air- This is a thin and fine material that is highly breathable. Its thin nature results in a floaty kind of material. Despite repeated washing, it still retains its shape and color.

Cotton- This is the most popular material as it is highly breathable and widely available. This highly absorbent material also has a high-quality spectrum. Based on different prices, you'll find pieces with variations in touch, feel, and look.

Underwear Colors

Today, male’s underwear come in an array of patterns and colors, with the most popular shade being white. White undies are perfect for pairing with darker pants like denim with thick fabrics. 

If you are always wearing linen or cotton pants in light colors, then white undies wouldn’t be a good idea as they tend to show. Go for the ones with solid tones such as nude or even grey that don’t show easily.

What we have stocked up here is unique, and you will not find it easily anywhere else, from flag patterns and briefs to thongs, the range on RebelsMarket is truly extensive.  The beauty found in such innerwear is understood and appreciated by fashion stylists all over the world. Walk with confidence wherever you go. These are unique clothing items for men that you will feel proud to own, and they shall serve you for many years to come. Find a perfect fitting size for a comfy fit.  Whether you wish to pair them with pants, jeans, or shorts, you will feel great and exude confidence in whatever you do.