Alternative Masks

We are seeing a trend in masks as it is now part of our wardrobe staple and a requirement worldwide. There are many ways to look trendy and stylish in a mask, whether it is a simple plain face mask for your daily routine or a badass gas mask with spikes and goggles for a festival! 

The fashion industry has risen to the occasion with edgy masks that you can use to style your alternative outfit. The stylish options provided to us by various alternative brands and designers alike are endless. Today, there are various styles, such as a tribal print reusable face mask, gothic skull print face wrap, oak leather leaf masquerade mask, scary Halloween gas mask with spikes and goggles, and many more. 

Why not try out a unique and trendy mask from our collection and add it as an accessory to your alternative look, whether steampunk, punk rock, or vintage fashion. At RebelsMarket, we have a wide range of mask options to go for, from simple pieces to wear with an everyday look to edgy masterpieces for skiing, a masquerade, or a Halloween party. Find a mask that suits your personality and style, and make it your fashion statement look! 

There are countless mask options at RebelsMarket, so it is okay to be unsure of where to start. While we know you can’t put your style type in a box, here are a few tips you can use to identify what type of mask you need to define your style and make your shopping experience easier.

Tips to consider when shopping for unique masks online

Types of edgy masks to shop for 

With the various mask style options in the fashion market come different types to go for. We have a wide range of sleep masks, eye masks, mouth masks, and face masks that you can use to define your style. Choose your preferred type of goth masks, such as a black gothic skull face wrap, and pair it with black pants, a button-down stylish shirt for men, and a pair of stylish military boots for a killer gothic vibe.

If you are a steampunk fashion enthusiast, you can opt for a dark forest studded steampunk face mask and pair it with embroidered pants, a ruffled shirt, and a classic steampunk detailed coat. Are you wondering what type of mask you can incorporate into a streetwear outfit? You can go for a tribal print face mask and pair it with ripped urban jeans, a graphic streetwear tee, and a neat pair of urban sneakers for an edgy vibe. Whatever alternative style you go for, we have the mask for you that screams bold and stylish.

Choosing a unique mask according to the occasion

Are you thinking of shopping for a cool mask that will make you stand out from the crowd during the festival? You can go for a black vintage rare gas mask and style it with a lace-up alternative top and finish off with distressed leggings, and a stylish pair of platform boots for a killer look.

We also have a wide variety of alternative masks you can wear to a masquerade-themed event. Opt for a simple black embroidered eye masquerade mask for men and pair it with a black tuxedo accessorized with gold skull cufflinks and a skull ring for a gothic look. You can also create a stylish look with a leather oak brown leaf mask and pair it with a sexy v-neck bodycon dress with leather details and finish off with a pair of heels and a punk leather jacket for a punk rock look.

Are you looking for a unique accessory to incorporate into a scary Halloween costume for a horror look? We have the mask for you! You can go for a plague doctor steampunk mask with spikes details and matching goggles to add to your Halloween outfit.

At RebelsMarket, we have a vast array of mask options you can choose from to add to your alternative style. We curate unique pieces from various indie brands and stores across the globe, you won’t find these masks in regular stores or malls. Browse through our collection for trendy masks at affordable prices that are within your budget. Shop today and get 10% Off on your first mask purchase and worldwide shipping!