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Men's Shirts

If you’re looking for pocket-friendly cool shirts for men, look no further. RebelsMarket is the home of men’s unique shirts for anyone who loves edgy, alternative styles – be it retro and vintage outfits, heavy metal, punk rock, goth styles, or anything in between.

As the seasons start to change, you might be looking to update your alternative wardrobe with some new, stylish pieces of men’s clothing that stand out from the crowd. We carry a huge selection, from stylish dress shirts to wear as part of a steampunk outfit, men's rockabilly styles, cool black shirts for fans of gothic fashion as well as different colored and printed pieces for when you just feel like being on-trend.

We mean it when we say we have several options for every guy who loves alternative fashion. This is because we curate all of our clothing collections from worldwide alternative fashion designers, so our selections are so vast that you are sure to find something you love. When you shop with RebelsMarket, you can be confident that you are browsing the freshest trends available, as we only stock fashion that you will not find in regular stores.

So whether you want high-end style men’s unique clothing to add to your high-fashion wardrobe or more budget-friendly option for everyday wear – you’re sure to find something that suits your style as well as your wallet. No more scouring the stores for alternative fashion, and no more shopping the trends that the mainstream crowd is wearing. RebelsMarket has cool options with edgy prints, cool designs, and stunning graphics too, all with worldwide shipping! We mean it when we say that there is something here to suit all alternative niches, sizes, and budgets alike.

How to Know Your Fit

When it comes to buying a unique men’s dress shirt, getting the right fit is very important. Here are a few dress shirt fit options to consider.

(1). Slim Fit

Although a slim fit shirt may feel less comfortable and a bit constricting to your movement, it is very fashionable as compared to other options. It features backs with darts and an armhole that makes it less skin tight.

(2). Super Slim/Skinny Fit

This is mostly preferred by men who like tighter options. Most of them often feature wrinkles thus not an appealing option for everyone.

(3). The Classic Fit

This has a traditional silhouette tailored for a more comfortable fit. It also has a lot of fabric around the sleeves that provide greater mobility. You might also come across others with two or more pleats on the back. If you like wearing your shirts with a jacket, then this option would best suit you as it’s the most comfortable.

(4). The Modern Fit

This option is between slim and classic fit. They can look good with or without a jacket as they have a slimmer look as compared to the classic option. If you want a shirt that won’t limit your range of movement, then I’d recommend going for this option.


How to Wear Men’s Unique Shirts to Suit Your Own Alternative Style

How to Style

Having a few pairs of stylish, versatile pairs in your wardrobe is a must. They are awesome because they are a diverse item of clothing; that can be dressed up with skinny jeans and dress shoes for a night out in town. They can also be dressed down when worn loose with a tank top as part of an urban outfit. Suffice to say, they can easily be switched up with multiple styles because they lend themselves perfectly to different looks for all occasions.

Unlike T-shirts, men’s shirts can be a formal item of clothing as well as a casual one. If you opt for a plain black one as a staple piece of clothing, it is a great item to be worn for both laid-back and casual occasions as well as night-time wear. Wear it buttoned right up to the collar and pair with some tailored trousers and smart casual shoes for an understated yet formal style. Or, if you want to go full-on casual you can wear it open with a graphic T-shirt underneath, and a pair of shorts or capris.

When styling, don’t be afraid to add multiple layers like an edgy jacket or a cool hoodie worn open to create a layered look. Throw on a pair of kick-ass worker boots for an industrial style, or add a rockabilly edge with some tapered jeans rolled up at the bottom and some awesome creepers or Chelsea boots.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with edgy styles or even embroidered designs. Opt for a shirt with appliqué detailing if you’re feeling a boho or retro style vibe, or go for a punk rock edge by opting for a shirt with skull detailing or a studded collar.

Shirts are a diverse item of clothing that can be styled to achieve a variety of different looks. It’s up to you to decide which style you’ll go for, but a good starting point is to shop the different pieces available and start building your wardrobe based on your personal tastes and preferences. Remember, whether you opt for long-sleeved varieties, or ones with short sleeves, you have the freedom of creating both casual and formal outfits, so go crazy!

Browse through to find the perfect style to suit all your styling needs. Shop now for the latest trends in men’s unique shirts and get 10% off your first order.