Two Tone Shoes

Class is a way of life, and the right pair of footwear will take you a long way. If you’d like to pull off a bold pair of dapper footgear and garner compliments wherever you go, two-tone shoes are a steady place to start. While people stick to normal boots and neutral-toned gear, try out a new pair of men’s alternative shoes that will turn a rather basic look effortless. Men’s two-tone leather gear has an alluring effect on anyone who wears them, they give you a stylish look that is much needed. Put your best foot forward and join in this retro-style trend that is picking up by the day. 

So what are these types of dress shoes? Glad you asked. They are footwear with two contrasting colors on it, just as the name suggests. Also known as spectator shoes in some cases, they are mostly identified in brogues and oxfords. While oxfords are types of men’s dress shoes with a closed lacing system, brogues are identified with their decorative perforations. When you are in the market for a fresh pair and wondering what to go for, keep the perforations in mind and choose contrasting-colored gear, like two-tone designer pieces.

You might have seen this stylish gear on Leonardo DiCaprio when he was playing the literary legend, Jay Gatsby. The history of men’s two-tone dress shoes started with John Lobb, a famous English bootmaker, who was believed to have made the first pair as a cricket shoe back in 1868. At that time, they were also known as co-respondent shoes because people associated them with the corresponding colors of the footwear, simply as black and white. Today, spectator footwear comes in a variety of color combinations, worn by vintage lovers and swing dancers who would like to relive the era. They are a perfect fit for anyone desiring a style challenge and appreciates the timeless silhouette of cap-toe boots for men or a pair of brogue shoes.

Formalists would like to limit the spectator shoes’ contrasting colors to black and white or brown and white and insist upon all-leather materials. Nonetheless, manufacturers are being more creative, and you can find different variations, from black and beige, navy blue and grey, or light brown and black. The options are now endless, and you can find the two-tone color gear that suits your style. If you are wondering how to buy a sturdy pair in other aspects than the color combination, here are a few pointers to consider.

Shopping for two-tone shoes in different styles

There are a number of designs and patterns you can choose from at RebelsMarket, depending on your style preference. We have a fresh selection of handmade pieces available for your perusal. Browse through for a style change in your alternative wardrobe and try out a new pair today.

You can find a pair of oxfords that fit your everyday dapper look, whether you are styling workwear or a semi-casual outfit for a date. Shop for unique footgear, from a low-heeled leather sole pair to high-heeled handmade pieces. Also, buy others in decorative perforations and in contrasting colors like navy blue and white, and grey to brown for variety. 

We have a collection of handmade tuxedo shoes that is up to your alley. If you are looking for stylish two-tone formal footgear to rock to an evening ball or a black-tie event, we got you covered with several looks. Find various designs like oxford dress footwear or handcrafted black and white formal gear. We also feature other patterns like lace-up brogues and black and grey high-heeled dress shoes.

Might you be interested in a pair of two-tone monk shoes, our collection offers sturdy pairs to take home with you. You can shop for different kinds of monks, like two-tone suede footwear in brown leather and dark brown suede colors. Apart from that, purchase a pair of double-strap monks in black and tweed grey that looks stylish with formal wear. How about a pair of two-tone fringe shoes in beautiful perforations and strap details. Find your ideal style when you shop with us today.

Shop for brogues in our quirky selection. If you are on the look-out for something out of the norm, we have a variety of options for you to spot. Find a stylish pair of two-tone wingtips in lace-up designs and in brown and black shades. We also have styles like strap shoes in a brown and yellow leather finish. Also, find a perfect pair of two-tone brogues in brown and white colors and perforations on the brown areas.

We have ankle boots for men in stylish contrasting colors that you can check out. We feature designs like a pointed double-zipper pair and handmade Chelsea boots in brown and burgundy. If you are looking for more options, we have two-tone men’s boots in brown and blue denim and a classic pair of casual shoes with lace-ups and straps. Whatever design you have in mind, we are sure to provide you with a variety of options to get a suitable pair for your alternative look.

What to wear with two-tone shoes

There are a number of ways to style your ideal footgear, whether you are going for formal or casual wear. If you are rocking a casual look, you can consider getting a pair of handmade shoes and complement it with a pair of men’s alternative jeans with ripped details. A simple-printed men’s urban t-shirt would look great with the footwear and jeans, and you can throw on a leather jacket to finish off the stylish garb. You can also choose cap-toe shoes and pair them with baggy straight-leg jeans and a fitting buttoned top for a simple day-out look with the boys.

Styling a formal look and looking for options? A perfect example of a formal work look would constitute a pair of two-tone slip-ons with pressed khakis and an alternative polo shirt. If you are styling a dark look, browse through our collection of gothic pants for guys with perfect embroidery and incorporate a black buttoned shirt to the outfit. You can finish it off with a pair of patent leather shoes for a neat dark attire. For a formal vintage look, why not buy a pair of slim-fit pants paired with a colorful vintage shirt. For the ultimate finishing touch, complete the outfit with a pair of two-tone vintage footwear, and you will be good to go.

We hope that we have given you a reason to purchase a pair of two-tone shoes today. Our endless options will keep you satisfied, and you can now make your decision to buy the perfect footwear. A few tips on getting the best pair; go for genuine footwear, they should fit like a glove, and a good pair will endure the toughest of conditions. If you are looking for more tips on how to shop for custom leather shoes, read our blogs for a comprehensive guide on how to shop like a pro.

Buy your two-tone shoes at RebelsMarket today. Your shopping will be worthwhile as we offer high-quality pieces at affordable costs. Our products are well-organized to make your shopping experience better. When you shop with us, you get to enjoy 10% OFF your first order. You also don’t have to worry about where you are, as we ship the footwear worldwide! 


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