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Men’s Spectator Shoes

What Are Men’s Spectator Shoes?

Quality Handmade men’s Spectator shoes, whether loafers, oxfords, or wingtip brogues, are shoes with two colorways on the upper. The two-tone effect is a result of using different leathers for the facings, toe, counters, and vamp.

Why Are They Called Spectators/ Correspondence?

The term “spectator shoes” was adopted from spectators wearing similar shoes as those of their favorite cricket and golf players during matches.

How Did the Men’s Spectator Shoes Come to be?

Though not easy to verify, the history of the men’s spectator shoe dates back to 1868, to a famous English bootmaker known as John Lobb. During this time, all cricket shoes were white. However, during the game, the shoes would not only get so much wear but would also get dirty. John Lobb, therefore, added a touch of black leather to conceal the high-risk dirt areas. After some time, the shoe gained popularity, and the style was consequently adopted.

When Should You Wear Spectator Shoes?

As cool as they are, the bi-coloration of spectator shoes suggests more casual wear than a business dress. Initially, the summer shoes had been created for warm weather. However, with time, non-standard spectator shoes with darker shades that could be worn all year round also found their way into the market.

Are There Any Suggestions on The Type of Two-Tone Spectator Shoes to Be Worn Each Season?

Well, if you are looking for just the perfect bi-coloration for each season, then consider the following options;

  • Burgundy or black quality handmade spectator shoes for the winter season.

  • For summer, consider wearing a traditional white pair of men’s spectator shoes with brown or black leather.

  • A pair of tan correspondence shoes with chocolate would look ultra-cool when worn during Autumn.

  • For Spring, men’s spectator shoes with colorways like brown with purple or blue would go a long way. 

In terms of styling, traditional white base spectator shoes look best when paired with summer suits and odd jackets. Alternatively, you can also opt for a khaki-slim fit suit

However, if you own a pair of two-toned shoes with a brown or black colorway, then you can pair your spectator shoes with either denim or a worsted suit.

For non-standard colors, going for a pair of grey trousers, or a navy blazer would be a good idea

What Spectator Shoes should you buy?

The men's two-tone leather shoes are a very common welted footwear design. While some men may prefer their spectator shoes coming in limited colors such as brown/white, others would instead go for variations such as dark grey velour leather/navy.

Are you looking for the coolest spectator shoes for men to buy? Then go for the wingtip brogue shoes. The classic footwear is not only elegant but also comes in a range of colors such as brown/white, gray/ white, or even black/white. 

If you, however, want your spectator shoes in unusual models, then you might want to go for the two-tone monk shoe with either one or two straps. A pair of shiny Derbys that are two-toned looks classy when paired with casual combinations such as blue jeans and a blazer. Alternatively, you can opt to match your gray/white two-toned monk shoes with your white V-neck t-shirt and a leather jacket. 

If you are looking for an extensive selection of bold spectator shoe styles, then consider options such as a pair of two-toned oxford shoes


How to Style Spectator Shoes for Men 

Pairing your unique men’s spectator shoes with just the perfect outfit requires a bit of thought. I’d recommend pairing your two-toned wingtips with your suits, either brown or navy-striped.

Being more of a casual style than formal wear, I wouldn’t wear my spectator shoes to a formal occasion like a board meeting. However, when paired with solid pants and a sport coat, for instance, a two-toned oxford shoe serves as the perfect shoe staple for garden parties, weekend outfits or even outdoor weddings. The rule, however, is to keep your colors a bit subtle as you don’t want to overpower your outfit. A navy blazer with a light blue shirt and a striped tie would be the perfect go-to wear.

 How Do You Clean Your Two-Tone Spectator Shoes?

While it is quite easy to keep your whites and blacks well-polished, not getting your shoe polish on the white leather requires patience. 

If your wingtip brogues are made of leather, then;

  • Wash your spectator shoes with saddle soap and water.

  • Using a toothbrush, apply black polish (kiwi) only on the black parts.

  • Brush the polish on the spectator shoe CAREFULLY while making sure that it doesn’t get on the white.

  • The next step is to use a piece of cloth that is lint-free to buff the black part.

  • For the white parts, get yourself a bottle of “Nu-White” and use a hand applicator to CAREFULLY apply the white polish on the white leather.

  • Leave it to dry for a few minutes, then buff the white part into a shine.

What If Your Two-Tone Loafer Shoes Are Suede?

Well, if your two-tone loafers are suede, you could use buck bag powder in small quantities to restore color to your shoes. However, if your upscale spectator shoes are mesh, then wiping with a damp cloth will do the job. 

 With the above tips, I hope you find it easier to create your spectator shoe lookbook. With our beautiful shoe style collection at RebelsMarket, you are sure to find a perfect pair of classic footwear to suit your preference. Shop now to get amazing discounts on select items.


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