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Men’s Spectator Shoes

If you’re looking to stand out from head to toe, we recommend starting with the toes going up with our men’s spectator shoes. Our two-tone shoe oozes class in a way most shoes don’t. Whether you want to be styled out in casual wear or want to up your formal look, this shoe will surely leave you looking fantastic. 

It takes a special kind of online store that understands that there is space for official wear in men’s alternative clothing. RebelsMarket understands this and curates wonderfully crafted designs that culminate in a good-looking quality shoe. We go a step further by ensuring a variety in color and design with brogue and saddle shoes. Dive into our collection today and take advantage of our affordable prices today. 

The uniqueness inherent in two-tone shoes makes it an item that has layers of information to it. Online shopping on its own can be a daunting task, and it is made even more complicated when shopping for spectator shoes for men. Luckily we have some insights that will make your experience more comfortable. 

What are Spectator shoes?

Spectator shoes use two different colors, and this two-tone style is created using different pieces of leather for the counters, toe, vamp, and facings. Our collection features delectable options to suit different choices of alternative formal wear. We curate different designs for our spectator shoes to ensure that customers find the item that suits them. 

Spectator shoes have a rich history that lends to their uniqueness and will almost certainly be a talking point from your interactions with people. The term spectator originated from outdoor, sporting gentlemen and was primarily for cricket and golf. Take the outdoors by storm by donning a handmade monk shoe with a street polo shirt for a dazzling look. 

Famous people who rocked Spectator shoes

Fans of jazz musicians found a shoe that they could call their own with two-tone dress shoes. Louis Armstrong would grace the stage with these shoes, and just as fashion is considered the ultimate form of expression, he would express himself the best way he knew how; with Music.

Al Capone is another famous man whose name is synonymous with the US prohibition era of alcohol. Many consider him to be the ultimate gangster. Few can argue that the man did not have a style to go along with his menace. Reach deep into the spirit of this renegade today by getting yourself a pair of strapped two-tone shoes paired with streetwear pants for an impressive look. 

Types of Spectator shoes and where you can wear them

Spectator shoes have inspired different types of footwear that are excellent when added to your closet. RebelsMarket catalog has a comprehensive selection of footwear that can spruce up your casual wear and perhaps add flair when wearing formal clothing. 

Brogue: We offer tasteful brogues in two-tone designs. Brogues are shoes that have unique perforations on them. They can either be full brogue or partial brogue. Brogues are a natural pattern of two-tone shoes. Our brogues mainly come in standard length, but there are also brogue two-tone boots for selection. 

Brogues are lovely for various occasions. Evening dinners with alternative shirts paired with black and grey two-tone brogues will have you looking fabulous. In case you are going on a night out to party, grab your unique handmade brogue spectator shoe and pair them with men’s alternative pants

Wingtip: The wing tip is similar to the brogue, but the distinction is that the wingtip has a toe cap extended with their lower wings that reach around the shoe sides and are pierced with small holes in a winged shape. Our wingtips come in a variety of designs that include ankle-length boots and standard-length shoes. 

An appropriate event to rock your wingtips is a wedding.  Our collection offers handmade leather wingtip shoes that are soft and carefully made with intricate designs such as small perforated holes and deeply wing-shaped on the toe with a lace attached to the shoe. For a complete look, browse through our alternative outfits that go well with our shoes. 

Chelsea Boots: Our Chelsea boots are an exquisite addition to have in your collection. Chelsea boots are close-fitting ankle-high boots with an elastic side panel. These boots feature a loop or tab of fabric on the boot’s back, enabling it to be pulled on. Their two-tone aspect manifests in various ways, such as having different colors in the leather or having leather sides and suede leather sides. 

Rock a cocktail party today with our genuine leather Chelsea boots for an eclectic look. Given that Chelsea boots have been around for a long while, it is only appropriate to pair them with something that gives an allure of vintage. Wear our boots with vintage jeans for men for the look that will ensure you stand out at the party. 

Co-respondent shoe: Co-respondent shoes are a variation of spectator shoes that came about between the 1920s to the 1930s. Two-tone footwear was considered too flashy for a proper gentleman and was associated with society’s wrong sort. Two-tone shoes were worn by rebels of that time and can still do the job today. Wear our select steampunk pants and steampunk jackets for men, along with our brown leather suede shoes with monk design for a stand-out look. 

Two-tone shoes can be considered unfitting for a range of formal occasions as it is considered somewhat casual. However, should you pick colors that are not too contrasting or colors that are not too bold, you’ll be good to go. Our shoes are perfect for garden parties, weekend outfits, and casual Fridays. Pair the shoes with street jeans for men and vintage watches today for a look that fits the occasion. 

As you keep on looking for styles to go along with your pair of two-tone wingtip shoes, remember to keep all other pieces subtle so that the shoe can shine without overpowering your outfit. You are almost sure to exude confidence and flair with our shoes today. 

Indulge yourself in our range of spectator shoes for men, which will surely meet your renegade needs. Browse through our ultra-cool collection of shoes and get them at affordable prices that go well with a tight budget and still give you top quality and value. Enjoy 10% Off your first buy when you purchase today at RebelsMarket. Worldwide shipping available.


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