Who doesn’t love a stunning piece of unique jewelry? After all, a carefully selected quirky ring or a pair of sparkling, handmade earrings can totally transform your look, with little to no effort. Whether you want to complement your grunge wardrobe with a leather cuff bracelet, or make your gothic clothing pop with a beautiful choker; it’s no secret that jewelry has the power to make any outfit seem that little bit more special.

That’s why we’re proud to stock a huge selection of cool jewelry here at RebelsMarket, from custom jewelry right through to more expensive gold and silver designs and completely unique handmade pieces.

And while you might think that gemstones, silver and gold jewelry means high-fashion clothing and even higher prices, you can think again. RebelsMarket offers high-quality jewelry to suit every alternative style, no matter your budget! We hand select our jewelry from the very best alternative fashion designers around the world, meaning we keep our collections diverse, and very affordable.

From awesome skull jewelry designs, unique stainless steel pieces, studded leather jewelry for punk rock fans and even steampunk jewelry – you’re sure to find a piece that suits both your style and your budget.

So go ahead and browse our selection of cool, unique jewelry and find that special accessory to make your favorite outfit come to life!

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How to Accessorize Cool Jewelry

When it comes to selecting unique jewelry to complement your outfit, it’s important to remember that you accessorize according to not only your personal style, but also the occasion. Are you a rockabilly gal attending a formal dinner, a fashion-forward goth hitting the town, or a cute, kawaii clothing fashionista simply chilling out with friends for the day? Your jewelry should be appropriate for where you are going, and the type of look you want to pull off.

There are so many inspiring pieces of unique jewelry available from RebelsMarket, providing you with countless styling options. The trick is to browse with a particular look in mind, and discover something that adds the best finishing touches to your outfit.

The first tip for enhancing your outfit with jewelry is to make sure that each piece you select adds something to your look. It’s easy to over-accessorize, so make sure you use unique jewelry pieces only to enhance your outfit, rather than to draw attention away from your overall look. Plain, silver jewelry or leather pieces can be great if you’re going for this kind of subtlety.

Also, when selecting jewelry, keep in mind what you’d like the focal point of your outfit to be. If you want to draw attention to the face, select some bold, interesting earrings to catch the eye, and draw attention to your head and shoulders.

Or if you’re looking to elongate your neckline, and add interest to a plain top or tee shirt, select a long, statement necklace or consider layering multiple necklaces for some added glam.

Another thing to remember when choosing jewelry to make your outfit pop is to aim for versatility. A great piece of jewelry will not only be a beautiful standalone piece, but also complement several of your outfits.

With this in mind, don’t be afraid to mix and match unique jewelry from different sets. After all, a bracelet with matching earrings and identical matching necklace doesn’t add much value or interest to an outfit. Mix it up, adding pieces of different sizes and textures to keep things looking fresh. Don’t be afraid to wear clashing patterns, studded jewelry, even stainless steel jewelry in different colors every now and then, particularly if your outfit itself is plain or monochrome.

The key thing to remember is to pick a few versatile pieces that can complement a number of outfits like gothic necklaces, but also work great together in combination. Also remember to have a wide selection of different pieces of jewelry; it’s no good having only one necklace to pair with a dozen earrings and bracelets. So mix it up, start a collection, and have fun accessorizing!