High Fashion Inspired Clothing

When you hear high fashion clothing, What comes to your mind? High fashion can also be just as much about attitude as it is about clothing. Have you ever watched America's Next Top Model? How often do you hear Tyra Banks telling the models to look fierce. High fashion is often about being brave enough to wear edgy clothing or jewerly thats different and stand out from the crowd – releasing your inner fashion rebel. RebelsMarket gives you that edgy.

About High Fashion

High fashion doesn't refer to platform heels – it's the word used to describe the hottest designers and trendsetters and the clothes they create. In the world of fashion design, there are different levels of influence. At the top you have haute couture designers – these designers are the celebrities of the fashion world, and they creation exclusive, custom-fitted clothing for catwalk shows and a select range of wealthy clients. Below them you have independent designers, who have smaller but even often more fanatical fan base, and then below these you have mass-market (or high-street) fashion – designs mass-produced from cheap materials to mimic the latest catwalk fashions. They don't carry the designer name … or the price tag.

When you call an outfit "high fashion", you mean it looks as though it came from the catwalk, or from the closet of one of a big-name or independent designer. High fashion is exclusive, hard-to-find, unique and trend-setting. Describing a person as "high fashion" means they look as if they wear designer clothing instead of mass-produced garments from the high street.

It is possible to pull off a "high fashion" look on a budget, usually by shopping at thrift stores for unique vintage and designer pieces, and pairing these with garments made by smaller, independent designers, and sometimes a few select pieces from the high street. Shopping sample sales and designer clearing houses can also be a great way to score a high fashion wardrobe on a high street budget.