Rockabilly Dresses

Shop cute rockabilly dresses for women on RebelsMarket. We handpick high-quality dresses to bring you the best deals on all things pinup and retro. We do this so we can ensure that you have high-quality 1950s options to choose from for that special occasion. You can bet that you will be able to emulate the super sexy and sensual pinup models and artists in the '50s, or create your own look by pairing that badass rockabilly dress you found online with some of our accessories.  

Do you fancy rockabilly or pinup clothing? Well,  we handpick our dresses available in plus size and regular sizes; from the best-coveted brands and stores from around the world. Build a unique style from the different pinup and rockabilly styles that we stock; from little black dresses, polka printed, printed fit-and flair to stylish lace dresses inspired by the '50s and ‘60s.  Express your rockabilly sense by spicing up your look with a vintage-inspired look from our endless collection of rockabilly clothes specifically dresses whether this is for prom, wedding or bridesmaid.

You may have been wondering where the term rockabilly started.  In the late 1940s and early 1950s, through the rebellion of artists such as Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, and Lorrie Collins, the culmination of rock and roll music and country (hillbilly) music happened. The sweet soulful sounds paired with edgy coifs and fashion brought on a whole new world of badass fashion that screams 'edgy' and 'badass.' Over the years, rockabilly inspired fashion has come full circle, bringing it back to the forefront of our favorite fashion trends alongside boho and hippie related fashions. One of the most popular times for a woman or young woman to wear rockabilly style dresses is at her first (or second) prom dance at school. Long gone are the days of super boring chiffon dresses and super-sparkly, being replaced by something a little more classic. Rockabilly clothing lets anyone stand out from the crowd.

That’s not to say that you have to have some formal functions to attend to wear one. On the contrary, they can be worn on any day of the week.  Monday? Not to worry, you can sport those Bettie Page inspired bangs with a bandana tied around your locks paired with a full-skirt rockabilly dress and some pumps to make a statement. Tuesday? Why not try a form-fitting pencil dress that will be sure to turn some heads when you're walking down the street? How about Wednesday through Friday? There's a rockabilly option for them too! But, let's not forget the weekend. Take your style from a 7 to 10 ½ by primping your coif with some victory rolls, a beautiful flower hair accessory, and polka dot rockabilly dress paired with those gorgeous heels.

Remember, when you are creating an outfit from scratch, you’re going to want to start with a solid base. Rockabilly dresses will give you the perfect base to grow from, allowing you to express yourself.  Pair with a few accessories, and you'll be able to show off like the badass lady who is ready to take on the world.

A perfectly fitting dress is a must-have an asset in your closet. With pin-up and rockabilly fashion, you will achieve that youthful, energetic, feminine, or professional look. A playful silhouette never goes unnoticed, thanks to a pin-up dress. It is about elegance, balancing style with natural beauty. You can achieve your own unique vintage clothing style when you pair your dress with the right shoes and accessories. From the conservative post-war designs to the more complicated modern rockabilly and pin-up designs, no one will surely match up to your style. Rock haute couture dresses with eye-catching prints from skulls, polka dots, flowers, skeletons, and so much more from Rebelsmarket’s wicked selection.

Play along with a splash of colors, and let your everyday wear ooze out elegance. With this style, your body shape determines the flow of your outfit. Staying trendy is easy when stylish pieces are part and parcel of your collection. Express the model in you with a figure-flattering dress. Opt for sleeveless, halter neck, close-fitting bodice, extended shoulders, and so on from our amazing collection.  Our retro clothing selection will help you stay in style with a wide variety of options, all at very affordable prices. Whether you're looking for brand name rockabilly dresses or vintage-inspired clothing online, we have something for you. We always keep a large stock of regular and plus sizes, making Rebels Market the perfect place to shop for affordable rockabilly options online.

There's no secret when it comes to the booming popularity of rockabilly style dresses. They are definitely on track to becoming one of the hottest scenes in the fashion industry as the style is brought back to the forefront of clothing lines. Rockabilly dresses in the UK and worldwide are gaining more attraction every day in the fashion world. With the rebirth of boho clothing and other retro-inspired outfits, pin-up fashion dresses are up on the list of vintage clothing options. There is a classic beauty to rockabilly dresses that cannot be replicated by other styles.

Hip rockabilly dresses bring to life the fun and energy of 1950s rock and roll, and RebelsMarket has tons of them. Choose from among many colors, prints, and cuts to find one that matches your unique style and the occasion you have in mind. For a cute retro dress for dates, parties, and everyday wear, look no further than a seersucker or polka-dot print in light colors like pink, yellow, or baby blue. Feel the thrill that comes with dressing the 50's and 60's fetish designs and take your dressing style a notch higher. A great rockabilly outfit never goes wrong with any color of your choice. Body shape is unique and best defines every body part as it was meant to be while emphasizing the right places. Play along with the shapes and lengths to give you that desired pinup look. Whether you want to stand out, look tall or short, the right pin-up or rockabilly outfit will carry the day.

After you've found your perfect pair online, you'll need to buy accessories at affordable prices to help tie your look together.  We have everything you could possibly want in stock to complete your look for less.  From shoes, shirts, studded or fringed jackets, jewelry, necklaces, and rings, you have a variety to choose from. We pride ourselves in cutting out the hassle of having to shop at multiple thrift stores, giving you a beautiful selection at affordable prices that fit into any budget. So, what are you waiting for? Shouldn't you stop waiting and wanting, and get your hands on your new rockabilly dress? Shop today and get 10% off your first order!


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