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One of the many benefits to Boho fashion is that it is a style that ebbs and flows with the times. While it is in a new cycle of popularity, Boho has been around since the early 1990’s under a different guise that still took inspiration from the days of hippies and free love. It is a fashion sense that can have hard edges or soft, depending on your own personal preference. It lends itself well to many different types of accessories such as cute Boho purses, belts, and backpacks that allow you to dress up in a way that reflects your personal Boho style.

Our Boho section caters to the soft rebel who wants to rebel quietly through their fashion sense without stirring up too much trouble in their everyday lives. Whether you’re a working professional, a student, or someone in between, Boho fashion will work in every facet of life and allow you to take control over how you accessorize your look for the perfect Boho-chic look. Browse through our Boho jewelry section and add the final touch to your Boho outfit with a pair of stunning Boho earrings or an eye-catching Boho necklace.

Some of the key elements of Boho fashion are lace, flowing fabrics, elegant cuts, and bolt and richly colored prints. All of them can be paired together or worn separately with a more neutral look to add in just a touch of Boho fashion flare. Whether you’re already into Boho chic clothing or planning an all-out wardrobe change RebelsMarket has you covered with a large variety of name brand discount clothes and accessories. Shop our bohemian clothing selection and get 10% off your first order.


Bohemian Clothing & Fashion

Bohemian clothing and fashion is by no means new, instead, it borrows from an era of hippies but has been a staple style since the early 1990’s. However, many of the elements we have come to love in our modern era Boho Fashion has been inspired by styles that were popular much earlier than the 90’s, the 60’s and 70’s. But did you know that the style name, Bohemian or Boho is an abbreviation of “Bohemian Homeless”, which is due to the original Bohemian’s being travelers or refugees that fled Europe. Even the late and beloved Shakespeare found the name Bohemian tacked on as a descriptive of who he was.  Perhaps that’s why we romanticize the Bohemian Fashion movement that is so prevalent in our daily lives today.

Boho trends have made their way back into the modern world first starting in the early 2000’s but have taken on a much tighter hold with the birth of the hipster movement. That’s not to say that Boho is too popular for hipsters, no, they all but coined the newfound love of all things vintage. Well, that’s what they want us to think anyway.

Boho-chic fashion has also made its way into other subcultures such as boho and rock and roll. It’s about pairing the softer boho styles with something edgy. Consider it an intermingling of cultures, the metal-loving attitude of a Gothic subculture combined with the fun and flirty play of a boho dress can carry your wardrobe to a whole new level of edgy.

No matter the way you choose to dress in boho fashion, one of the biggest benefits to the style is how affordable it is to dress boho chic.