Boho Clothing

What is Boho Clothing?

Boho clothing ebbs and flows with the times making it versatile and comfortable. While outfits are in a new cycle of popularity, Bohemian clothing and fashion are not new to the fashion scene. The trend is inspired by styles that were popular in the '50s, the '60s, and '70s. The boho clothing style is usually thought to be a "hippie" or "flower child" style and is often associated with hipsters. However, the word "Bohemian" was used centuries before, and its history is part of the reason the style is romanticized today.

For more than 200 years, clothing has been a part of a counterculture that rebels against the accepted social stereotypes and status quo. It is usually associated with artists, intellectuals, and writers of the romantic eras. It is also noted for its uses of long, loose garments and threadbare fabrics. The term bohemian was first used to describe the French Bohemians who were nomadic artists no longer able to be supported by patronage after the French Revolution in the 18th century. This new group of artists was compared to Gypsies, or the Romani people, who wandered and were believed to have originated in Bohemia—an area in Eastern Europe. This is why boho clothing is also often called "gypsy" clothing though this terminology is offensive to the Romani people today.

Boho clothing has also made its way into other subcultures such as goth, and rock and roll. It’s all about pairing the softer styles with something edgy. Consider it an intermingling of cultures, the metal-loving attitude of a Gothic subculture combined with the fun and flirty play of a black dress can carry your wardrobe to a whole new level of edgy. However, many people stick to the tried and true boho clothing without mixing up their styles, and that's perfectly okay too! If you're looking for a California girl, hipster clothing, romantic, or laid-back kind of casual vibes to add to your wardrobe, our options are the perfect style choice for you. Rebelsmarket has everything you need to complete a head-to-toe look.

How to Style

Some of the key elements of Boho clothing are lace, flowing fabrics, elegant cuts, bold colors, pastels, and eccentric prints. Loose clothing such as skirts and dresses are popular styles for women and we have the best collection of women’s boho dresses, and the less restrictive, the better. Unlike other goth fashion trends, accessories don't usually include corset tops or straps. Bohemian style is all about feeling free and light. This is why loose, light, and airy fabrics are used in the construction of shirts, skirts, and dresses. Draping, layering, and wearing oversized clothing are also key to perfecting the boho style for women.

Some fashionable accessories to wear every day include colorful scarves worn around your head, waist, or shoulders. Layering beaded necklaces, bangle bracelets, feathers, broad-brimmed hats, and flowers are also perfect for accessorizing an outfit. Long dangly or hoop earrings, patchwork purses, and clothing are also trendy for boho clothing. Your bohemian shoes should be flip-flops, sandals, or loafers for men. Ballet flats and other closed-toe shoes can also be bohemian if they are funky and vintage-looking. Make sure to have fun, and don't ever be afraid to wear something if you like it! If it's fun, bright, quirky, and from a thrift store, chances are it's Bohemian! Some fun prints often associated with the bohemian look include paisley, tie-dye, tribal patterns, and floral patterns.

Other essential elements of boho styling are mixing in oriental, ethnic, historical elements, even medieval-style clothing. Shopping for peasant-style clothing such as tunics, long skirts, and loose trousers with sandals is another way to find the best bohemian outfits. Don't be afraid to mix prints or fabrics and remember that the more you disregard uniformity, the more boho your outfit will look. Keep in mind that boho style is about a counterculture that was just as rebellious then as you are now, even if you look sweet and innocent in fashion.

Natural colored makeup, pinks, and peaches are excellent choices for makeup. You should wear your hair loose, down, and with a look of dishevelment. If you can pull off the bed head look, you are going to nail bohemian style perfectly! Curly or wavy hair that looks blown around on the beach is another way to think of the California boho girl style.

Boho clothing can be paired together or worn separately with a more neutral look to add in just a touch of Boho fashion flare. You can easily add an edgy touch to your goth or rock outfits by pairing bohemian accessories with your traditional goth look. An all-black lace maxi dress with a wide-brimmed sun hat and sandals is a great way to incorporate goth and bohemian if that’s your style. The perfect thing about this style is that it is versatile and can go well with nearly any other fashion subculture.

Bohemian clothing for men is also becoming more popular. Long, loose tunics over skinny pants, twill wide-leg pants, scarves, tropical or floral shorts, wide-brimmed hats, and vests are all the rage when putting together boho outfits for men. For the man who loves to wear jeans, try skinny jeans that are ripped, worn, or have patches. Light wash denim and a slim silhouette is best and make sure to cuff the jeans! Pleated pants and vintage suit trousers are also ways to add boho to your office wear. Like boho style for women, men should choose long, loose, and lightweight shirts. Tribal and floral patterns are popular designs for men, and looking disheveled is more than acceptable. Men should keep their hair longer, let their beard grow out, and learn how to rock the man bun if they want to perfect bohemian style for men.

RebelsMarket caters to the soft category who want to rebel quietly through their fashion sense without stirring up too much trouble in their everyday lives. Whether you’re a working professional, a student, or someone in between, boho fashion will work in every facet of life. It will also allow you to take control over how you accessorize your look for the perfect Boho-chic look. Browse through our jewelry section and add the final touch to your outfit with a pair of stunning earrings or an eye-catching necklace. We even have swimwear for every body type!

No matter how you choose to dress, one of the most significant benefits to the style is how affordable it is to dress chic. It is common for people who love Bohemian clothing to shop at secondhand stores and thrift shops, but at RebelsMarket, you can get brand new clothing at low prices.

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