Men's Ties & Neckwear

What options do you have when it comes to neck wear? You will be surprised to find out interesting ways to diversify your neckwear options from RebelsMarket selection. Colourful styles or refined hues stand as instant upgrade to your outfits and make you look elegant in the office or dapper for the weekend.


Unique Men Ties & Neckwear

Rich solids, dynamic stripes, intricate prints, bold checks and prints will make you look sophisticated in your business suits, blazers or other casual outfits. 

Types of Men Ties and Neckwear

Bow ties: These are clip-on designs that feature a pre-tied and self-tied versions. The bow ranges in size of about one to three inches in width. Bows look sophisticated, and besides being considered as formal attire, they are associated with certain professions such as architects, professors, and interior. You can thus stock your wardrobe with bow designs to rock in special events such as dinners, cocktail parties and weddings. The classic bow tie is black in colour and is worn with a tuxedo jacket, and pleated tuxedo dress shirt. You can also try out white bow ties, although these are rarely worn because they are reserved for ‘white tie attire’. Pair this rare colour with a tailcoat jacket, wing tip collar dress shirt, and a white vest.

Bolo Tie: This is an interesting piece of neckwear that was made the official state neck wear of Arizona in 1971. It features a braided cord or a piece of leather that is worn around the neck and fastened with a decorative ornamental clasp. If you have been looking for a way to craft a unique look, pair this neck wear with your jeans, suit jackets, boots and a cow boy hat to seal the deal. 

The Ascot: Take your formal wear to the next level with this neck wear that looks like a mix between a silk scarf and a necktie. It originated in the late 1800s in Great Britain, and it is tied much looser than a necktie and secured with a pin instead of a knot. It is traditionally worn with a tailcoat jacket for formal daytime functions. Tug the ascot inside your dress shirt or throw a waistcoat over your shirt, and the ascot will draw attention to your unique style. 

Skinny tie: Just like its name describes, it is very narrow in width, usually 1.5 inches to 2.5 inches. It was made popular in the late 1960s, but in recent years it has gained more popularity especially among younger men. 

Introduce variety to your wardrobe by simply investing in neck wear. Maximize your formal and casual wardrobes with bow ties, ascot, bolo and skinny renditions. Different textures and colours will further diversify your collection. Whether you are looking for a skinny design to give you a modern and stylish look, or a bow tie to add a unique sartorial flavour to your wardrobe, RebelsMarket will meet your needs.