Women's Socks

Women wear socks almost every day, and there are so many different kinds. Some are better than others as far as quality and comfort. With so many different styles to choose from, it's important to know which size and type are right for your needs. Be mindful of the material that your socks are made out of because you stand on your feet all day and need them!  Just like your feet have loved you from the beginning, love them back with some amazing women’s socks to keep them nice and snug all day.


Sizes, And Differences between Women’s And Men’s Socks

With different brands having their socks come in several variations, choosing the right pairs can be confusing. Should you go for a medium or a large? What if you end up buying men's socks? Don't stress yourself out too much. Don't let gender be a limitation to the kind of socks you want to wear. Besides, women can wear men's socks and vice versa. The major difference between men's and women's socks is only pegged to length and width.


 How To Choose The Perfect Pair

Women's socks are essential because they protect feet from friction caused by walking in shoes. To find the right socks, consider the fabric, the height of the socks, as well as their thickness. You will find that there are many different designs and patterns to choose from.

(1). Material- 100% Cotton is the best choice for breathability; however, cotton wears down quickly and can lose shape. You can choose a cotton/polyester or a cotton/acrylic blend for a compromise. Acrylic and polyester, on the other hand, are long-lasting and shape-holding materials. However, they, at times, trap moisture and make feet stink and sweat.

(2). Type –There are various types of socks, from sport, and athletic, to casual and toe socks. Sport socks cover a wide range of styles, cuts, and thicknesses. They are designed to provide maximum comfort and support for various physical activities.
Athletic socks are also known to be absorbent. They absorb sweat, preventing the formation of blisters.

Casual socks are designed for everyday wear. These socks are usually lightweight and come in a variety of colors and patterns. They can be made from a variety of fabrics, but are not usually thick enough to prevent blisters from forming due to excessive sweating or friction.

Toe socks, on the other hand, enclose each toe individually like the fingers on a glove. They usually have fun designs and are meant to be worn with open-toed shoes. People who want to wear sandals in colder weather may opt for the pair.

Running socks are usually ankle-length or lower. They come in varying thicknesses. Some runners prefer very thin socks for a better fit with their shoes. Less experienced runners may wish to have a bit more cushioning to help protect their feet while they get used to running on hard surfaces.

Knitted socks- These are designed to keep your feet warm during the colder months. Different brands have different knitting styles and yarn compositions that affect how your socks will mold to your feet. For knitted socks, I'd recommend going for pairs that are large enough. They tend to create room for normal shrinkage, especially during the first washes.

(3). Size- Sock size varies depending on whether the foot is narrow, small, wide, short, or long. If you have a small or shorter foot, go for perfectly fitting sock pairs. You don't want to go for pairs with shorter tubes that will live your feet hanging around, leading to friction. Who wants to walk around with blisters or socks that are bunching in different parts of the shoe?
For medium to large foot sizes, always make sure that the elastic is not too tight on your feet as tight elastics will make you uncomfortable. Go for the ones with an appropriate tube size that will fit your calves.


 How To Care For Your Socks

To keep your socks in their best shape, follow the cleaning instructions on the package as different manufacturers give different cleaning instructions. However, most manufacturers not only recommend washing with cold water but also discourage the use of tumble dryers.

 Also, be mindful that you get what you pay for; usually, the pricier the sock, the better the quality. Many people have a particular brand they prefer, so it is helpful to find and read reviews from other consumers about the brands of socks they have worn so it will be easier to make an informed choice.

Choosing the right type of socks for an activity can make all the difference when it comes to comfort. Socks function to cushion the foot, reduce friction, and absorb moisture to keep the feet cool and comfortable. When it comes to wearing socks, different women have different preferences. While some love to accessorize their edgy women's clothing with sexy hosiery to make them look sophisticated and classic, others prefer keeping things simple. It is all up to you. Whatever you prefer, RebelsMarket has all your style needs covered. With different sizes and designs available, you have a lot of options to choose from.  Browse the RebelsMarket collection today.