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When we think about corsets tops or bustiers, what might come to us are visions of period drama costumes or Victorian women with big, flowing gowns and tiny waists. Or, we might even conjure images of the sexy, larger-than-life costumes worn by burlesque dancers.

What we may not think about, however, is how the little garment is a genuinely functional (not to mention superbly stylish) piece of clothing. A recent resurgence in popularity has led to corset tops becoming a mainstay of modern fashion – no longer relegated to simple gothic lingerie or 'costume' wardrobe.

Modern corseting is fun and trendy, with many different options, styles, and materials to choose from. The bustier corset top is a legitimate fashion item with a vibrant history.

What factors should I consider before buying a corset?

Corsets can be worn as shape-enhancing underwear, sexy lingerie, a gorgeous standalone item, or even over the top of clothing. Suffice to say; the bustier corset top is an excellent item of clothing and a must-have addition to any girl's wardrobe.

Corsets are not just supportive shapewear. They are a mainstay in gothic fashion, a beautiful part of Steampunk style, and a favorite item in a mainstream way too. You only need to look at some of the beautiful ones in the market today to understand that they are by no means a garment that needs to be hidden under your clothing!

As we've already stated, women's corsets are a diverse piece of clothing, and as such, there are many different styles in the market. There are many different types, lengths, shapes, and trends available – so it can all seem a little daunting to even the most seasoned corset fanatic!

But it doesn't need to be! If you take the time to familiarize yourself with the most common styles, you can begin to grow a basic understanding of corsetry.

What are the best materials for a corset? 


Popular Corset & Bustier Materials

  • Satin: usually worn under the clothes if you only want the hourglass figure without the corset showing.

  • Mesh: breathable and light, great for the summer months, gives the body a great silhouette, and can be worn under or over the clothes.

  • Cotton: casual and comfortable, durable, and breathable, but not advisable to wear as underwear, as it's a bit thicker.

  • Leather: comfortable over the clothing but is not recommended for waist training as it stretches out.

  • Brocade: thick, durable polyester blend, worn as a stylish accessory.

  • Steel: used in either panel or as 'stays' (or both) to help support the corset's rigidity.

There are, of course, other materials that can be used to create and decorate corsets – resulting in seemingly limitless different styles! They can feature many modern details such as beads, rhinestones, studs, chains, and spikes and even contain plastic stays (rather than steel) known as 'synthetic whalebone.'

Now that you have an idea about the most common materials used, it's worth looking at some of the different types available. Not all corsets are the same shape, style, or size, so do your research, as this is all part of figuring out which style may be right for you.

What are the different types of corsets?

  • Underbust Corsets  - These are precisely bustiers that go under the bust. They sit under the bust line rather than over it. This makes them a pretty versatile style since you can wear them with any bra or clothing. You can also try a faux leather corset top.

  • Overbust  -  This goes all the way up and covers the bust. It encloses the torso and breasts (but not the cleavage), extending from under the arms down toward the hip.

  • Flat-front Style - This is a modern version of a Victorian corset with a neckline that goes straight across and is excellent for women with smaller-sized breasts. They help create the illusion of a fuller bust.

  • Sweetheart Neckline - A sweetheart neckline is pretty much the modern standard, usually worn in formal events or weddings. This style is famous for glamorous occasions and is excellent for those who want to give the appearance of a larger bust and cleavage.

  • Bustiers  - While corsets can be worn as undergarments or as a piece of outer clothing, bustier tops are traditionally worn under the clothes to push up the bust and gently shape the waist. Think of them as a 'bra and shapewear combo,' without the tight lacing that a corset generally offers.


 Why You Should Wear a Corset

It's been established that corsets can be used to alter the figure, and who doesn't want a striking silhouette, right? But you might be surprised to know that there are other purported benefits to wearing one other than just for aesthetic purposes.

How do I know the correct sizing for a corset? 

If you've taken heed of the attractive benefits that corsets can provide, or if you want to achieve a sexy, hourglass figure, then you might be looking to purchase your first piece. Hooray!

But with them being such a specialized item of clothing – it's essential to make sure you get the correct size. You might be wondering how to select the perfect size, as these beautiful garments often don't conform to regular sizing. This is because they are commonly used as a functional item of clothing, which can be tightened to alter the shape of your silhouette.

When it comes to ordering the correct size, you should keep a few things in mind. It is somewhat different from ordering other types of clothing and undergarments. This is because instead of using your regular sizing (such as your top, dress, or bra size), the way you select the correct size is usually by waist measurement.

But what you may not know is that you actually might be better off ordering one in a size that is smaller than your regular waist measurement. The size is taken when the garment is wholly laced up and closed.

 If you plan on doing waist training, it is always better to select a slightly smaller size, but not too small. This whole 'corset sizing' thing may seem complicated at first, but once you have your measurements down, ordering the correct size for yourself will be relatively simple. 

(1). Measuring Your Waist
First of all, you need to take your waist measurement. This is to determine your actual, natural waist size. The way you do this is by taking a flexible tape measure (the kind that tailors use) and measuring the circumference around your waist 1 inch just above your belly button.

Once you have measured your waist, a good rule of thumb is to choose a corset about 2 to 4 inches smaller than your natural waist size. So, for example, if you have a 28-inch waist, try selecting 24 inches.

(2). Bust, Underbust & Upper Hip Measurements

The other measurements you might need to take are your bust and hip measurements, as some corsets require these. To measure your bust, measure the fullest part of your breasts at the nipple, all the way around your body.

To take your underbust measurement, measure right at your bra line. It might be easiest to do this with your bra on to ensure that you measure at the right place. Also, make sure that you measure parallel to the ground, aiming to get the tape measure in a whole, level circle around your body.

To take your upper hip measurements, you want to measure at the widest point. To do this, measure at or just below your hip bone, as this is just above where you bend when you sit down.

(3). Torso Length

And last but not least, it's a good idea to measure your torso length, just so that you have all the measurements in hand. To measure your torso length, measure from right under the center of each of your breasts down to where you bend when you sit (i.e., your hip bone).

(4). Tightness and Level of 'Squish.'

If you want to go down by two sizes, which is pretty much the equivalent of 4 inches, this might be best if you are more abundant and 'softer,' and perhaps with a naturally larger waist. It's also a good idea to get a tight corset on you if you are expecting to lose weight or actively and steadily lose weight.

Other factors to consider when determining the right size for your corset

Even if you've taken your measurements correctly, you have to bear in mind that every corset is different, just like everyone's body type is different. When selecting your size, consider whether you are wearing it for fashion or for more functional purposes such as providing back support (more on this later!)

If you're entirely new to wearing a corset, then it's best to err on the side of caution and not select an ambitiously small size. Remember, you can always lace it tighter over time! Different retailers and manufacturers offer different guidelines for selecting the correct sizing, so be aware that there may be conflicting advice.

If you find that your waist measurements are an odd number, round up or down to the nearest inch, and take that as your starting waist measurement, regardless of whether you want to size up or size down.

Ultimately, the tightness and size boil down to what you feel comfortable with personally. If your corset feels too tight, then you'll have trouble lacing up tighter over time. The critical thing to remember is to aim for comfort, and don't select a ridiculously tight one just because you want a tiny waist. A well-fitted piece in a larger size looks ten times better than an ill-fitting one laced too tightly. 

How do I clean & maintain a corset? 

Let's say you've done your research, taken all your measurements, and found your perfect corset. Well done! Now you need to know how to properly care for your fabulous new piece of attire.

One thing that you will find with high-quality corsets is that you cannot put them through the washing machine with the rest of your laundry.

They are a specialty piece of clothing, and as such, they have specific requirements. While some people opt to take theirs to the dry cleaners, others argue that you can clean at home. If you're not sure what the best option is, the best thing you can do is get in touch with the corset maker and ask how they recommend you clean your corset.

But for now, let's take a look at handy tips and instructions on how to clean your corset at home.

How To Clean Your Corset

(1). Fill a basin with warm water (not hot) and add a scoop of mild washing powder.

(2). Gently wash it with your hands, without using rough implements like a scrubbing brush or washcloth, as this could damage the material.

(3). Rinse the garment thoroughly in cold running water. Do this very gently until the water runs clear. Don't try to wring out excess water from your corset. 

(4). Wrap it in a clean, absorbent piece of material such as a bath towel and press gently, trying to absorb as much excess water from the garment as possible.

(4). Dry the corset on a frame, as you would a pure wool garment - or lay it flat. Never try to dry the corset near a heat source (such as hanging above the radiator) because heat will warp the steel bones inside the corset.

How to style bustier corset tops

There are a lot of choices when it comes to corseting. Styling pretty much depends on your style and the type of corset top that you’ve decided to go for. Most of them look amazing with floor-length skirts, or conversely with some skintight leggings and miniskirts.

Underbust corsets can look elegant with the classic white shirt and a pencil skirt, so you don’t need to worry about feeling overdressed. If you buy a plain one, you can mix and match and add it to various outfits. You can also try wearing over dresses or just as a regular top.

An understated overbust corset can brighten up a pair of everyday jeans and a cute cardigan, cinching in your waist and accentuating your hips. And as far as tops go, a good button-down with a slim fit can complement any look. If you want to go with something more striking, try a halter-neck corset cinched round over the top of the Victorian blouse.

But, if your main aim is to sport a tiny waist, you can slip on a cute plain piece underneath your day-to-day outfits and enjoy your new, striking silhouette.

When looking for the perfect piece, try keeping your style in mind. There are so many different styles; you will find one that will match your personality and occasion. Punk rockers, gothsboho beauties, biker babes, and rockabillies can all sport this alluring look. 

You can create a beautiful silhouette by wearing a white bustier top, black steampunk gothic skirt, punk style boots, and a black choker for a different prom or homecoming look, or pair a black corset with some tattered jeans for an understated but sexy.

 A more traditional white corset is an excellent foundation for a classic and sensual look. They work well for weddings or everyday events. However, if you are looking for something a little more sinful, you can always try out a beautiful burgundy or bright red corset worn with a sassy skirt and torn leather leggings.

There are great options for the holidays too! We have great options for Christmas, Halloween, New Year, and you can even sport a green corset for St.Patty’s day or an orange number for Halloween. Why not mix and match them with a great pair of skinny jeans, awesome skull cameos, and cute platforms to create the perfect look for every day of the year at affordable prices.

We could go on, as there are hundreds of different outfit combinations that you can create using corsets. But ultimately, the style you create is down to you. Once you start shopping around, you’ll land on the style that suits you most.

Shopping for Corsets & Bustiers

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Corset tops and bustiers are often confused; however, what is the difference between them? Well, let’s learn a little bit more about these stunning pieces of clothing. Corset tops are meant to tighten through rear laces or front steel busk closure clasps. On the other hand, Bustier corset tops are a fancier shapewear bra combination that helps to smooth out your midsection and offers some support for breasts.

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