Waist Training Corsets

Are you looking to enhance your shape? Be a few sizes smaller with a well-defined waist and a smooth figure? Then a waist training corset will be ideal. A waist trainer corset will give you an elegant hourglass figure and flatten your abdomen. Our waist training corsets are made of high-quality steel boned corsets and strong seams, making them an excellent choice to shape your body.

Over the years, women have opted for waist trainer corsets as a sexy gothic lingerie staple and as a style piece intricately designed to pull in the waist, resulting in an hourglass shape. With corseting gaining momentum, women continue to unravel corset related benefits such as sultry look creation and posture support. 

Created from a solid fabric and reinforced with flexible steel rods specifically designed to boost the corset's strength, these sexy pieces are also layered with waist tapes for the perfect cleavage. Shop at RebelsMarket to get a taste of the variety of waist training corsets waiting to be shipped to your destination.

No matter your preference, we have waist trainers in different designs and shapes to meet your style. Whether you want an underbust or overbust waist trainer corset, we have plenty of options to choose from at RebelsMarket. Even better, since we know everyone has their alternative style, we have victorian, gothic, burlesque costume, steampunk, and vintage bustier top waist trainers you can shop for. 

As you continue your search for your waist trainer corsets, here are some insights to help answer some of the questions you may have as you shop online.

What is waist training with a corset?

The concept of tight lacing and body modification using a corset is not a new one. Human beings have been using tight lacing to alter their physical appearance for many years. Put merely; waist training is using a corset to modify the shape of your waist. 

Corsets used for waist training have unique boning inside them, sometimes referred to as 'stays.' These are pieces of a rigid material such as whalebone or steel (which is the modern equivalent of whalebone), which gives the corset a rigid shape. The result? A smaller, narrower waist achieved after some time.

Which fabric should I consider while shopping for a waist trainer?

When choosing a waist trainer, one helps but wonder, is the corset's fabric important? Yes, it is. Here are some materials to consider.


High-quality waist trainers, also known as waist cinchers, use latex because it's a firm and stretchy material that would hold up well for an extreme waist cincher. Latex is a good fabric because it is durable and will hold shape while using your corset.


If you are shopping for a waist trainer that can be part of your clothing, brocade should be the first on your list. Brocade is a beautiful fabric that comes in gorgeous patterns to enhance your overall appearance. They are thick, which makes it an ideal consideration if you want a workout corset trainer.


Satin is a shiny fabric used in cloth. It has a beautiful drape that makes it a good fabric option if you are looking for an exquisite high-end waist trainer. A good thing about satin in waist trainers is that satin doesn't wrinkle, and they are very durable. Satin has fibers that make it stronger, befitting the job of a waist cincher.

How to shop for a waist trainer online

What makes a suitable waist training corset? There are many opinions on the best types of waist training corsets. However, here are a few guidelines when shopping for a corset online. 

Shop for a corset that has stays. Shopping for corsets with stays means that it must be lined with flexible steel or another rigid structure to provide support. For this reason, it is better to purchase a steel-boned corset rather than an elasticated waist trainer. Shop for options like a lace underbust steel boned corset or an extreme steel boned waist cincher. Reading the product description will help while shopping online.

Shop for a corset that fits well. If you want to waist train with your corset, you must select a tight but not too tight corset since you will want to lace it tighter and tighter over time to achieve your desired shape. For you to pick a corset that fits well, you must first get your measurements. A gothic overlay overbust corset, faux leather corset or a steel boned waist cincher vest is ideal because it gives you room to adjust the corset.

As much as you want to shop for a corset that fits well, it's crucial to get a comfortable one. The garment must not be so tight that you cannot move freely or have trouble breathing while wearing the cloth. It also helps to shop for breathable waist trainers. You can shop for a floral waist trainer made of cotton or a steampunk zipper trainer that gives you more room while wearing your corset.

Lastly, shop for a corset that is of high-quality. Waist training is a complex process that doesn't need one to experiment with skimpy quality corsets. Consider shopping for corsets that have steel bones, are sturdy, and have metal eyelets to prevent the garment from warping. The good thing, RebelsMarket, deals in only the best when it comes to quality. Browse through our collection and experience high-quality, affordable waist training corsets.

When it comes to corsets' styling, one can choose to wear waist trainers with cute alternative dresses or women's tops that can pair well with a pair of denim jeans. For a more chic and feminine look, match your waist trainer corset with an alternative skirt and dazzle everyone at the office with your killer waist trainer. Don't forget to accessorize and highlight your neck with a necklace. With corsets coming in a range of patterns, such as scooped and sweetheart necklines, you will have various options to choose from.

Waist training corsets are the way to go, especially if you want to change your entire shape or trim your waist. For that reason, waist training corsets are a must-have. With numerous models featuring a range of unique details and styling features dominating the fashion realm, you cannot afford to lack a pair. Get yourself a pair or two of high-quality waist training corsets at affordable prices on Rebelsmarket. Shop for underbust corset, gothic, and all your alternative waist trainers today and get 10% OFF your first order. 


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