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Waist Training Corsets

How to Style Waist Training Corsets

Women have, over the years, opted for corsets not only as a sexy lingerie staple but also as a style piece intricately designed to pull in the waist, therefore, resulting in an hourglass shape. 

With corseting still gaining momentum in terms of popularity, women continue to unravel corset related benefits such as those of sultry look creation and posture support. 

Created from a solid fabric and reinforced with flexible steel rods specifically designed to boost the corset's strength, these sexy pieces are also layered with waist tapes for the perfect cleavage.

Although corseting dates back to a more storied history, it continues to undergo several malleable reinventions and redesigns, from waist trainers to cinchers and bust enhancers. It is therefore of uttermost importance that women understand the corseting aspect as a piece birthed to not only create some balance but to also bring about a more comfortable feel. 

Additionally, corsets can be worn as a waist trainer or underbust depending on style preferences. Even though corsets come in an array of styles for different body types, all of them are made in a way that they can comfortably fit around the midsection while still keeping the body's unique features under wraps.

When it comes to the styling of corsets, one can choose to wear it singly or even on top of dresses or blouses. With corsets coming in a range of patterns, such as scooped and sweetheart necklines, you will a variety of options to choose from.


Waist Training Corset Styling Basics

Owning a corset is one thing, and styling it outside the bedroom is another. How do you push up your chest while still aiming for an appealing appearance? Well, first of all, confidence, class, and curves are the way to go. After all that is well done, try spicing up your outfit by incorporating the following tips;

Pairing your waist trainer corset with jeans is a must-try! 

  • All lingerie-inspired pieces are a perfect combination, especially when paired up with fitting pants. Do you know what the best part of this set is? Jeans rarely create waistline conflicts, therefore, making it an effortless look to pull off. For skirts, however, there is a lot that needs to be done to draw attention to the waist area. High waisted skirts and tube skirts made from stretchy material work best in creating an hourglass type of curve as compared to skirts with a lower rise that often form horizontal lines around the hips.

  • Ever thought of styling your dresses with a visible half corset, fastened as a belt? What are you waiting for? Go ahead and nail that look by trying out this tip.

  • You can also test the waters of the waist training corseting trend by purposefully pairing your corset with your suiting. Although this look can be somewhat inappropriate for the corporate realm, it is a pass for a night out in the city.

  • Have you considered rocking your steampunk detailed corset with a plain black blazer? Get yourself a colored corset that is long enough, pair it with your jeans and use your black blazer as a cover-up to avoid showing too much skin.

  • With an assortment of styles to choose from, one can also opt for a monochromatic top to toe style outcome by just styling your waist training corsets with alluring shades of color, prints, and patterns. Is that too much to ask?

  • To add on that, over the bust corsets can be seamlessly integrated into one's closet by throwing a cardigan or jacket on top. The whole idea is to not only draw more attention to that silhouette bust but to also hide any hanging laces that may make your outfit to look awkward.

  • Don't be afraid to go for the corsets over a dress or shirt kind of look. However, when opting for this style, a careful balance, especially above the corset, must be struck in the long run. When corseting a standard button-down shirt, for instance, always make sure that its fabric doesn't stick out too much above the corset or around the shoulder area.

  • Not to mention, these layering pieces can also come in handy for any wedding ensemble. 


Waist training corsets are the way to go, especially if you want to change your entire shape or trim your waist. The best part about corsets worn over the bust is that as a woman, you get to decide whether you would want to show off your assets or tone them down a bit. 

Additionally, these closet staples are also designed in such a way that they not only showcase a woman's natural curves but also create curves where there are none.

For that reason, waist training corsets are a must-have. With numerous waist training corsets featuring a range of unique details and styling features dominating the fashion realm, you cannot afford to lack a pair.