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Vintage Corsets

Shop cheap vintage style bustiers, waist cinchers, and overbust corsets for sale from thousands of indie brands and alternative stores from around the world. Dare to venture into retro fashion and explore our collection, ranging from regular to plus size. We have a variety of vintage corsets from army fatigue, lace, floral, and lingerie with an old-fashion vibe. 

What to consider when shopping for a vintage corset online

Types of vintage corsets to shop

It is important to identify the various types available in alternative fashion to suit your personality and fashion prowess. Here are a few types of vintage corsets you can shop for online.

Front and back laced- This is a type of vintage corset based on the lacing details. The corset can either have a front lace-up, front and back, or even triple lacing. A vintage bodice underbust corset or leather corset pairs elegantly with a classic white t-shirt and a pencil skirt, or a flowy black skirt for formal events. It can also add an edge to basic jeans and a tank top outfit for a daytime look or a casual party. 

Steampunk- This type of vintage corset tends to be mainly in a color palette of brown, black, and cream, with brocade or striped fabrics being popular. However, there is a good crossover with Victorian gothic styles, which often include purple, red, and other colors that can make any outfit stand out. To achieve a steampunk costumes look, shop for a black vintage corset and wear it alone or over a frilly shirt. Add a brown studded belt and a high-low skirt to show off your thigh-high stockings. You can add lace-up boots and a retro hat for a complete look.

Elizabethan- This is a waist length type of vintage corset with shoulder straps and flat sides covering the rib area in the front and has a back lacing. It is created to have an almost dramatically raised bust line, and the bottom edge may have a scalloped edge. The bust is flattened in the front along the torso but pushed up, creating a dramatic squeezed cleavage and a corn-shaped torso, wide-set shoulders, and large padded-out hips. You can create a classic look when you shop for the vintage corset and consider pairing it with a lace a-line skirt, a ruffled top, and finish off with military boots

Corset belt-This is a short vintage corset covering the waist area and almost seems like a wide belt. This type of corset only gives a small waist compression compared to other types.

What budget do I need to have to shop for a vintage corset?

When you shop at RebelsMarket, we don't discriminate when it comes to your budget. We believe looking good shouldn't come at a far fetched cost. That's why we offer vintage corsets at affordable prices so that you can rock your stunning gothic style without breaking the bank. Our unique collection has high-end and affordable vintage corsets for you to rock a retro look on a budget.

The corsets also come in different colors such as pink, black, brown, and white, and come in various materials from brocade, burlesque to leather corsets. Get your preferred vintage corset and rock your ideal alternative look, whether you are going for goth, lolita, or steampunk style! Shop at RebelsMarket for old-style corset tops and corset dresses on sale today. Get 10% Off your first order, and worldwide shipping is available.


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