Lolita Fashion

Whether you have been wearing Lolita fashion for years, or you're just getting started, you can buy all you need on the Rebels Market website.  Some of the most popular lolita styles are gothic lolita, classic lolita, punk lolita, and sweet lolita. Here are some of the main characteristics of each of the above styles. You can accomplish each of the various lolita looks with similar elements, only in different patterns, colors, shapes, etc.

Here at RebelsMarket, we sell the most affordable lolita apparel - tops, dresses, costumes, and tees! Probably the essential lolita clothing staples are lolita dresses and skirts. Skirts are usually puffy and worn with a petticoat underneath.

Rococo, Edwardian and Victorian fashion influence lolita style, lolitas are not supposed to show much skin. You should keep your shoulders and cleavage covered. That's why it's vital that you buy a few cute button-up shirts. Lolita tops are blouses with frills. Bows are always welcome as they look sweet on clothing, accessories or shoes. You can even wear more casual lolita Tees with kawaii prints!

Typical lolita shoes are Mary Janes. Bonus points if you add bows or other cute details. They can be flat or with heels (but not too high!). The heels are usually chunky and comfortable so that you can stand on the ground firmly.

Last but not least, as with any Japanese subculture - add as many accessories as you like - the more, the merrier. Most popular Lolita bags are styled as hearts, unicorns, bats, coffins, which are also popular with kawaii fashion. Other accessories include lolita hair bows, top hats, rosaries, crosses, ties.

Lolita fashion is a Japanese street fashion that started in Japan in the late 1980s and became famous as part of the visual-kei music culture during the early 2000s. Although strongly feminine, not only women dress in Lolita fashion. Lolita started as a reaction to the overly sexualized representation of women in Japan. Lolitas dress just for themselves, and not to appeal to society or to attract male attention.

The subculture was made famous by brands such as Angelic Pretty, Baby the Stars Shine Bright and Moi-même-Moitié. The style is influenced by the doll-like look of Rococo, Edwardian and Victorian historical periods.

In the 1990s, Lolita fashion became recognized with bands like Malice Mizer and other Visual kei bands.

Different Styles of Lolita Fashion

Classic lolita - the more mature, toned-down style, which focuses on historical elements of the era. This lolita style is more elegant than cute, and you can wear it also to formal events. The colors are more muted, the hair bows are smaller, and the skirts are A-line instead of bell-shaped.

Sweet lolita - the earliest and most recognizable lolita style. The inspiration for this look comes from dolls, cute toys and Victorian children’s books such as Alice in Wonderland.

Gothic Lolita - emerged during the ‘90s, inspired by Visual kei bands. It is much darker and more theatrical than other childlike Lolita styles but still keeps the innocence.

Punk Lolita - mostly inspired by British street culture, with elements such as safety pins, bondage pants, and tartan. However, just like Gothic Lolita, the style incorporates cute elements and cuddly toys.

How To Style Lolita Fashion - Gothic, Classic,Punk & Sweet Lolita

From top to bottom: start with a big “Alice” bow or a headdress at the top of your head. Depending on if you are a classic or gothic Lolita, colors can vary from pastel to dark. The focus of your outfit should be a bell-shaped knee-length skirt or a puffy dress. Either way, you are going to have to wear a blouse underneath, preferably white. You should also wear cute white bloomers or a petticoat as part of your undergarments.

No Lolita outfit is complete without frilly knee-high socks (again, usually white, pastel, or black with white lace). Add accessories such as flowers, butterfly hair accessories, human hair wigs, purses, handbags, veils, crowns, tiaras, berets, cameo brooches, lace gloves, parasols, cat tights, pearls, etc. End the look with a Lolita shoes – rocking horse or high heel/platform Mary Janes. Whichever your style, we're sure you can find elements of lolita fashion that you'll love!


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