Lolita Dresses

Are you in the market for a visually dazzling dress with a sweet but dark look to it, one that you can wear to a festival and effortlessly style a girlish look? A lolita dress certainly fits the description of girlish and dark-accented. Spot a garb that defines the dollish character in you and update your lolita clothing for women with our assortment of cute dresses. If you are daring in nature and like to create fun looks with bold colors and patterns, you can find cheap dresses to match your style. 

If you are probably wondering what is lolita fashion, we got you. It is a Japanese-born style inspired by Victorian fashion and clothing from the rococo period. The style came to be when young women had a desire to dress in a way that discounted men’s opinions. Lolita style is characterized by a particular silhouette achieved by wearing petticoats as undergarments underneath sweet dresses or skirts. 

As many people don’t know how the name lolita fashion came to be, it is believed that it complemented the eccentric and feminine fashion it is. The style was introduced in the Harajuku streets back in the 90s and had its appearance in magazines like Kera, The Gothic, and Lolita Bible. The dress patterns and clothing were worn by Visual Kei style bands, especially Mana of Malice Mizer, which was the first gothic band in 1999. 

There are a number of aesthetics related to the dollish clothing, such as Kawaii fashion with its cute imagery and brightly-colored babydoll dresses. We also have pastel goth fashion that takes the dark elements of goth and mixes it with warm pastel colors like pink and purple. So whether it is a pastel or a kawaii dress you are looking for, or one with a Victorian-era twist, find simple dresses to style an over-the-top outfit. We have a selection of quirky designs to choose from at RebelsMarket, your ideal online marketplace.

What are the different styles that lolita dresses come in?

There are countless options to go for when shopping at RebelsMarket. Find a sexy lolita dress in different prints and designs to awaken the diva in you. There are several categories to shop for:

Gothic lolita- Gothic dresses are characterized by dark themes and aesthetics. Popular colors you can shop for are black, ivory, navy blue, dark red, grey, white, and purple. A black dress can have motifs like crosses, bats, pentagrams, and coffins. Also, shop for dark accent clothing in our collection of unique goth dresses for a dark look.

Sweet lolita- Shop for these clothing in lighter and brighter colors that come in whimsical motifs like fruits, flowers, cute animals, laces, and ribbons. These sweet pieces are generally designed to be poofier and with larger petticoats. You can go for options like a ruffle dress or a lace dress with colorful prints to match your girlish vibes. If you like to shop for something more fairy tale, we have princess dresses perfect for balls and prom dresses for prom night.

Punk lolita- This is a style inspired by Western punk. Punk dresses have designs featuring tartan, studs, chains, buckles, safety pins, and spikes. The dark dresses have tougher frill skirts detailed with a more delicate blouse and styled with feminine accessories to lighten the look. Find these designs and more in our collection of punk rock dresses if you are looking for fun ways to style a youthful look.

Classic lolita- The classic dresses have more focus on elegance than cuteness, portraying a more mature feel. A-line pieces are most popular in this style featuring a modest shape. The colors in these vintage pieces are more subdued and solid than the other styles. They include brown, sage green, wine red, and ivory. You can find flower dresses with prints like checkers, tartan, and historical art. Shop for similar pieces in our selection of steampunk dresses with solid colors and a vintage theme.

How to style a lolita dress

Once you shop for your preferred dress design, you can style a feminine look in different ways and still look like you are fresh from a doll shop. Here are some styling options we have for you.

If you are going for a winter look, there are warm ways to layer your outfit. Style your winter dress with a pair of stockings and a long coat to keep you chic and comfy. You can also go for a dress coat and pair it with warm leggings and finish off the stylish look with a scarf and a pair of fingerless leather gloves

Styling a summer outfit and would like to incorporate some of our pieces? Shop for a summer dress with lightweight fabric and bold patterns. Find pieces like a chiffon dress or a lolita pleated piece to add to your summer wardrobe. We also have white garments that you can wear to the beach or a party. Accessorize the look with our collection of lolita fashion accessories like a headdress or a stylish clutch. 

If you are going for a casual outfit to style a night look or a day out garb, we got you covered with our collection of casual dresses. Shop for a short dress to pair with a denim jacket or a sleeveless coat for an extra chic look. We also have other designs to choose from, such as a corset or lace-up lolita pieces that would look fancy on you. Find other simple designs to fit your fashion needs and your sense of style in our hoard of cute clothes.

You can also shop for formal clothing in our collection. We have an assortment of long garments to incorporate into your corporate look. Find patterns like a long-sleeved velvet dress with fine embroidery and an elegant finish to pair with lolita women’s shoes like platforms or stilettos. Also, go for a kimono dress to bring out the Japanese theme in your dressing. You can find a number of prints that look stylish with a headpiece and a necklace.

Perhaps you are styling a festival look and considering options to bring out a girly outfit. We have sailor lolita and maid clothing with a fancy sailor collar to style a nautical-themed look. Go for plaid styles if you like patterns in your clothing. We have various collections of lolita dresses for sale with a festival feel that you can also style during Halloween. 

Your youthful vibe can be satisfied with our selection of lolita fashion dresses. The style is getting bigger and better in the alternative scene. If you are inspired by chic styles and would like to get your hands on exciting Japanese fashion trends, we have a wide range of products curated by various dress shops. 

Find the perfect fit for you, whether you are shopping for plus size frocks or petite pieces. RebelsMarket is your ideal online shop for cocktail dresses, festival pieces, and dark-themed clothing. Buy stylish clothing to define the chic in you today. When you buy from us, you get to enjoy 10% OFF your first purchase. We also ship our clothing worldwide. 


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