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Visual Kei Clothing

When it comes to visual kei, it's fair to say that RebelsMarket has a great selection of awesome clothing, shoes, and accessories. What exactly is visual kei, you ask? Simply stated, it's a subculture that originates from a movement among Japanese musicians that embraces punk rock, glam rock, and heavy metal. Visual kei clothing is generally represented through heavy metal embellishments, dark colors, mixed prints and patterns, leather fabric, distressed details, chains, buckles, studs, and an overall gothic lolita style.

Along with visual kei clothing, it’s common to see pretty intense makeup and complicated hairstyles to match the over-the-top outfits. Not to mention, sky- high gothic platform shoes and combat boots are the norms! To put together the perfect visual kei style, you’ll want to incorporate detailed prints and patterns together. For example, leather lace- up leggings, a graphic distressed t-shirt, and platform boots would be a great match. Now that you're familiar with visual kei clothing, it's time to explore.

Here at RebelsMarket, you'll find a great selection of tops, bottoms, shoes, and accessories to add to your wardrobe. Visual kei pieces will add some serious edge to your outfits and be sure to turn heads! Shop now to select the perfect garments to wear to concerts, a night out, to a cosplay event, or just for your everyday rebel look.


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Now that you’ve got the gist of visual kei clothing, it’s time to style your outfits! You can incorporate just one piece of visual kei into your outfit, or go all out for a complete Japanese- influenced rocker look. For every day, try wearing just one or two pieces so that your look isn’t too dramatic- unless you’re into that!

Try pairing a torn-up a graphic tee shirt with leather pants for an easy and comfortable look. You can accessorize your everyday visual kei outfit with a studded bag, spiked necklaces, and dark smoky eye makeup to compliment your gothic flair. If you’re off to an event like cosplay or comic con, you can go all out. Layer on the prints and patterns and don’t be afraid to wear all one type of fabric or mix different ones.

Wear an all- leather ensemble with a corset, lace- up pants, and a leather jacket or move into a kawaii style with a full tulle skirt, patterned leggings, and a printed or embellished tee. Mix in a bunch of buckles, studs, and spikes to add even more detail and interest to your look. Keep your outfit up to par with a pair of badass platform boots, and you’re ready to take on any event that comes at you! Embrace your unique and culture- infused style with great visual kei pieces from RebelsMarket.