Who doesn't love adorning themselves with a pair of cool earrings in fun and cute designs? Let's be real; opting for a carefully selected pair can transform your look, regardless of the clothes you are wearing! A couple of sparkling, Victorian-style pieces are a perfect accessory, especially if you want to amp up gothic clothing glamour. Suffice to say, several pairs of cool earrings are a must-have for alternative fashion lovers.

This is why we stock a vast selection of unique and cute pieces here on RebelsMarket. We deal in affordable fashion jewelry right through to more expensive gold and silver designs that are perfect for high fashion lovers. Whether you want hoops, studs, spacers, or unusual earrings like an ear wrap, you can find all of this and more in our selection.
RebelsMarket offers high-quality pieces to suit all alternative fashions and styles, no matter your budget. We offer them at different price points because we curate all of our collections from the very best alternative jewelry designers across the web. This means that our collections often contain pieces from indie designers and small brands too.

So if you want a pair a couple of pairs that are nothing like the styles you get in the regular jewelry stores, then we have you covered. From stylish skull designs to unique stainless steel studs, punk rock-inspired spacers, or even glitzy drop earrings perfect for a burlesque outfits, you’re sure to find elegant pieces that suit both your style and budget. Take a look at the huge selection of cute, unique pieces we have available. You're sure to find that elegant accessory that will make your favorite outfits pop.

How to Shop

When it comes to picking out the right pieces of jewelry to complement your outfit, it’s important to remember to not only accessorize according to your tastes but also according to the occasion.

(1). Have your style in mind -  What is your wardrobe like? Be sure to consider the types of closet staples you have and how you plan on styling them. This will make buying much easier.  Ladies have different preferences. You may find others that prefer exquisite pieces as compared to elegant ones. Considering your style preference is, therefore, necessary.

(2). What is your budget - Your budget is a primary factor when it comes to buying. It determines the type of material you’ll be going for, whether gold or diamond. Before buying, make sure you do enough research about the pieces you want to go for and their price variations. To avoid inconveniences and disappointments, work on your budget beforehand so that you also get to understand your needs.

(3). What combination are you looking for? - This is where preference comes in. While some women may prefer diamond pieces, others would instead go for gold ones. No matter your preference, go for an elegant pair with the right stone and metal combination that will suit your style

 (4). Consider the shape of your face - Earrings can make your face appear wider, fat, longer, or slimmer. That's why it is important to consider the structure of your face before buying. For instance, if you have a heart-shaped face, consider going for teardrops. If you have a round face, then dangling or drop long pieces would work just fine. For a square-shaped face, go for circular or hoop earrings.

(5). Choose a comfortable piece for daily wear - Comfort is a very vital factor to be considered when buying earrings online. Go for stylish and light-weight pieces that you can wear every day.