Women's Sandals

Spring is sprung, and you’re finally not wearing boots every day! It’s time to start considering what sandals you’ll be wearing to flaunt your ever-changing mysterious personality. You probably have a few pairs already but we’ve got some more wicked styles that you’ll irresistibly add to your shoe closet. Whether you’re into statement-making gladiators or traditional flip flops, there’s a pair for every occasion you have planned for in the warmer months. Nothing flaunts your legs better than a pair of heels, and these sandals will give your legs that killer long, slim look. Look out for cute strappy heeled sandals to pair with your summer wardrobe, and you will have an easy time dressing up for events. Display chic elegance by showing up in eye-catching heeled sandals with a sundress for summer days, and a sleek cocktail dress for warm evenings. Shop now. 


Trendy Women Sandals - Flat, Wedge, Espadrilles, Ankle and Gladiator

Sandals allow your sexy feet to breathe and to better withstand summer temperatures. They help you show off your glittering glazes from that remarkable pedicure you had recently. Whether you're spending the day on the beach or in the city, look great all summer long with edgy sandals. Fill your closet with these chic women shoes. RebelsMarket offers exquisite shoes with vintage mystic appeals to suit all your needs. 

Types of Sandals

Wedge: Your loose or flowing garments take on a new orientation with them. Go chic with wedge heel sandals featuring the same lift and shapeliness of a heel but devoid of stability issues. Add some height to your looks without compromising on your comfort with these expressive wedge sandals. 

Flat: They are commonly flat. Have fun with stylish flat sandals as you hit the beach. Let your ever changing style stand out with exquisite pieces featuring iconic embellishments, straps and closures. 

Gladiator: Borrowing cues from other trends, the gladiator designs evolve to feature heels and wedges in mysterious renditions. Glam up your style basics by equipping your wardrobe with pimp gladiator sandals to pair with your skinny jeans, shorts, skirts, and just about anything else in your closet. 

Espadrilles: They are a fantastic choice in summer shoes. Espadrilles are defined by a sole made with jute or rope and soft cotton upper. Traditional espadrilles are flats, but more modern styles feature open toes, wedge heels, and cute ankle ties. Espadrilles dress up everything from denim capris to retro sundresses.

Ankle: They feature a wide ankle strap and an open toe. Some styles of even have a shaft around the ankle like a short boot. These fresh, unique styles are best worn with skirts or shorts so you can show off the ankle detailing.

T-Strap: This type features a T-shaped strap that goes along the top of your foot. Their outstanding designs make them a versatile choice that you can pair with your skirts, dresses, trousers and just about anything in your closet. Spanning across daytime wear to evening wear, the importance of these shoes in your closet cannot be over-emphasized. Solid colors will enhance your looks in your office wear, whereas those embellished with stones and bows are best for casual and evening wear. 

Strappy: This term describes shoes that feature a number of straps. The additional straps can be there for decorative purposes or to hold the shoe in place. They are considered dressier than other types of sandals, and are suitable for daytime and eveningwear. Make your dinner or prom night special by choosing a delicate strappy design that will make statements and draw attention. 

Ankle strap: Secure your shoe to your feet with a design that features an ankle strap. A strap that goes around your ankle will ensure that your shoe will remain in its place as long as the fastener is functional. The widths of the straps vary, and this can easily influence the appearance of your legs. If you have shorter legs, and want to create the illusion of length, settle for very thin delicate straps in neutral colors. Ankle strap designs are basically ideal if you have long legs. 

Stand out with unmatched looks in a combination of gladiators, strappy, wedge or slip on renditions paired with maxi dresses, skirts or pants. Pair a knee-length short skirt with heeled sandals, while longer skirts are best paired with flats. Accessorize your outfits with chunky jewelry pieces and create an illusion of longer legs by wearing a miniskirt and flats. Embrace summer in style and show off your legs with sassy eye catching footwear. It is time to hit the shores in style with RebelsMarket coveted pieces.