Graphic T-Shirts For Men

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We take all of the hard work out of shopping for printed t-shirts by bringing you cool t-shirt designs from worldwide retailers, all in one place. We have fashionable t-shirts for men in various styles, with edgy prints, funny slogans, and stunning graphics. From goth tees and punk printed tees to streetwear t-shirts and vintage outfit vibes, there’s something at RebelsMarket to suit all alternative niches. To make your t-shirt shopping experience easier, we have a few tips you can use.

Tips to consider when purchasing a graphic t-shirt online

There are two main ways you can go about choosing a men’s t-shirt for yourself. You can choose either by design or by cut.

Choosing men’s t-shirts by cut

Half-sleeve t-shirts

Half-sleeve t-shirts go with almost anything starting from alternative shorts, jeans, slacks to PJ’s as long as you are mindful of your neckline. Crew-neck and V-neck are the most common variants of half-sleeves. Tie-dye, sublimation printing, stenciling, stamping, and bleaching are the most common forms of prints and design methods for half-sleeve printed and graphic t-shirts.

A crew-neck half-sleeved t-shirt paired with classic navy-blue narrow fit jeans is considered the quintessential style for any man. Simple and easy, this cool men’s wear combination goes with all body types and shapes, making it a great starter choice. If you prefer a crew or round neck shirt, opting for something with a dope, stylish monochrome print can make a casual daytime outfit transition effortlessly to a trendy evening look. If you’d rather go for bright colored tees with bold designs, then it’s best to leave them for daytime wear.

Consider a rock n roll staple and ringer t-shirts where the ribbings of the t-shirt have a different color than that of the t-shirt fabric. They are unique printed t-shirts that can be paired with a nifty pair of jeans and shorts.

V-neck short sleeve tees look great with a pair of slacks with or without any graphics or logos on them. If you opt for a v-neck tee shirt, you can wear a slightly bigger fit than a regular tee. A V-neck tee style can be worn to make a more formal outfit seem casual by pairing it with a suit jacket, for example.

If you’re more of a scoop neck tee shirt guy, these can be great for casual daytime looks due to their unstructured appearance – perfect for pairing with a loose-fitting open shirt and a pair of casual shoes.

Full-sleeve t-shirts

Full sleeve t-shirts remain a staple winter wear and a more exclusive fashion statement than half-sleeve t-shirts in many cases, thanks to the separate design aesthetics. Aside from the usual crew neck and v-neck variations, full-sleeve t-shirts also come in turtleneck, hoodie, and button-up designs. The longer sleeves mean a tighter fit around the chest, which looks really good with a fitting pair of jeans. As with cool half sleeve t-shirts, common design and print variations include tie-dye, sublimation printing, stenciling, stamping, and bleaching.

A black full sleeve printed t-shirt with a cool design can be the perfect partner in crime for both semi-fitting and narrow jeans paired with a stylish cap or neckwear. For a refreshing blast from the past, you can try layering a long sleeve t-shirt by wearing a cool short sleeve shirt over it. Full-sleeves are also great for creating a layered look with an open shirt. The key to pulling it off is to choose colors and patterns that will complement each other rather than clash. Opt for a plain or simple print long-sleeve tee shirt in a similar color to your shirt, and keep both of them untucked to create a casual look.

Longline t-shirts

A popular half sleeve t-shirt design popularized in the late 90s, longline t-shirts are historically associated with hip-hop culture. Longline t-shirts are characterized by long length and low hemline. As a result, an elongated silhouette is created that usually ends at the knee level. Longlines often have multiple layers, making them a hot favorite among today’s youth. They usually incorporate graffiti work designs for the skater look or slogans and awesome graphics to incorporate a hip-hop style. These cut-off t-shirts are very versatile and go smoothly with both skinny and baggy bottom wear. RebelsMarket has an extensive collection of uniquely designed longline t-shirts that are radically different from major brand offerings.                   

Choosing men’s t-shirts by design

Screen printed t-shirts

Printed t-shirts can have all types of cool prints starting from satirical and funny slogans to pop-culture illustrations and graphics like superheroes, skulls, graffiti work, and more.

Printed t-shirts are a casual men’s wear item, so unlike solid colored or ringer t-shirts, they usually don’t pair well with blazers. However, pairing them with dark-colored leather jackets and stonewashed denim jeans enhance the color combinations and contrasts.

If your style is rock or metal fashion, a badass black graphic men’s t-shirt with a band logo or motif paired with simple narrow or straight jeans can be the perfect look for you. Using skull rings and skull bracelets as accessories perfectly nail the look.

Geometric designs and digital camo prints blend in with both shorts and slacks. If you’re looking to dress casually without compromising a display of sophisticated taste, these designs can go a long way in displaying your fashion statement without losing the cool factor.

Tie-dyed t-shirts

Typically tie-dyed t-shirts often incorporate a multi-colored effect. These t-shirts are a good choice for party occasions, whether worn on its own or paired with a jacket or stylish men's vest.

Heat transfer vinyl

For this design, instead of the graphics or text being printed on the t-shirt, it is manufactured as a vinyl, which is then heat pressed on the t-shirt itself. RebelsMarket has a large collection of vinyl t-shirts with both unusual metal and casual designs.

Try pairing a black vinyl t-shirt with a leather jacket and biker jeans, and you can create the perfect rocker/metalhead fashion statement.

Dye-sublimation printing

The originator of metal t-shirts, dye-sublimation printing, adds a unique effect on a t-shirt's graphics or text by adding a rubbery feel to it that makes the design look like it has been carved on the t-shirt instead of being printed on it. It is the most popular and cheapest t-shirt designing method. The only drawback of dye-sublimation printing is that it needs to be done on synthetic materials like polyester and polymer, which can be quite uncomfortable in hot weather. On the flip-side, dye-sublimation printed t-shirts also have a wide variety of designs that are often impossible with other types of t-shirt graphic design options.  

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