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Make a Statement With Cool Men's T-Shirts

T-shirts are a classic, versatile item of clothing that can be worn with almost any outfit and can be styled to achieve any kind of look. That’s the beauty of owning a few cool t-shirts; if you pick a selection of the right staples to go with different outfits, then you can create effortlessly cool looks for all occasions.

Today, men’s t-shirts come in all kinds of cool designs; from graphic tees to hooded t-shirts, long sleeved or short sleeved varieties. But while an eye-catching, cool t-shirt can often act as a statement piece that’s the main focus of a guy’s outfit – they didn’t start out with the intention of being eye-catching. In fact, it might surprise you to find out that t-shirts actually had a rather humble beginning.  They were originally intended as undershirts and got their name from the ‘t-shape’ formed by their body and sleeves.

While t-shirts were originally just plain undershirts designed to form a barrier between a man’s skin and his outer clothing, they now form a huge part of men’s fashion. But due to the fact that t-shirts were never intended to be seen (remember, t shirts were technically an undergarment) they are still regarded as an indisputably ‘casual’ item of clothing. No matter how much you dress it up, cool t-shirts just don’t cut it as formal attire.

And let’s face it – no matter how cool your t-shirt is, and no matter how original and distinctive the design, you’d probably still never wear it to a job interview, or a formal dinner.  Some things will never change, but the humble t-shirt is, at least, an awesome and diverse item that can be styled to achieve a variety of different looks.

For example; if you opt for a v-neck tee shirt, then you can wear it slightly bigger than you would a regular tee. This style of tee shirt can be worn to make a more formal outfit seem casual, by pairing it with a suit jacket for example.

Or, if you prefer a crew or round neck shirt then opting for something with a cool, stylish monochrome print can make a casual daytime outfit transition effortlessly to a trendy evening look. If you’d rather go for bright colored tees with bold designs, then it’s best to leave them for daytime wear.

If you’re more of a scoop neck tee shirt guy, then these can be great for casual daytime looks due to their unstructured appearance – perfect for pairing with a loose-fitting open shirt and a pair of casual shoes.

And let’s not forget long-sleeved t-shirts. These are great for creating a layered look with an open shirt. The key to pulling it off is to choose colors and patterns that will complement each other, rather than clash. Opt for a plain or simple print long-sleeve tee shirt in a similar color to your shirt, and keep both of them untucked to create a casual look.