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Alternative Skirts

Did you know that both men and women wore black alt skirts in designs like sarong and kilt? Unique skirts have been around for a couple of years now, with different types undergoing several evolutions. They have gone through many changes like alterations in length. When it comes to styling, different types of alt skirts play different roles. While some may emphasize your waistline, others may also alter the hemline, depending on whether it is a voluminous or figure-hugging skirt. Just like and other closets essential, your choice for a perfect skirt depends on your tastes and preferences.

Types of Skirts

Skater- Also known as the circular skirt, skaters are designed by attaching fabric on the waistband. The material attached is what sits on the wearer's waistline. They are ideal for any active outdoor wear and can be paired with sexy bodysuits, tank tops, and denim jackets.

High-waist- This type features a high waistband. Unlike the skater, high-waisted alt skirts can be designed in many ways, from those with flat bands to those with elastic bands. They pair perfectly with a fitting shirt that is tucked in and a pair of sneakers.

Miniskirt- As the name suggests, this is just a short skirt. While most are traditionally fitted, you'll also find others with circular or flared designs. When correctly paired, they are perfect for casual looks.

Pleated- These are a stylish wardrobe staple with varying lengths and pleat sizes. The pleats are designed in such a way that they follow a particular pattern that makes them uniform. The good thing about this option is that you don’t have to keep on ironing back the pleats after washing. This is because they are generally made from synthetic fabrics that are permanently pressed.

Wrap skirts- As the name suggests, wrap skirts basically wrap around your figure. They also have ties or buttons that are fastened at the waist. They come in a variety of lengths, sizes, and designs that can fit any occasion.

Pencil skirts – These have become trendy office wear for women in the corporate realm. They are designed in a way that the fabric is cut down to a specific length that forms a triangular shape when laid flat. While most of them are made from a stretchy fabric, you'll also come across others with slits at the sides or even at the back that make walking more comfortable.

There are many alt skirt options in the market today. Other options that you can go for include yoke, sarong, peplum, tulip, mermaid, handkerchief, high-low, layered or tiered skirts, and so much more. It all depends on your style.

Where to Shop

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How to Style

If you want to create an everyday outfit with a little edge, try rocking a pair of high heels with a bold, punk rock style mini skirt and a leather jacket. To add some pop to your outfit, layer on with accessories such as a cool bracelet and a black leather purse.

Or, if you want to keep things a little more reserved, opt for a floor-length gypsy clothing skirt or ruffle skirt that won’t look out of place as part of a boho ensemble. These are great when paired with sandals or some cute flat shoes, keeping things casual but still looking sexy and stylish. Again, opt for accessories that complement the alt skirt – such as cute jewelry or even a temporary tattoo on your ankle.

And never underestimate the power of small details. If you want to make your new, edgy skirt stand out, then pick items that compliment it but don't overshadow it. A plain or printed T-shirt works wonders with a miniskirt and some plain black tights or leggings. You can dress this look up with an edgy coat and a pair of boots, or dress it down even more with cute sweatshirts for women and a pair of sneakers.

The key to selecting the perfect alternative skirt to build your outfit around is to choose something that already compliments your alternative wardrobe, and will pair with multiple outfits. Browse through our collection to find the perfect outfit to suit your fashion needs.