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Corset Skirts

Corset skirts are a must-have closet staple known for their functionality and stylish purpose. Besides providing the functional aspect of shapewear, the skirts' high waist and push-up effect also make it ideal for accentuating the body shape. Historically worn as a waist cincher,  we now see them worn with a jacket and skinny jeans as designer wear on the streets or even on the red carpet.

If you are reading this, then it probably means you are considering buying a corset top to add some elegance and chic to your style and have some fun with your fashion, or perhaps for waist training. 

Types of corset skirts you should try out today

Underbust corsets- The underbust corset skirt starts below the bust to the groin region. This skirt accommodates both fashion and function, offering the freedom to be paired with your cute top

Overbust- Just as the name suggests, this type of skirt covers the bust area and stretches down to the hip region. They offer the best support functionality as opposed to underbust corset skirts. 

Leather Corsets – A leather bustier is a unique way to stand out from the crowd. Even better, you get to select the design you want! 

Best materials to look out for when shopping for corset skirts

Once you have your size and style figured out, then you are probably thinking of the best materials to go for. All fabrics have different edges that vary from one person to another.  While several materials can be used for  corset skirts, the best options include;

1). Mesh- This is a lightweight and well-ventilated material, comfortable and easy to wear. Of all the materials, it is the most breathable. Buy a mesh corset skirt for perfect summer days. 

(2). Cotton- Do you have sensitive skin? Go for cotton. The material is considered the best option, especially if you are easily irritated by synthetic materials. If you want a high-waisted corset skirt that is comfortable, then cotton would fit just fine.

(3). Satin- Made from either silk or rayon, satin is a smooth material with a glossy front and a dull back. The soft feel makes it one of the best materials to buy. It can glide smoothly and effortlessly against your skin or any other clothing.  

(4). Brocade- This is a costly material synthesized from polyester with a dense and raised pattern. The raised pattern is what makes it more appealing compared to the other materials, perfect for more elegance and adding a little ‘extra’ to your look.

(5). Leather- It is also a common material used to make skirts. Its smooth nature makes it glide effortlessly against your skin. However, leather is not breathable, so wearing a leather corset skirt may be uncomfortable, especially during summer. 

(6). PVC- This is a synthetic material and is a polymer of vinyl chloride. It has a smooth texture, just like vinyl or leather. It is a cheaper alternative to leather but still offers almost the same comfort and elegance. PVC is perfect when going for a bold material. Though it is equally light, it still lacks proper ventilation.

Factors to consider before buying a corset skirt

Here are a few last-minute tips before buying your preferred corset skirt;

(1). Fit- Here is a general guideline for a perfect corset skirt. If your natural waist is under 38’’ go for a corset skirt  4 to 7 inches smaller, and if your natural waist is over 38’’, then select a 7 to 10 inches corset skirt.

(2). Comfort- Regardless of the fabric used, buy a corset skirt that is comfortable for your body. It should have a breathable twill lining and additional ‘hip panels’ or ‘hip gores.’ Panels and gores ensure an extra flair to the bottom of your corset skirt which gives it more room to fit comfortably over the hips.

(3). Quality- Quality is always better than quantity. Although it might be tempting to look around for a bargain, go for a corset skirt that will last longer and has value for your money. It is worth considering that a well-made corset skirt made of sturdy, durable fabrics is a good investment. Therefore, consider this tip before buying it. 

(4). Function- Apart from being extremely versatile, corsets with skirts have been fashionable for hundreds of years, and are perfect for waist training and dress up. If you are going for elegance and fresh looks, shop for skirts with bows, embellishments, and trims. 


With these tips, now you have a reason to get yourself one or two skirts to suit style and preference. RebelsMarket has you covered when it comes to whichever type of skirts you plan on buying. You can shop for a wide variety of women's clothing at low prices. Don't be left out! Shop today to enjoy 10% OFF your first order.


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