Women's Denim & Jeans

A pair(or two) of cute women's high-rise jeans are a comfortable wardrobe staple that can basically go with anything. The collection of edgy women's jeans is a series of grunge and baggy fashion for women. These ensembles are perfect for girly girls and tomboys. The fantastic collection from alternative stores all over the world contains looks you must look out for. Shying away from form-fitting apparel and body-conscious looks, this clothing creates attractive girl silhouettes for hip modern women. Being full of voluminous fashions for a broad age group of individuals, you will find something you like here.

RebelsMarket women’s pant styles will cater for almost every occasion, from a morning jog to the evening cocktail hour. Expand your wardrobe with pants of different cuts, ranging from skinny, cargo, wide leg, casual, and dressy trousers. Buy women’s pants that flatter your figure and fit to perfection.

In addition to a great fit, our pants selection come in a variety of fabric like wool, stretch fabric, corduroy, and more. Include such pants in your wardrobe that offer you style without a fuss, pants that give you sharp admiring looks.

Women’s Pants That Are a Must-Have

The advantage of shopping at RebelsMarket is that we offer outfits that are versatile. You can wear your jeans all year-round to your favorite dress-up party. Try a pair of these trousers from our collection and pull off a cowboy look. We have an amazing selection of cowgirl costume outfits to pair with your jeans.

Khakis: They are perfect for relaxed, casual wear, especially if you want an alternative to jeans. Previously they were a blend of cotton and linen, and the light tan color was most popular in this. Today the darker tans are also equally popular. They are casual but appear stylish and come in a variety of lengths. Cropped khaki pants hit at about mid-calf, and capris fall just below the knee. A khaki cropped pant with pointed pumps can make a cute outfit for dressy casual attire.

Jeans: They are the ultimate pants for weekends, or any casual events, since past eras. Comfortable and versatile, they come in a variety of washes and colors that can go with anything in your wardrobe. Popular styles include boot-cut jeans, women's straight leg jeans, and women's low rise jeans. Pairing them with heels or wedges and a loose-fitting blouse or sweater creates a more formal look. To keep jeans casual on the weekend, pair them with flats and a knitted top. They look great with retro styles, cropped jackets, and when teamed with wedge heels. For a weekend look, you can tuck in everything, from a button-down shirt to a white short-sleeved tee.

 Low waist jeans are quite popular amongst men and women alike. High waist jeans were initially introduced for work. Still, with so many variations in their designs and styles, they make cool fashion statements. Create your style statement by wearing your jeans with different accessories, shoes, and tops. Tailored blazers are an excellent choice that will compliment your look.

 Harem: They are long and baggy pants that are caught in the ankle. Initially standing out as part of a belly dancer's wardrobe, they are now seen on the streets as cool casual wear. Belly dancers would wear these pants under skirts or as individual garments. Fabrics for these pants can range from lace, georgette, silk, sheer knits, velvet, etc. These pants are often slit on the sides, sometimes up till the knees or thigh area, and can feature scarves sewed to the belt. If you have long legs, it is advisable to settle for fuller options. Pair your sassy harem pants with cropped tops, and shrugs, or even bodysuits for an evening out or a casual event.

Dress pants: They are an essential part of any woman’s clothing. Black trousers look great when paired with a fitted shirt or a nice cashmere sweater. Don’t limit yourself to black pants; instead, stand out with dress pants in pinstripe, grey, and other light colors. Liven up your dress pants by pairing them with patterned shoes in bright colors. For a more casual look, don’t forget to bring out your cool sneakers.

Velour: If you prefer to lounge the weekends away or just run a few errands in town, velour pants are your go-to wear. They are soft and can be worn year-round, and often come in sets featuring zip-up hoodies. They are also great for working out, so you can comfortably wear them throughout the day before going to the gym or outdoor activity.

Leather: They are a perfect way to show your sex appeal while maintaining the latest fashion statement. It is the tightest design of women's pants that shows your natural curves and makes you confident, sensual, and appealing. Leather pants never run out of fashion and can be teamed with any top in your wardrobe. They look great when paired with contrasting fabrics like denim jackets and feminine shades of color like white, pink, and blue.

Skinny, flared, boot cut and boyfriend jeans are among the different styles of women’s jeans that are available in RebelsMarket. They are made in a universal manner that allows you to team them up with any outfit and accessory. Finish your denim ensemble with a pair of heels or boots to accentuate your legs and make them look longer. Tuck them into flat boots or knee-high heeled boots, or pair them with cute booties to create a long, sleek look.

Stay comfy and look super chic in this fashion-forward society. Stock your wardrobe with different types of pants to rock in various events. Pair your slim fit or wide-legged jeans with edgy tops, and let your statement accessories complete your looks. Revamp your closet by grabbing a few pairs from RebelsMarket.