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About RebelsMarket

RebelsMarket is an online, curated marketplace of unique, edgy and rebellious fashion, home decor & artwork.

We started RebelsMarket as a platform that provides unparalleled access to products, ideas and inspiration for Rebels to express our own unique sense of personal style - and wear it with confidence!

In today's society we are made to believe that we need to follow the crowds to be “Cool”. In order to be accepted, we feel pressure to be the same.

It shouldn’t be this way! As the world is changing and waking up to new ideas, we think it’s the perfect time to be a little bit rebellious. It’s time for us to dare to be Unique and Different.

At RebelsMarket, it is our mission to ensure that we build a community that aligns with who we are. We believe everybody is unique and so are our styles!

RebelsMarket is always looking for new brand ambassadors who share and believe in our mission of being Unique and Different.

Think you're the perfect fit? Fill out our application below.

Benefits of becoming a RebelsMarket Ambassador

1. Get FREE Stuff from RebelsMarket monthly or quarterly depending on how kickass you are.

2. Get Lifetime 30% OFF on exclusive RebelsMarket Partner Brands.

3. Get VIP access to different alternative concerts and festivals in your city.

4. Get extra surprises throughout the year from RebelsMarket.


1. You must live and breathe alternative culture.

2. You must be super active on social media (instagram, facebook, youtube). Always finding ways to promote RebelsMarket.

3. You must have great interest in quality photography (does not have to be professional - as long as you can work your phone like a PRO.. then you good)

4. You must be interested in organizing small events or parties to help promote RebelsMarket brand.

Application & approval Process

1. Fill out the form below.

2. We will review and select applications based on your social media activity, your style as represented on your social media profiles and relevant posts.

3. Once you have been selected, we will get in touch with you and discuss the next steps. We understand every city is different our goal is to find ways to create a plan that works for your city.

Questions? Please contact to get more details and to sign up!

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