Men's Belts & Buckles

Shopping for cool belts and buckles to help bring your urban outfit to life? Perhaps you need some unique, high-quality pieces to complement all your looks. Or maybe you’re after some simple ones that can be switched with the ones you have in your closet?

If you’re in search of unique belts and buckles, look no further than RebelMarket. You can find a great selection of cool items plus other accessories for men. We stock a variety of stylish pants,  cargo shorts, and biker jeans that can match with them. Whether you’re into punk rock fashion, streetwear clothing, or any other alternative genre, we got your fashion needs fully covered. So whether you’re after cool leather belts with studs, quirky belt buckles to add a splash of color, or Victorian style belts to make your outfits pop, RebelsMarket has a variety of options to choose from.


Both sexes have worn belts since the Bronze Age, one of the earliest points of human history. Despite the many changes in design and material across different cultures, the functionality of holding garments has remained. The decorative aspect of belt buckles is as old as the accessory itself, with bigger and more ornate designs symbolizing wealth and power.  That is precisely why craftsmanship for buckles is in high demand even today, and an intricately ornate piece from a big brand house can cost you a lot. Fortunately, the indie fashion houses associated with create buckles as well as belts of high quality and beautiful designs.

How to Shop

Choosing the perfect belt to complement an outfit doesn’t need to be tricky. While belts are both a simple and functional item, they can be so much more than that. A standard black leather belt can go from mainstream to edgy just by pairing it with the perfect outfits or slipping on a cool belt buckle in an interesting design.

If you want to style an outfit, you should first keep your alternative tastes in mind. This way, you have a baseline to work from, and can start building your alternative outfit around this. If you're into punk rock fashion and your wardrobe is filled with graphic printed T-shirts and sleek leather boots, choosing a chunky piece with studs would be a good idea. You can dress it up with a skull-shaped belt buckle, or opt for plain black if studs are all the accessories you’d want to go for.

We also recommend colorful pieces made of cloth and synthetic materials along with the proper accessories from our extensive and diverse collection. RebelsMarket provides you with all the belt and buckle options you're looking for within a cheap and affordable price range. So go ahead and browse our fashion collection.