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About Street Style/Urban Fashion

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Streetwear or Urban style inspired by grassroots fashion – trends that emerge from youth culture and creative, rather than from within designers studios. Streetwear fashion is highly expressive and doesn't focus on fad or movement. There's no particular "look" that defines streetwear fashion – it might vary depending on geographic area, subculture, and other factors. For example, Japanese street style fashion encompasses a huge variety of different fashion movements. Because streetwear is designed to be simple, there is often a focus on comfort – from men's urban clothing, women's urban clothing, men's accessories like flat-soled shoes, slouchy jackets, and women's tees abound. Streetwear is popular among creative people who might make their clothing or repurpose or personalize pieces brought from the high street or found in thrift stores.

Urban clothing and bags are often highly decorated with band logos, political slogans and self-depreciating humor. "Street Style" is often closely watched by coolhunters looking for new ideas to take to the mass-market, and many modern trends had their beginning on the street. Street style photographers comb the streets of the most fashionable cities – New York, Milan, Helsinki, London, Melbourne – to find inspirational real-life fashion to showcase on their sites. Urban clothing is creative, affordable and always wearable, Don't just follow the trend – be the trend.