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Street/Urban Fashion Jeans

Urban/street fashion is a style born of the street, a look that emerges from the neighborhood as opposed to fashion dominated by designers and Wall Street. Urban style speaks to the bold and daring and is an excellent medium to find your statement look. It is always evolving, but there are elements of urban/street style which remain constant. A good pair of urban jeans is an important item in a man’s closet, and, being a hard-wearing fashion item that can last up to five years or more, choosing the right pair requires a bit of thought.

If the time has come to buy a new pair, you don’t need to go through tedious checking. RebelsMarket has created a guide for you to sort through the best streetwear jeans for men and find the right pair for your body type and personal style to ease the process and help speed up your purchasing decisions. 

Factors to consider when shopping for urban jeans online

There are an array of styles to choose from when buying a new pair of jeans. It is essential to go for an ideal pair that brings out your fashion statement look. Find the perfect streetwear jeans for you using the following tips:

Types of jeans to shop for

Choose a pair of urban jeans that fit your body type. This is in terms of keeping the body proportions right and also having a comfortable pair. Here are a variety of jeans to choose from:

Skinny- For a slim guy, shop for a skinny or slim pair with a low rise. This type of jeans provides a tighter fit due to a taper down to the hem. You are, therefore, able to keep your legs in proportion to the body. 

Straight- Straight jeans have the same width all through and are perfect for an all-around shape. If you have a larger build, go for a looser fit and a high rise. You can also shop for a pair with an even leg from the waistband to the hem and a straight cut. Loose jeans offer more comfortable giving you a relaxed look.

Slim- A slim pair is usually narrow at the thighs and hem and straight down the hips. A muscular or athletic body can opt for a slim or straight fit to complement the body shape while providing room for movement.  

Bootcut- This type of jeans tapers at the knee and broadens toward the hem. The tightness around the thigh area and flaring below the knee is to help balance the silhouette. This is ideal for those with a larger build.

Tapered- They are wider at the top but narrower at the bottom. Tapered jeans are a perfect fit for a guy with a muscular body. 

Urban jeans style to shop for online

When buying jeans, another major factor you need to consider is your style. Choose a pair that is not only comfortable but also integrates into your style and wardrobe. Here are a few styles you can choose from.

Distressed- If there’s a way to achieve the lived-in look, it must be with a pair of distressed jeans. Nothing beats this pair, especially when going for that edgy streetwear look. Distressed is perfect for a laid-back vibe that is casually slashed to perfection. Choose from dark to light washes and style it with a simple graphic tee and a pair of casual urban shoes to complete your look.  

Ripped- They are incredibly versatile and can add an instant edge to everything in your closet. Pair tapered, ripped jeans with your favorite white t-shirt and sneakers for a casual look. If you are going for a bohemian outfit, wear your jeans with cool boots for men and a statement scarf. You can also style heavily ripped jeans with a moto black leather jacket and a cool streetwear zip up hoodie for a rebellious look. For slightly ripped jeans, pair them with a t-shirt and a bomber jacket. While ripped jeans are a grunge style icon, they are versatile and can be worn with cool pieces like leather boots and peacoats. 

Patched- This style adds character to the look. Create your next look with a range of patch jeans: from frayed hems, strategic fading, and repaired tears, to mended backing. They take your style to the next level, with cool designs and different colors from different prints. Pair these jeans with a printed tee and white sneakers. For a summer vibe, add leather sandals to this look, with round-framed alternative sunglasses.

Budget-friendly urban jeans to purchase

Now that you know your fit and the style that you prefer for your jeans, here are some final tips before you make the order:

A good quality pair of jeans will serve you for years, as a result, it’s worth the investment to get the right pair to suit your budget.

It’s good to have at least one light classic washed pair of jeans in your wardrobe because it will be a handy closet staple.

Lastly, a dark blue pair of urban jeans is the most versatile color when matching with other statement pieces, make sure to have at least one in your closet.

With these guides, you can go crazy on street jeans. Don’t forget to experiment with other styles as well, it might be the fashion statement you have been looking for. Are you looking for the best place to shop for high-quality jeans? Look no further than RebelsMarket. Our online store is guaranteed to cater to your clothing needs. We offer affordable prices to all our alternative customers. Shop today and get 10% OFF your first purchase.