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So, what is RebelsMarket?

RebelsMarket is an online, curated marketplace of unique, edgy and rebellious products.

We were founded in 2012 by a group of rebels wanting to break free from the norm of boring mall clothing stores. We couldn’t find a one-stop shop that helped us express ourselves and our looks, so we created RebelsMarket - a site that celebrates our attitudes and provides the clothing, jewelry, and items we want in order to show off our unique tastes.

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What styles do you carry?

We’re here to help you express yourself the way you want to.

We have grown to over 5,000 independent stores, all of them selected because they want to help celebrate that lifestyle and bring you the most badass products. Whether you identify as punk, raver, rockabilly, steampunk, surfer, skater, metal head - or you don’t want to be labeled

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Who can sell on RebelsMarket?

Our stores are exclusive businesses who offer unique, edgy and rebellious styles. Right qoute

We welcome manufacturers and retailers who list high quality products designed specially for the fashion rebel. You can find more info on opening up your own store on RebelsMarket here.

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“Our Story”

RebelsMarket was born out of a desire to expand beyond the mainstream.
We want to reach others tired of the same old clothes and cookie-cutter accessories.

When everyone else was wearing t-shirts and jeans, we were wearing leather and chains. While other people were tying their shoes, we were lacing up our boots and corsets. RebelsMarket was born out of a desire to expand beyond the mainstream. We want to reach others tired of the same old clothes and cookie-cutter accessories.

Our CEO, James, grew up struggling to find shops or websites selling the awesome styles he saw people wearing at clubs, shows, skate parks and tattoo conventions. A few stores specialized in one subgenre, or carried mainstream labels, but he couldn’t find anywhere to shop goth, punk, steampunk, and skate styles all in one place, all while supporting independent and mainstream brands.

His friends, their friends, and their friends’ friends started asking where they could find and buy the items he was posting, so eventually he tracked down each product and sent off the links.

Over time, he realized he was great at curating alternative, unique products that counterculture genres enjoyed, but it was getting too time consuming to search the internet for them and use Facebook as a communication tool.

So RebelsMarket was born, and it’s now the largest collection of edgy, underground products from independent sellers on the internet. At RebelsMarket, our mission is to build a global brand and socially driven community that thrives on individuality.

We want to be the go-to place where you find fashion items that stand out and make you feel like yourself. We want you to follow your passions and use our products as an outlet and expression of your lifestyle. We want you to party hard, go to shows, and create art while looking and feeling totally badass. We want you to be you. Be Unique. Be Yourself. Be a fashion Rebel.