Men's Street/Urban Fashion Shorts & Capris

Men’s urban shorts are an all-season outfit. Whether you’re going for a baseball match, looking for a summer urban outfit, spending time at the beach with family, having a lunch date with the boys, or hosting a barbeque, I guarantee there’s always going to be someone wearing fashionable shorts.

Difference between men’s street style shorts and capris

Distinguishing between a short and capris is as easy as one two three. Capris are usually longer than the standard length of a short. They come down between the knee and the calf and cover three-quarters of your body from your waist. Street fashion shorts are not as long and can extend up to the knees. They can also be shorter.

Men’s urban shorts options to go for when shopping online

As you plan to shop for this look, here are some trendy short options to consider when buying;

1. Capris

Capris are perfect for any occasion; casual, formal, or semi-casual events. This makes it easy for them to double up in all these ways, a relaxed style when running errands, or as gym wear. They can be paired with a jacket and streetwear. Pair with a mandarin polo t-shirt and a black and white alt jacket. Add some black leather loafers, and you would have managed to pull off a casual look. You’re welcome to switch things up to rock this style in many ways.

2. Urban cargo shorts

Initially designed for military purposes, these street style shorts for men are made of durable and sturdy material. They have an excellent pocket design that allows you to carry your wallet and phone with ease. There are various designs, from slim fit, army cargo, solid, and camouflage cargo, with all of them coming in many colors and designs. You can style this look by picking a navy blue cargo short and matching it with a grey v-neck slim-fit t-shirt. Slightly tuck in the t-shirt and add a grommet leather belt to accentuate this look. Finish the look with a pair of white sneakers.

3. Casual shorts

As the name suggests, these are comfortable urban style shorts. They are cozy and fit for any outdoor activity. They can be worn interchangeably in summer, autumn, and even spring, depending on how you style them. They come in many designs; striped, checkered, linen, plain colors, baggy, and even pastel. Pair it with a cool tank tops for men or a short-sleeved loose t-shirt. You can also opt for a leather slide open-toe shoe and ccessorize with a classic watch or a cap. 

4. Hip-hop shorts

Hip-hop for men are an African-American dressing characterized by baggy wear. These shorts are trendy and a favorite for most people. They give you a punk look and bring out that 1990’s style. This look goes well with hoodies or sweatshirts that  bring out the sophistry of your outfit. You can add a pair of loafers or simple casual shoes. Add a hip-hop baseball cap to give you a voguish taste. 

5. Jean shorts

What’s not to love about urban jean shorts for men? I bet you can’t find a reason, right? This versatile look is guaranteed to give you an effortless time styling while making bold, fashionable statements with your short. They can blend well with literally everything if styled appropriately, so never shy from trying this look. Try pairing your urban jean shorts with a cool sweaters for a clean dapper look. Add a fancy pair of socks to bring this style to life. 

Urban shorts for men are not a thing of the past. Men across the globe are shopping for this look each day due to their versatile nature. Don’t be left behind while the world is moving on fashion-wise. Don’t wait for the last-minute rush to update your closet. Shop these styles at RebelsMarket today and get a 10% discount if you are a first-time shopper!


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