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Urban Fashion Jewelry

Complete your streetwear clothing with on-trend urban fashion jewelry in a wide range of options. No matter your style or preference, find affordable accessories to take your look to the next level! Urban jewelry is a great wardrobe essential to any alternative lover who desires to add some ‘extra’ touch to their outfits. Choose from our handpicked collection of suitable streetwear jewelry to spice up your look and show the streets the best of your style. Every piece is made with keen attention to detail and made of high-quality materials like gold, stainless steel, and titanium.

Shop from our latest collection of cheap urban jewelry; we carry exclusive urban earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, cufflinks to add detail to your everyday attire. Whether you are buying rock accessories from our collection of punk rock jewelry to complete your punk garb, or prefer skull pieces, accentuate your outfit with modish accessories. Perhaps you are looking for vintage jewelry to take you back in time to when bell bottoms ruled the day. Your choice of urban style jewelry depends on your preference, and we will provide you with exclusivity and comfort, whether you are going back in time or trying out modern designs.

The origins of streetwear stem from the skate culture and California bays and slowly pick up in hip-hop fashion, high fashion, and haute couture. Every culture seems to have a feel of street fashion, especially in trend fashion jewelry and tattoo style. So whether you are going for grunge-inspired jewelry or staying true to the streets, RebelsMarket makes it easy for you to find the ideal accent piece for your outfit. Update your formal or casual wear with unique men’s and women’s urban jewelry from our online store today. 

Things to note when shopping for urban jewelry online 

The accessories come in different material forms to offer you a wide range of options to go for. Find sterling silver urban earrings in different designs like the spark plug or the bamboo stud earrings. We also have titanium steel earrings from the Dark Forest collection to complement a dark look. Check out our edgy collection of urban cufflinks in silver material to go with formal men’s urban clothing. From stainless steel to gold and steel, we have a comprehensive collection to browse through and find the ideal accessory to carry home with you.

Are you looking for different patterns when shopping for urban design jewelry? Our selection carries accessories designed in intricate details, from engravings, embroidery, and chains to crystals. Shop for a street chain necklace with a cassette tape pendant or mini headphones to pair with casual wear. The streetwear chains also feature skeletons, skull heads, wooden beads, urban crystal pendants, and leather chokers to incorporate into women’s urban clothing. Find your preferred streetwear chains with blades, barbed wire, and smiley designs to style your everyday look confidently. 

You can also go for quality when buying designer jewelry. Take a look at our collection of urban rings for intricate designs to invoke mystic appeals. From antique skull designs to modern-day woven patterns, quality will matter when settling for the perfect streetwear ring. Shop for an urban necklace with classic gold or silver designs from the jewelry section. Aim for comfort as you select from double-layered urban chain jewelry or single layers. Whatever your pick, we have your fit!

If you are looking for something unique other than metal, peruse through our selection of street-inspired bracelets for leather pieces or beaded accessories. From handmade faux leather to genuine braided leather, you can not miss out on one or two urban bracelets that match your style. The leather bracelets come as a single ornament or in layers and chunks, so choose from our collection a worthy staple you can show off while still maintaining your looks. Also, shop from our urban bangles section, we offer gold-plated cuffs and designer resin patterns. Find your style when you browse today and complete your outfits with an extra touch.

Store your newly acquired staples in a jewelry box to avoid exposure to too much sunlight and maintain the quality. Not only will you decorate your home but also keep the jewelry in check to last you longer. Invest in high-quality urban bling jewelry that will still look chic many years to come. It is important to aim for quality and not quantity. Secure your alternative wardrobe with street-worthy items that will earn you compliments wherever you go.

There is an accessory for every occasion, from a formal work or event look, to styling a casual outfit for a party or day at the beach. Find unique urban jewelry for women to compliment a floral mini dress or a sexy bodycon skirt for a work outfit. Men’s streetwear jewelry also carries sturdy accessories that would pair well with any garb, be it khakis or skinny jeans. Upgrade your wardrobe today, and don’t forget to impress the streets with new jewelry. Shop today and get 10% OFF your first purchase, as well as worldwide shipping.