Urban Earrings

Affordable urban earrings are up for grabs when you shop at RebelsMarket. Let us cater to your needs and update your urban-style jewelry collection with a wide variety of options to shop for. We have colorful women’s urban earrings to spice up your look and statement men’s urban earrings to give you some edge. Whether your preference is a chunky accessory or tiny studs, style your urban clothing with our collection and get noticed when you step out. Add some mystique appeal to your sense of style with the latest jewelry from our online store. 

Streetwear earrings are among the must-have staples for every wardrobe, just like a streetwear chains or ring. They are also unisex jewelry that both men and women can adorn. When chosen well, these streetwear accessories can enhance your best features, add color, and match your personality. Browse through our trendy selection of handpicked urban stud earrings chosen from several alternative stores worldwide and be as unique as the staple! Find the ideal accessory to style on any occasion and whatever the season.

As you pick your earrings, there are factors that you need to consider, such as the quality of the jewelry, what materials you are sensitive to, and what accessory will compliment your outfit more. RebelsMarket provides you with a comprehensive guide on shopping for the perfect men’s and women’s streetwear earrings you can wear all year round and style your look with. So make your purchase today considering the following tips.

Common mistakes to avoid when shopping for urban earrings

Shop for urban earrings that would match your face shape. It is important to note that a good pair will compliment the shape of your face and, therefore, enhance your overall outfit. An oval-shaped face would make a striking look with oval dangle urban earrings, drawing attention to the elongated face shape. On the other hand, long geometric drop earrings are a great choice for round-shaped faces as they have fewer details and will bring out the elegance of the design. Create a feminine look with the accessory paired with a floral urban dress for a chic summer look.

Heart-shaped faces can look gorgeous with jewelry designed in beautiful lines and curves, such as urban snake earrings. Style a casual look with a graphic women’s urban tank top complemented with skinny jeans and sneakers. Hoop earrings with elongated patterns are a matching fit for square-shaped faces. You can go for oversized chunky streetwear earrings and incorporate them into a casual women’s urban pants and mesh crop top outfit. Finish off the daring look with platforms and add a bucket hat for a baddie vibe.

Shop for urban male earrings that are less sensitive to the skin. If you experience allergic reactions to certain types of metals, it is advisable to go for hypoallergenic earrings that are nickel-free. Buy from our collection titanium or plastic jewelry that is durable, comfortable, and would still look great on you. You can also shop for sterling silver urban earrings or choose unique gold earrings in intricate engraving. Pair the pieces with urban shorts in prints and zippers to achieve a summer look. Incorporate a fitting men’s urban shirt to the laid-back outfit and a pair of sturdy sneakers to match a casual outdo.

If you are looking for detailed accessories, check out our novelty collection in various designs, like skull earrings, antique screw designs, claws, and crosses. We have a wide range of options that would pair well with a chunky urban ring and effortlessly add style to a formal or casual outfit. We have stainless steel earrings, like the antique claw designs from the Dark Forest collection, and a pair of sterling silver hoop patterns from Vintage punk that you may add to your jewelry collection.

Also, consider shopping for your ideal pair according to the occasion. Urban silver earrings would fit a formal occasion and complement a black-themed look. If you are going for a semi-formal outfit, you can pair silver studs with an urban polo shirt and formal pants. On the other hand, gold is a great choice when trying out casual attire. Shop for chain earrings and style with distressed men’s streetwear jeans and a printed t-shirt. It all depends on how you style your look, the outfit colors you are going for, and how to balance your fashion sense and personality. 

Buy from our online store the latest urban earring designs to add to your alternative wardrobe. We offer an exclusive collection for both men and women to accessorize urban clothing. Display your love for elegance and shimmer through our jewelry and revamp your looks even when rocking a basic outfit. Browse through the section today and boost your sense of style! Get 10% OFF on the first order and receive your jewelry wherever you are because we ship worldwide. 


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