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Women’s Urban Dresses

Are you searching to find a perfect outfit you can wear all year round? Shop for an urban dress for women at RebelsMarket and experience trendy looks to add to your wardrobe. From velvet dresses you can wear to parties to beautifully crafted satin dresses that will drape softly on your body as you head out to date, RebelsMarket has these and more at affordable prices. 

Our outfits are carefully handpicked to bring you a worthy style every moment you look at yourself in the mirror. Take a look at our wide range of alternative women's dresses you can adorn yourself in.

You can consider investing in urban dresses for an everyday wardrobe look. If you are going for a look that won't conflict with all four seasons of the year, be sure to find a dress outfit. You can style your dress with a streetwear jacket women and rock the different seasons stress-free.

With urban dresses, you can simply define it as a modern kind of clothing that keeps changing from time to time. We have different versions of these dresses on release all the time. Whether you will want casual or office wear, you can simply style your dress for the occasion.

Shopping considerations for urban dresses

With so many optional styles and sizes on release by designers and brands now and then, it is always a good idea to find out more about the size you want your attire to come in.

Be sure to confirm the length of the dress you want. If you are conservative with your attire, whether religious or prefer the cloth past the knee, you can buy an alternative midi dress. We have most of the dresses in different lengths. Whether you will want a high-low or animal-printed dress, you can find one that will work well for you.

If you are into perfect-fit attires, you can shop for a butterfly sleeve bodycon dress that will grip your body well, showing off every inch of your beautiful feminine features. The dress can flatter one's physical appearance, making you look gorgeous. Are you a plus-size woman running out of style? We are introducing a bunch of our plus-size urban dresses that you can dress pretty in.

You can also consider the pattern you want your dress to come in. If you love bold print features on your clothes, you can shop for a bishop sleeve button-down polka dot dress that can be accentuated with a vintage-inspired necklace that is almost of the same color as your dress, creating a beautiful monochromatic color.

If you love sexy, short clothes that expose a little bit of skin, we have you sorted with urban flare mini dresses. You can decide to wear the dress with shorts beneath if it's tiny or wears them with light stockings to give you a killer look. The dress will be an ideal look for both petite and plus-size women.

Shopping according to seasons

If you are experiencing the winter period but still want to look good, we have in stock many urban sweater dresses that you can style yourself in. You can wear the dress for a sassy look and also to keep yourself warm. Our dresses come in different colors. Whether you will want solid or multi-colored options, we have plenty for you to consider and choose from.

Invest in a summer dress if you are willing to go through the summer season in a style that is unique on its own. You can opt for a more appealing look with a slip dress that will give you a chic look and also be amazingly favorable to your body due to the hot steamy environment.

Urban dresses to shop for online

If you are looking for an outfit you can wear to an interview, consider shopping for a plaid urban dress. Given that you might be searching for the appropriate clothing type that won't draw a lot of attention while entering an interview room, then the dress will be ideal wear. Pair the dress with an urban coat for an impressive look.

Hoping to find a bubbly printed dress that compliments nature? Then shop for a floral dress that will look beautiful, with all the flowery details attached to the dress. You can surely find happiness in these fantastic pieces because flowers never disappoint in a woman's world. Whether you want the dress in a skater or long-sleeved, be sure to find one from our collection. If you are big on accessories, consider adding an urban watch to your look.

Experience the free spirit of the '60s and '70s with our urban boho dresses. You can experience this feel-good clothing that you can wear to a picnic or even to the park as you read your favorite novel or scroll through your phone. Whether you love them in maxi or wrap dresses, we have them in unique, gorgeous, and stylish designs. Rock the boho look with vintage-inspired sunglasses and unique women's boots for a well-put style.

If you are going for a classical look, an urban vintage dress will be ideal for you. The old fashion style of clothing seems to be popular among fashion eyes, and with new styles being released, you can hop in one on the trend by adding them to your cart. Going for a business meeting and looking for ways you can style the dress? Then consider accessorizing it with vintage-inspired belts for a complementary look.

You can shop for a v-neck dress that looks good on both plus and petite women. If you have a short neck, the dress will elongate the neck's length. If your shoulders are broad, the dress will magically work its way to narrow the shoulders' width down. Investing in the dress can be a good thing because who wouldn't want a dress to give them a good look when worn? You can style the dress with alternative high heels for women as you go on with your daily activities.

RebelsMarket is the place for you to be. We have made your shopping easy to handle with our beautiful affordable dresses online. Feel free to browse through our online store for more of our outfits ranging from knitted to ruffle asymmetric print dresses that you can select from our affordable collection. 

Shop with us and experience a whole new set of different clothes that you can add to your closet for a look that's worth it. We are bringing you alternative outfits that will give you the look you are hoping to create. Get 10% OFF your first purchase. Worldwide shipping is available.