Women's Street Jackets

The streets are about to be blown away when you purchase a women’s street jacket to add to your wardrobe from RebelsMarket. It may seem like high-end fashion is the only way to be stylish in today’s world, even when it comes to a genre such as urban fashion clothing for women. Urban style is a way for people to express themselves. The point is to dress like you and what you believe in. The big brands seem to tell us what to wear these days at the expense of originality. 

However, at RebelsMarket, there exist suitable and fashionable alternatives in street fashion clothing, and we all know that an urban fashion look isn’t complete without women’s urban jackets. As a hip-hop fan, rock the streets in a fashion that takes it back to the classic days when Jada and Tupac were close, when Eve and Missy Elliot ran the game, and when it was all about east side versus westside. Skater fans, you’re not left out, too; after all, skating is done on the streets, so why not do it in style. Add a bit of spice and get yourself one of our Japanese street fashion jackets. 

Purchase women’s urban jackets and become part of a style and culture that is classic and growing ever-popular by the day. From leather, bomber, winter, denim to motorcycle jackets, RebelsMarket has these and more. We also have studded and kimono jackets that you can rock on any occasion. A black leather jacket would go well with an urban women’s tank tops

A red jacket matches with urban fashion pants. The quality and range of items will leave you spoilt for choice. Make it a complete streetwear look by adding street fashion shoes for women

If that’s too much street for you, not to worry, it is possible to add other styles to the mix. For instance, you could pair a red women’s jacket with punk rock clothing such as punk rock pants. Add color to your selection by choosing from our range of kawaii clothes.

RebelsMarket’s range of quality and affordable street-style jackets for women are a cut above other brands. So how does one go about finding the right item that suits them? Read on for tips on what to look out for to ease your shopping experience online. 

Pointers to keep in mind when shopping for urban jackets online

The Material

Missy Elliot is known for her striking looks and a jacket topped off every look. From her work in ‘Work it,’ to ‘Gossip Folks,’ to ‘The Rain.’ A vital fabric that is featured in her wear is polyester. Polyester has many advantages as its fibers are durable and lightweight, and dry very quickly, making it ideal for outerwear. Polyester is easy to clean as it is resistant to stains. It is also resistant to wrinkles and maintains its shape. Get the best out of polyester-made urban fashion jackets by matching them with our women’s streetwear high waist pants.

When Eve pulled up in a quad bike, in her song, ‘Let me blow ya Mind’ with Gwen Stephani, she did it in a leather jacket, and yes, you could see her paw print tattoos were visible for everyone to see. That look and song were so iconic, and it is considered a classic to this day. Leather is an extremely durable material. It is easy to clean and comfortable to wear. The leather jacket is breathable and water-resistant. Match high-waist denim jeans with a black leather jacket mix, and you’re ready to rock the streets looking trendy and edgy. 

Denim is another common material used. The reason denim is popular is that it is, among other things, low maintenance. Denim is easy to clean and wrinkle resistant. Not only is it strong and durable, but it is also comfortable to wear and goes along with many different styles. That’s why Jada Pinket Smith thought it was a good idea to use denim as a headwrap. We can only hope it wasn’t entangled with her hair in August. Black goth dresses are a good match for a street denim jacket. 

There are also cotton and acrylic jackets that are excellent for comfort, nonreactive to the skin, and keep you warm. Pair street jackets with steampunk tops for women to stand out from the crowd.

How you can wear your jacket for different seasons

In the cold winter months, consider wearing a  winter jacket for women along with urban scarves that are sure to keep you snug and warm. Another jacket perfect for winter is the urban leather, as it ensures that you are protected from the elements of harsh weather. Match it with punk hoodies to keep out the cold and still look stylish. 

Denim goes well in the summer and spring seasons. With their lightweight and classic look, you are sure to look your best. Add a few accessories such as street fashion sunglasses and urban handbags to look unstoppable. Kimono and transparent jackets are also a good choice in warm weather because they are lightweight and add spice in a way most other jackets can’t. Pair them with women’s alternative boots for an edgy, fashionable look.

So there you have it! The tips mentioned above are sure to help you out when shopping. Choose lightweight jackets in warm weather and heavy material in cold weather. Be sure that the material you choose is to your liking and of quality. It is also essential to make sure that you choose the right fit for each jacket you wear. Look at the product description as you purchase it. 

Shop at RebelsMarket for cool street jackets for women to style your alternative look. Our street style collection is curated from various brands around the globe, bringing you unique jackets to match your taste. Our urban jackets are available at affordable prices, meaning that you can shop for more products even on a budget. Browse through our selection today and enjoy 10% Off your first buy. Worldwide shipping available!


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