Women’s Streetwear Jeans

Are you looking for high-quality jeans that are an alternative to high-end fashion brands? Then look no further than streetwear jeans for women at RebelsMarket. The modern woman expresses herself unapologetically, and with this collection of streetwear, she can do so while being gorgeous. Take the streets by storm while rocking our catalog of women’s streetwear clothing today.

Whether you are a fan of alternative fashion or just looking to add a bit of spice to your closet, these jeans are for you. RebelsMarket collection of urban jeans have been curated from different brands across the globe to ensure that you have an array of quality choices to choose from. Experience online shopping like none other as you browse through our catalog of women's denim jeans.

Street fashion emerged from grassroots streetwear and is generally associated with youth culture, often seen in major urban centers. Streetwear developed from hip-hop fashion and skater culture and has added different elements, including punk fashion and Japanese streetwear along the way. Our collection of street-style jeans honors these grassroots by maintaining the originality and counterculture that it came from.

Top five jeans every lady should own

The commitment we have towards satisfying your needs drives us to bring only the edgiest designs to you. It is also essential to have jeans that flatter your body and add a dynamic of elegance to your look. For this reason, you must choose a pair of urban jeans that fit your body type in terms of keeping the body proportions right and also having a comfortable pair. Here are a variety of jeans to choose from:

Skinny jeans are an excellent addition to your wardrobe. Although the name may suggest it, these jeans don’t make you look skinny. They may have the opposite effect of making you look bigger. However, this doesn’t stop you from rocking them as they are form-fitting and are gorgeous. They provide a tighter fit due to them being straight, and they cling to the ankle. This fit allows the jeans to highlight your beautiful curves. Moreover, they bring out the feminine beauty of a woman’s body in an attractive way. Flaunt what you got with our incredible streetwear skinny jeans when paired with our delightful women’s urban tank tops

There is often confusion when choosing between skinny and slim fit. The significant difference between slim fits and the following type in terms of size is that slim fits have a tapered leg design while skinny’s are straight and cling to the ankle. Slim-fit jeans are tight at the hips and thighs but are looser around the legs.

Urban slim-fit jeans are an exciting addition to have in your wardrobe. Our impressive collection of slim-fits come in various aesthetics. There are distressed jeans that are very edgy given their ‘lived in’ appearance. Other jeans are flared and ripped, making them a fantastic choice in adding a bit of style to your look. Rock your distressed urban jeans with a women’s urban top for an incredible look.

If you are looking for well-fitting jeans that are proportional to your body, then straight jeans make an excellent choice.  Straight pieces have the same width all through and are perfect for an all-around shape. If you have a large build, go for a looser fit and a high rise; alternatively, you can go for those with an even leg from the waist to the hem. Loose jeans offer more comfort giving you a relaxed look. Enjoy your urban piece with a women’s punk jacket for a fantastic look. 

Boot cut 
Boot cut jeans are a unique piece that offers a dynamic look, given that they narrow above the knee and widen as you go down. The pieces have a tight hold around the thigh area and flaring below the knee that helps create a level outline of the body, making it ideal for those with a larger build. Boot cuts are also referred to as wide-leg jeans. Our collection features edgy designs such as wide-leg ripped jeans that offer a distinctive look. Complete your look by pairing them with alternative women’s sandals for a lovely touch.

High waist
High-waisted jeans, also known as high-rise, are an excellent option to have in your closet. When worn correctly, high-rise jeans are a plus and can do wonders to make you look instantly thinner.  It works because a well-fitting, higher-rise jean elongates the lower body, tricking the eye into seeing a more lean version. Get your streetwear high waist jeans and rock them with a street fashion sweater for an exciting look.

At this point, you’re probably wondering how you will complete your look. An essential part of your look is your accessories; check out our lovely street fashion jewelry that adds a fresh aesthetic to your outfit. You are only limited by your creativity and imagination when it comes to our street-style jeans. So go ahead and give them a try today. If you need more insights on streetwear, then check our blog on streetwear origins and how to wear it.

Enjoy distinctively cool streetwear jeans for women to style your alternative look. Our street style collection is curated from various brands worldwide, bringing you unique pieces to suit your needs. Our urban jeans are available at affordable prices, meaning that you can shop for more products even on a budget. Please browse through our selection today and enjoy 10% Off your first buy. Worldwide shipping available!



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