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Urban Sunglasses

Are you ready to take your outfit to the next level? Then try out our fantastic urban sunglasses from RebelsMarket. Our collection offers affordable alternatives to mainstream fashion with the added advantage of being unique, ensuring that you have a one-of-a-kind look. Transform your wardrobe today with our unmatched catalog of urban sunglasses for a wholesome style. 

Streetwear fashion is a vibrant and expressive style. The style came into prominence with the youth living in cities wearing clothes that defined their way of life. The style went global and has evolved into one of the most exciting in the world. We strive to stay true to the ideals of urban fashion with our incredible designs coupled with the quality of finishing, which leads to your satisfaction.

Edgy is an understatement when it comes to our curation of streetwear sunglasses. This collection of eyewear is suited for both men and women making them very versatile. Speaking of versatility, these pieces are designed to go with a range of outfits beyond urban fashion. Punk fashion is an example of a style that gels exceedingly with our urban eyewear, given their similar aesthetics, such as eccentric designs and vivid use of color.

Some of the designs that we feature have been inspired by vintage aesthetics, making them a perfect choice when pairing them with vintage fashion. In a quest to improve the diversity and distinctiveness of our collection, inspiration has also been sought out in out-of-this-world styles like those found in steampunk fashion. This inspiration ensures that you have your pick of the litter when styling your alternative fashion look.

How to pick the right urban sunglasses for you

Sunglasses are handy as they protect you from the rays of the sun that can be damaging when you’re exposed to the sun for long. Another essential use is that they prevent wrinkles as they prevent you from squinting. Above that, they make you look good. Picking the right pair for you can be a challenging prospect. 

Often, advice and suggestions on finding the right pair mainly focus on the shape of the face. However, we don’t all fit into specific shapes as our features are different. Selecting the right pair of street-style sunglasses is more to do with size and proportions. For instance, if you have a heart-shaped face with a narrow chin, then our range of round sunglasses is the perfect fit for you. Check out our excellent metal frame round sunglasses that go well with an urban dress. Guys are in no way left out as our round urban glasses are well suited for them. The glasses make for a great look when paired with our alternative pants for men.

If you have the distance between your forehead and chin is a bit lengthy, with narrow cheeks and chin, which is often referred to as an oblong shape, then oversized or wide frames are the ones suitable for you. We recommend that ladies choose our oversized rimless sunglasses in a range of colors, from blue to brown, and pairing them with our urban tank tops for women. Guys can keep up with a popular frame like aviator sunglasses that are always a fantastic option to have. Pair your wide aviator sunglasses with our men’s urban shirts for a crisp look. It would be best if you avoided frames that are too narrow for your face. For those who have a balanced forehead, cheekbone, and jaw that appear similar to an oval shape, any shape of sunglasses would go well. Spice up your look with our polarized hand-made sunglasses that would look good when complemented with other pieces from our catalog of streetwear accessories

When it came to those with expansive foreheads and defined jawlines that lead you to have an overall square shape, you can choose between round, oval, or cat-eye sunglasses. Select our exciting range of cat-eyed sunglasses that will undoubtedly add flair to your look, given the edginess of the design.

Suppose you have full cheekbones with a narrow forehead and narrow jaw that mimics a round shape, then wide rectangular or square frames are the way to go. It would be best if you avoided round frames because being a wider frame makes a wider face look slimmer. A good choice is our square sunglasses with a wooden frame that makes for a fresh look. Consider adding edgy masks to your pick of polarized sunglasses for a safe and ultra-cool look with streetwear masks.

If you feel adventurous, then we have eyewear in unique shapes such as trendy polygon sunglasses that are exceptional in their design and go well with current wear on the urban fashion scene. To add a dash of urban to your outfit, go on to pair these glasses with slick urban bags that are sure to make you look fabulous.

There is also a selection of futuristic sunglasses that are sure to steal the attention of those around you, given their range in shapes and finishing. There are futuristic rectangle sunglasses that are exceedingly cool. The only pair that can rival their coolness is futuristic clear eyewear.  These pieces represent the new frontier of street fashion eyewear. 

To gain more insights into the origins of this style and better understand where it is heading, check out our blog on streetwear origins. A helpful tip when selecting sunglasses is to confirm the sizes of the glasses as the measurements are given. Be sure to compare the measurements to what you may already have in your wardrobe, or take a measurement of your face to be on the safe side.  

No one will stand in your way in urban sunglasses that are sure to meet your alternative needs. Add to your wardrobe by going through our comprehensive collection of urban eyewear that caters to a wide range of customers. Shop with us today and get 10% OFF your first buy. Worldwide shipping available!