Men’s Urban Polo Shirts

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Polo shirts have come a long way, from the tennis court to a cool guy’s go-to wear. Up to date, the polo has managed to maintain its staying power and is worn by everyone from rap moguls in concerts to presidents on the golf course. Men’s urban polo shirts are now considered an essential item in streetwear fashion for anyone who would like to look effortlessly neat. It is for the easy-going guys who want to dress for a casual setting or a smarter occasion. Add a sense of fashion to your wardrobe by shopping for polos.

With their universality in men’s street clothing, urban-inspired polo shirts are slowly taking over men’s streetwear wardrobe, with stylish looks and detailed finishing. Lying between a dress shirt and a tee, urban fashion polo shirts are the ideal staple for many events that are neither formal nor outright casual. Polos are a perfect garb for spring first dates and backyard BBQs, with a fusion of class and a chilled vibe.

Despite the name which it’s known for, the street-style polo shirt did not emerge from royalty, but the game of tennis. Back in the days, tennis players had a get-up consisting of flannel trousers, a dress shirt in thick fabric, and a tie, which proved cumbersome. Modifications were made to the piece by the seven-time Grand Slam winner Rene’ Lacoste. 

One common modification was the reptilian logo which was seen in his original designs. Soon enough, the garment had both comfort and style and was picked up by other sportsmen like polo players. It proved to be more suitable for polo games, and even tennis players started referring to it as a ‘polo shirt.’ And now, it has proven as worthy clothing for a high fashion clothing look or anyone who would like to take on a minimalist style.

Everything you need to know about polo shirts

When wearing a streetwear polo shirt, you have to nail the fit. If you are shopping for a piece, the sleeves should be about midway down your bicep and not longer than your upper arm. The garment should be long enough to tuck it in and short enough to be paired with street joggers and worn untucked. Generally, the polo should be fitting but not too tight. A short-sleeved shirt should be loose enough to fit a couple of fingers under the sleeves.

The shirt comes in two kinds of fabric; pique and jersey. Pique is the original fabric of a polo, knitted in a woven pattern giving it a textured surface. The edge of the sleeves ends in a ribbed band and is formal and more professional in terms of substance and structure. Jersey, on the other hand, is made of the same fabric in t-shirts. It has a smooth, stretchy, and soft feel. The fabric is lightweight, and the sleeves tend to end in a simple hem, hence considered the casual urban polo shirt. Piques are an ideal fit for occasions that are a notch up in formality. 

It is easy to pull off a summer urban shirt on different occasions, from a classy day at the races to a chilled time at the beach. It all depends on how it is styled and worn. If you are going for a casual occasion, shop for a short-sleeved slim-fit polo in a solid color and style with fitting urban-style jeans and sneakers. Looking for patterns? How about you choose a printed urban shirt with various prints like a letter design or a small logo print. You can also shop for a graphic polo shirt with outrageous inks such as lemon prints and the scrawl. Go for an easy look layered with a urban jacket men's in denim or leather.

Perhaps you prefer long-sleeved urban polo shirts. We have various designs that you can style with a street coat during the winter season. Explore our various designs like two-tone shirts in contrasting colors. You can also get them in solid colors, like a grey stand-down collar piece with a false pocket. Shop for the preferred piece that you can accessorize with an urban fashion bracelet detailed in a chunky leather finish. 

Also, shop for polo pieces that fit business occasions and are stylish enough for a day of horse racing. Discover amazing garments such as turn-down collar urban garments in multi colors and button designs. How about you go for an embroidered shirt that is classy enough to be styled with a pair of fitting men’s urban pants and dress shoes. We also feature pocket urban polo pieces, ranging from small designer pockets to multi-pockets. 

Dressed up or down, polo streetwear outfits are worthy get-ups to include in your alternative wardrobe. Stand out looking edgy and casual enough to kill the seriousness. Explore our collections of urban polo shirts for sale to be part of the trend fashion that is easy-going and chill. In case you are interested in looking through our other designs, you can also browse the section of vintage polo shirts for a take-me-back to the old times look. 

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