Urban Bracelets

As the saying goes, drip is forever. RebelsMarket has all the 'sauce' you need with affordable urban bracelets that will set your outfit buzzing. Our collection of streetwear fashion has made it easier than ever to get the look of your dreams. We combine incredible designs with quality material to create edgy bracelets at affordable prices. The alternative aspect of these wristbands allows them to stand out from the mainstream while still maintaining a high-quality feel. 

Urban fashion is a grassroots style that emerged from youth culture and creativity rather than within designers' studios. This genre is highly expressive and doesn't focus on following trends. There's no specific "look" that defines this genre – it might vary depending on geographic area, subculture, and other factors. However, over time, different brands have taken advantage of the style's popularity, making it appear as though it's not pocket-friendly. Hypebeasts are fans of this genre, and they follow keenly on the high-end items released by brands like Supreme and Louis Vuitton. Lucky for you, our streetwear bracelets stay true to the grassroots culture and still ooze drip. 

Bracelets are steeped in rich lore and history, which is why they are some of the unique pieces of jewelry around. For millennia, they were used as adornments and served ritualistic purposes in different cultures worldwide, including Egypt, ancient Europe, and the far east. Over time, it has been used as a decoration and evolved to serve as a symbol to mean different things for several people, including friendship. Street style has incorporated its aesthetics into it, leading to one-of-a-kind jewelry that makes a powerful statement. Go ahead and check out our urban fashion jewelry, given how creative, affordable, and wearable it is. 

Add attitude and rebellious statement to your wardrobe today with metal bracelets from RebelsMarket. Enjoy impressive pieces of art in the form of streetwear jewelry. This genre's items are bound to arouse interest and attention when worn, and our pieces do not disappoint in this regard. Our affordable pieces make it even easier to shop for street-style wristbands to spice up your outfit.

Dope features to look out for in urban bracelets

The most notable feature of the style behind these is the combination of aesthetics. This collection has a kaleidoscope of styles that ensure you have a dynamic range in your wardrobe. We feature dark elements, from scorpions to skulls, that are captivating and controversial in equal measure. There are deep meanings associated with the skulls in today's society and the past. The elements of skeletons are often associated with death and mortality. 

Our skull bracelets embrace the power that comes with concepts of death, bringing out some of the most visually stunning embellishments that you may ever come across. Some of these dark elements are featured in other styles, including goth fashion, known for its exotic nature and mysticism. You wouldn't need to think twice when wearing these pieces with gothic attire. Neither would you be out of place if you wore it with punk rock fashion. So feel free to combine different styles to make a look that suits you. For instance, you could get our skull head wristband that would go well with a gothic jacket.  

One of the most iconic features of anything street style is the glamour given off by the bling. Anything with a swagger has to announce itself before you do. This catalog has all the glamour you need to flex on the streets. The materials used in making these stand-out items give it its high-quality nature but still keep it affordable. Titanium is one such material, and the sheen it gives off invites the eye effortlessly, not to mention how strong it is. There is also a steel alloy that is made to be skin-friendly, comfortable, and reliable. These metals often form dynamic pieces and different shapes like dragons and lizards when linked in a chain. Get exciting pieces like double chain bracelets that would look incredible when worn with items from our trendy clothing collection.

Our collection boasts of pieces that would suit him, her, and everyone else who wants to put them on. For the guys, these street chain bracelets for men go with a host of various outfits. Men's urban outerwear offers some of the comfiest yet visually pleasing hoodies and jackets out there. One of the sleekest pieces you should add to your outfit is the men's wide wristband that comes in silver, so don't hesitate to get it today. 

For the ladies, there are urban bracelets for women just waiting to be worn. What makes these pieces worth having is the quality of the craftsmanship and wide array of options. Should you want something eccentric, you should shop for the street arm bangle long and wide, covering the whole wrist in outspoken colors like silver and gold. Use them to complement your women's streetwear outfits to dazzle everyone you meet. 

Create your look today with leather wristbands that go well with a range of various outfits. Leather makes for a comfortable but strong material, allowing you to look your best. There are also other exciting pieces like beaded or wide cuff bracelets. Some of our pieces are set with inexpensive stones to make them look unique. Have fun making eye-catching styles with beaded armbands. These beads can be alternated with stones making for cute charm bracelets that would be a thoughtful gift given how pretty they look. 

You can choose a quality urban bracelet to accessorize any alternative outfit for any occasion. Whether you are going to work, on a date, to the club, or the bar, be sure to accessorize your outfit with our vibrant collection and elevate your look to a whole new level. Shop today and get 10% Off your first purchase. We ship worldwide, so get shopping!