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Street/Urban Fashion Bracelets

Shop affordable collections of street/urban fashion bracelets from the best alternative indie brands & stores from around the world. Get amazing deals on bracelets to fit your style and taste!

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Hip Street/Urban Fashion Bracelets

Street/urban fashion is grassroots fashion – trends that emerge from youth culture and creative , rather than from within designers studios. Street fashion is highly expressive and doesn't focus on following trends. There's no specific "look" that defines street fashion – it might vary depending on geographic area, subculture and other factors. "Street Style" is often closely watched by cool hunters looking for new ideas to take to the mass-market, and many popular trends had their beginning on the street. Street style photographers comb the streets of the most fashionable cities – New York, Milan, Helsinki, London, Melbourne – to find inspirational real-life fashion to showcase on their sites. Street/urban fashion jewelry is creative, affordable and always wearable. So browse through this range of bracelets and be the trend.