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Enjoy timeless elegance like never before with Victorian corsets from RebelsMarket. Few pieces have been a foundational piece of women's fashion than corsetry. Not only do the pieces shape the body to look its best, but they also help with posture and tying your outfit together to make you look gorgeous. Our selection of corset tops in various styles and colors will help you complete your ensemble. 


Victorian fashion is a genre that draws awe and imagination, for a good reason. The genre combines old-fashioned elegance with a touch of darkness similar to what you get in gothic clothing. The blend of this style is dark and muted colors, with striking designs, making it a superb choice. Of course, such a great look will have equally elegant options supporting it, and the Victorian-era corsets do not disappoint. Embrace the power in your body and sexuality with impressive pieces from this collection. 


Wearing sexy Victorian bustiers boosts your self-confidence to an unimaginable level. It doesn't matter what size you are or the shape of your body; we all deserve to feel beautiful and sexy. If you are plus-size, don't worry, that means more of you to show off. Get our plus-size corsets to ensure you get the look you deserve. There are incredible waist training sets for our slim and petite girls that will hold your body the right way. Accessorize your iconic piece with fine victorian jewelry for that extra touch of spice. 


Victorian bustier tops end below the waist and not at the hips. Not only are they curvaceous, but they are also made of tight seams, bone, metal, lace, and fabric. Whether you are seeking something to help accentuate your curves or putting the finishing touches on your costume, we've got you covered beautifully! Be like sexy Victorian women with options in various designs and colors, ranging from brocade, velvet to shiny satin. Here are some factors to consider as you shop this look with us today.


Factors to consider when shopping for corsets online


It is crucial to find a suitable fabric for attire because there is pride in wearing clothes you are comfortable in and love. A way to do this is by getting a suitable fabric. Here are some materials to consider for your sexy Victorian bustier.


One of the premier materials used in our pieces is cotton. Cotton is affordable, durable, and readily available. It's an ideal choice since a corset top is a garment that is easily worn, and you want a fabric that can last longer. If you are a person of more decadent tastes, then satin is for you. Compared to cotton, satin is expensive. However, this fabric will allow you to wear your satin bustier in several ways, such as a stand-alone top, an undergarment, or one worn with a combination of top garments. It's remarkably versatile, and this makes it a good choice. Compliment your look by wearing your piece with victorian dresses


Another option worth having is brocade which is a thick woven textile. It has a beautiful old-school tapestry to make the underbust corset more appealing, enabling it to stand out. You can also use mesh, which is lightweight and breathable. It's less bulky, allowing you to wear a mesh piece with other clothes like t-shirts or dresses. Mesh is an ideal fabric for a summer outfit and is also very chic. Leather fabric is another option, which is excellent for a cold season because leather can be somehow hot. However, it can go well when worn over a sexy alternative dress.


For you to get the fitting Victorian-era corset, you need to know your measurements. Take measurements of your waist size; your natural waist size. Measure above and below your belly button too. Once you have the measurements, go ahead to shop for an item 3 or 4 inches smaller than your natural waist. For instance, if your natural weight is 29, get a piece that is 24 or 25. We do this to allow one to get that hourglass effect.


Exceptional victorian bustier options you should check out


There are many options for Victorian secret corsets you could buy. Here are some that we think would be a perfect addition to your closet. Steel boned corsets offer a fantastic shape reduction of the waist. They are made to give you an hourglass figure, the right balance, and support. The beauty of this item is that you can wear it under or over clothes. A lovely maxi backless dress would pair well with this look. 


Steampunk corsets are a fantastic option to have, as they are made with aesthetic details that give these items a top-notch look. It fuses goth, boho, and vintage elements in the item. You can pair a steampunk bustier with women's high-rise denim jeans. If you're looking for a piece that will turn heads and raise eyebrows, burlesque has to be the one. Burlesque corsets incorporate other styles like vintage to bring out beautiful nature. You can style this look with a high waist skirt to finish the look.


Victorian leather corsets are one of the most versatile and easy-to-pull-off looks. These pieces will make a loud statement, and you can be guaranteed it will pop. You can wear these options under or over clothes, and the best part is, it will still be a perfect match with skirts, dresses, or even trousers. Women from this period had plus-size options, and so did we. Plus-size bustiers require more length but are guaranteed to give you that hourglass shape. A perfect blend for this would be pairing the corset with women's sandals and a stylish jumpsuit for a relaxed day. 


Whether you are showing up to work, attending a party, meeting, or hanging out with friends, you can always glam up your outfit with a Victorian corset. They are trendy and are still making fashion statements around the globe. Get yourself a pair or two today at RebelsMarket at affordable prices. It's never too early or late to shop for corsets. Get 10% OFF on your first order. Worldwide shipping is available!


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