Alternative Men's Vests

He who observes etiquette but objects to lying is like someone who dresses fashionably but wears no vest- Walter Benjamin. What a casual vest is to a man is a bond that cannot be broken. Seasons are changing, and as it is, most men are hurriedly going to the shop to make sure their wardrobe is in check. If you're looking for alternative men's vests in edgy styles, then look no further than RebelsMarket. 

We stock a vast selection of men's casual vest looks to meet your alternative styles. Even better, you can shop for trendy men's vest in various materials that meet your preferred fabric taste. Our stylish vests come in cashmere, corduroy, cotton, denim, faux suede, velvet, and wool to bring out the dapper in every man. 

We offer men's alternative men’s casual vests collection because we curate all of our clothing items from alternative fashion designers worldwide. We provide distinctive vests since our collections often include indie brands and label designers that you won't find in regular stores. As you continue browsing our men's vest outfits, here are some tips to guide you as you shop online.

4 things you need to know when shopping for alternative men's vests online

Before heading out, consider knowing these essential details to help you get the right casual vest;

Body type; knowing your body helps you dress it accordingly so that you don't downplay your features. For instance, if you have a muscular body, you need to get a well-fitting vest that's not too tight. 

Size; oversize may not work for all outfits; you must know your size before you embark on getting a new vest. The same applies to small size vests. Knowing your size is vital because it enables you to choose something you are comfortable with and easily move around. 

Color is everything when it comes to vests. Switch up your wardrobe and go for all colors you possibly can have. The era of believing that most men cannot wear bold colors is long gone. Have some subtle colors and colorful ones that blend with your skin tone to give your look a beautiful blend. 

Know the season and dress according to it. While men are inseparable from their vests, not all vests are appropriate for the changing seasons. A hooded vest would be ideal for winter as it can be paired with a long-sleeved shirt and a men’s scarf, unlike a tweed waistcoat vest.

Alternative men's vest to shop for online

RebelsMarket carries a wide variety of alternative men’s vests. Whether you are looking for official or casual vests, you will find a perfect match in our collection.

Shop for pinstripe waistcoats, plaid vests, v-neck vests, and chest pocket waistcoats, which are ideal for the business and corporate setting. An alternative necktie and long-sleeved shirt would accentuate this look better. We also have black and white striped vests you can shop for today at affordable prices.

For a more relaxed casual setting, shop for one-sided vests, leather vests, checkered shawl vests, techwear slim vests, and hooded sleeveless vests you can wear with your men's jeans or pair them with shorts and capris.

If you want to bring your vintage and retro vibe to your vests, we have tesla vests, brocade long vests, and steampunk vests to meet your edgy style. Steampunks and brocade vests have an eye for detail, and if styled appropriately, they can be worn to different events and occasions interchangeably. 

How to wear your alternative men's vests for different occasions

While men's casual vests are generally considered a casual item of clothing, many people don't realize just how awesome and versatile they are. 

A plain white or black vest can be worn over any outfit and is a perfect item for creating a layered look. You can throw on a military shirt, biker jeans, and combat boots for an edgy, industrial vibe. Accentuate your look with accessories and a black leather jacket for a casual look.

Alternatively, you could steer clear of plain monochrome vests and opt for a graphic or printed vest. Printed vests can be paired with a plain open shirt and a pair of straight-leg pants or skinny jeans. Graphic printed vests are stylish when worn with joggers or a pair of casual shorts for a relaxed, athleisure vibe that's perfect for day wear.

If you want to style up these stereotypically casual vests even further, you could wear a vest with an open blazer or men's coats. This is an attractive formal-but-casual hybrid look that transitions perfectly from day to night-time wear. You can dress the look further with a pair of men's dress shoes or dress it down by opting for more casual footwear.

As the weather becomes warmer and the seasons change, you might be looking to update your summer wardrobe with cool men's vest tops. We have men's graphic printed vests, leather vests, and hooded vests to pair seamlessly with punk rock outfits, cool oversized vests to meet your urban fashion trend, and chic, high-end designs for when you feel that high-fashion vibe. Whatever your style, RebelsMarket has unique men's vests for you.

Ultimately, the way you style your men's vest is entirely up to you. It's a great idea to own multiple pairs of men's casual vests, both plain and printed, and in a variety of different colors. This way, you have various options for building outfits that are styled explicitly around your vests. 

Check out the incredible selection of alternative men's vests on sale at RebelsMarket and see how you can start adding some key pieces to your current alternative wardrobe. Shop for a wide range of vests today at RebelsMarket, which is guaranteed to quench your thirst for vests. Get 10% OFF your first purchase. Worldwide shipping available!