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Heavy Metal & Rock Clothing

If you love rock and heavy metal outfits with spikes and studs and that take fashion inspiration from heavy metal bands - you've come to the right place. RebelsMarket caters to a multitude of different alternative fashion styles - including rock and heavy metal inspired clothing.

So if your wardrobe is filled with skinny jeans, camouflage pants, Metallica T-shirts, and Slayer hoodies, we've got styles to suit your needs. Some might say that heavy metal rockers are a dying breed. But we know that there are still hardcore fans who love to rock the heavy metal look.

While more popular styles, such as punk rock and urban fashion, take the limelight, heavy metal clothing has a rough edge and a kickass vibe that can't be ignored. So if you love classic metal bands, thrash, nu-metal, or any other rock subculture - we have clothing to suit your style and musical taste.


What is heavy metal? 

"Heavy metal, or no metal at all." That is the mantra of metal fans – called metalheads – the world over. What is heavy metal? It is fast guitars, massive sound, pounding, machine-gun drums, and themes of chaos, revelry, and power. Metal fashion has several subgenres, each identifiable by different music styles and elements from Glam Metal to Hair Metal, Nu Metal, and Black metal is dark and satanic. While power metal features soaring clean vocals and upbeat, positive lyrics, metal shows have a unique experience. Fans don't stand or sit politely and clap – they jump up and down, rush toward the stage and slam into each other in the mosh pit. Metal is all about controlled aggression – the music is compelling and energetic, and the crowd responds to that.

Although the mosh pit looks violent, fans are careful to watch out for others and pick up anyone who gets hurt. It is one of the most enduring subcultures, with millions of fans worldwide and new bands forming every day. The fans are some of the most dedicated worldwide, many traveling across the globe to see their favorite bands play. Heavy metal fashion is about more than just the music; it's a movement, an identity, and a religion. The trend is nothing short of that. Dress as you feel and let everyone know your unique alternative style. Rock on!


Where to shop

RebelsMarket offers a vast selection of rock style outfits for men because we stock items from retailers across the globe. From metal fashion retailers to indie designers and brands, our sellers stock clothing that you won't find in regular stores.

This means that you can get rock outfits in fresh new styles that are rare and unique. You can also shop with confidence, knowing that we cater to other alternative fashions that are perfect for complementing your look. If you want to add an industrial look or a biker edge to your heavy metal outfit, you can shop biker jackets and pick up some metal accessories to complete your look.

The style combinations are endless. So if you want to update your rock and heavy metal style outfits, you can do so with ease. We cater to different styles and different budgets too. Whether you pick a budget rock, heavy metal, band inspired clothing, or other high-end pieces, the choice is yours.

Shop today to discover the different rock and heavy metal fashion, clothing, and accessories we have on offer.

Thinking about Heavy Metal fashion? Get that leather jacket look, gauntlets, or even spikes bands and you’ll be good to go. If you also dig dope bands like Akercocke, The Vision Bleak, Queens of the Stone Age, and Lacrimosa, you will get a lot of inspiration on how to style your rock and roll outfits. We also give you access to juicy heavy metal clothing, jewelry, and accessories from black leather, bullet belts, tight denim, and more.  We scavenge awesome brands and products from all corners of the world ensuring that you get closet staples that suit your style. From metal fashion accessories to metal clothing for men, we have it all.

The great thing about rock and heavy metal clothing is that it can be a diverse and interesting style. While it is the preferred style for rockers and metalheads, there is some crossover with different alternative styles.

For example, biker clothing shares similar aesthetics with heavy metal clothing, particularly when it comes to men's styles. A cut off denim jacket and a pair of worker boots wouldn't look out of place at either a metal concert or a biker festival.

The diversity of metal clothing means that you can create different looks, and still keep your metal style. For example, you could rock a pair of cutoff jeans with an oversized sweater and or a metal style tank top for a unique mix of metal and grunge.

Or if you want to create a fusion of modern trends with classic rock, you buy trend pieces such as skinny jeans and pair them with metal clothing such as band tee shirts and a graphic printed hoodie.

You can even add a metal-tinged edge to more mainstream looks. For example, you can add metal accessories such as cuffs, leather bracelets, and studs to trendy outfits, or work them into a tattoo fashion ensemble.

The possibilities are endless - so the best thing to do is shop around. Check out the huge selection of rock style outfits for men on RebelsMarket. We have clothing to suit your style and your budget. Shop today to enjoy 10% off your first order, with free shipping!