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Women's Kawaii Skirts

Whether you are bringing out the sweet side of your personality or looking for something brighter, kawaii skirts are a closet staple worth including in your alternative wardrobe. Designed in adorable motifs like strawberries, pink glitters, paws, and cute cat faces, these Japanese anime skirts are the epitome of youthful looks. Find a variety of these cute garments at RebelsMarket and cough up that high school glow. Don’t be afraid of going for brighter colors and bold prints because nothing announces your arrival better than a pop of color! Spice up your closet with our collection of kawaii clothes today, and adorn the latest trends at affordable rates. 

Dressing cute is not a problem, especially when going for women’s kawaii outfits. We offer a wide variety of skater skirts in different patterns to incorporate into any girlish outfit, from leather minis to stripped midis and anime prints. All you need is a cute pastel skirt to go with a collared top and women’s kawaii shoes, and tie up your hair in a ponytail for a schoolgirl kinda look. There are many ways to look like a walking doll, but first, you need to stock up a few pieces of pink and plush to let the girl in you thrive. Have a look at the designs we have available; the collection houses elegant and edgy pieces for you to choose from.

Cute kawaii skirt options to add to your wardrobe

Have fun picking through the high-waisted skirts we have. They are designed in zippers, buttons, belts and embellished in straps and lace-ups. Find a range of brown, yellow, pink, and blue colors, with hologram prints also in the collection. You can shop for them in simple minis or midis, whatever your preference. Get a hold of a high-waisted lolita wrap skirt and team it up with a kawaii top and platforms to serve you some girlish vibe. 

School girl skirts are a must-have for anyone looking to pull off a girlish look. The young and adventurous style has proven to be a never-changing fashion from its early emergence in the 1920s. The ensemble is known for the pleats and plaid designs that high schoolers love to wear. To get this outfit, shop for a frilly lace skirt, whether in plain or plaids, and flaunt it with women’s kawaii hoodies in anime prints, and your girlish attire is ready to hit the streets. 

Do you love pleats? Be sure to find a great selection to choose from! Pleated skirts have folds formed by doubling the fabric on itself and stitching it into one place. Find them in several designs, such as the accordion pleats that start out small at the waist and get larger toward the hem. You can shop for a printed kawaii skirt in several designs that match your style and secure it with a fitting kawaii t-shirt and sneakers for a youthful look you can wear to work or school.

Plaid kawaii skirts have become popular and are essential statements in the alternative culture. Whenever someone talks of plaid, the first thing that comes to mind is a tartan twilled or checkered piece of cloth. They may be described with a crisscross pattern, like those found on a Scottish kilt. Shop for a ruffled piece today; you can pair it with a sweater to brighten up the outfit. From asymmetrical to A-line patterns, short and long, plaid skirts are something you can style with literally anything because they come in different color schemes.

Anyone looking for a suspender skirt? It is a popular staple in Kawaii culture, designed with straps to be placed on the shoulders. The garment is chic, feminine, and elegant, all wrapped together and make for a cute outfit, like a collared blouse with platforms. Experiment with different kinds of strapped pieces, from thin to wide designs. Shop for embroidered braces skirts in the collection with hollow-out straps to style with a spaghetti top or cami. Add some glam to the look with kawaii accessories to complete the modish outfit.  

Most of our skirts are pleated; we thought that giving out a few tips on how to take care of them would be helpful. When ironing, it is important to identify the type of pleats used and the direction that it is folded. Try and follow the original fold as diligently as possible to maintain its appearance. If possible, try using low-setting steam as your go-to option rather than ironing. 

Another tip to consider is, before throwing your skirt into the machine, check that the care tag says it is washable. Some garments cannot be laundered, so you will need to bear that in mind when purchasing or wearing them. If it is stated that it can be laundered, then wash it on a cold cycle to avoid shrinkage. After washing, hang it out to dry. Most pleats should retain their folds and color without losing shape.

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