Earrings & Ear Cuffs

Don’t be left out! Unique cuff earrings and ear cuffs are making a grand come back; only this time, they are wilder and ferocious. Whether you refer to this jewelry as ear Huggies, ear cuffs, ear wraps, ear bands, ear charms, or earrings that go up to your ear,  they are sure to add mystic and enchanting appeals to your style. Give your ears the attention they deserve by adorning them with exquisite cuff designs ranging from snakes, octopus, dragon, Pegasus, and so much more. They are versatile accessories that suit different occasions and still stand out as unique.

The unusual shapes of animals, leaves, or skulls will make iconic accessories to wedding attires and are bound to attract attention to your ears. Make your day special by paying attention to the finest details of your looks and dressing ahead of trends.

Jumping into the spring spirit with stacked bracelet cuffs and rings? You are one more step from completing your style. Ear cuffs have been noted as the new glamorous accessory on the red carpet on stars such as Jennifer Lawrence and Amber Heard. They come in different materials, from fetish diamonds to cubic zirconia, with varying prices, cuts, sizes, and colors. The beauty of this jewelry piece is that it can be worn with virtually anything in your closet. Shaping up to be the perfect adornment for spring, they are also blowing off the fashion scene with immense energy.

Designs of Earcuffs

The latest styles have come a long way from the simple silver ones popularized by '90s grunge—both big-name and niche designers are creating pieces in a wide range of precious metals and gorgeous gems. Street style retailers have plenty of super-trendy versions up for grabs.

Dragon: Who wouldn't notice pewter dragon ear cuffs winding their way from ear tips to earlobes? This chrome creature adds a fierce, sci-fi element to your ear. Alternatively, you can pair your ear cuffs with dragon costumes which you can also find in our catalog. Do not miss out on the come-back of the ear cuffs trend to revamp your style. Add mystique glam to your casual looks with them from RebelsMarket.

Chain: Dangling from the top of your ear, this is a chic combo to bring classic elegance to your style.  It is a perfect accessory for alternative clothing.

Hammered: This style will suit a bohemian style and your love for chunky jewelry. They are great when layered with a dangly pair of earrings, too.

Double Band: This design wraps comfortably around the cartilage of your ear.

Snake: Uphold the bulky theme with detailed snake designs that wrap themselves around your ear. Add a flirty flair with a naughty sensation to your summer rocker outfit. 

Skull: History goes down to as far as the Greek aristocrats who wore ear cuffs as a symbol of their wealthy status, mostly skulls. Pair this with a badass skull outfit, and you are good to go! The list of ear cuff designs is endless!! 

Materials for Earcuffs

Silver: Flip back your hair and rock silver ear cuffs to represent the intrigue speck of your style, whether you are stepping out in your sleek skater dress or a simple tank top and denim

Gold: On the other end of the spectrum, they offer simplicity for a more reserved spring dress code. Opt for a mixed hue of dangly and chunky ear cuffs to add bliss to your casual looks.


How to Style Ear Cuffs

Casual: Add a fierce sensation of brevity to your girly look in a shift or skater dress. Explore your non-conformity style further by rocking an edgy ear accessory in your dinner or prom gown. Whether you are rocking pale black outfits or pretty bright colors, your ear cuff will seal the deal. You'll probably want to opt for some edgy skull designs or other kick-ass pieces to complement your alternative look if you're more of a punk rocker or a fan of biker jeans and combat boots. Pair with a choker and some midi rings for an updated grunge look, or opt for an interesting pendant to keep things a little more understated.

Jewelry: A mix of ear cuffs with wicked embellished necklace is perfect for rocking the summer fun in white pants and a colorful top. Hit the club in the evening without removing them and earn respect from friends and foes alike. If you're into wearing dresses or cute tops with busy patterns, it might be a good idea to choose a pair of plain ear cuffs.

Formal: Stand out on your dream prom night by rocking silver ear cuffs that will leave the shape of your earlobes still fresh after the epic night. Perk up your collection with different shapes and sizes that define your personality and complete your looks. 

Explore your freedom to adorn your outfits with wicked jewelry, and leave heads turning wherever you go.  These super cool accessories are here to stay, and anyone can wear them, from celebrities, teens, ladies to even gentlemen. Basic cuffs made of a plain band of curved metal will give you the go-ahead to explore your style, but why should you limit yourself? Enjoy the freedom to dress the way you feel, with wild accessories that will best bring out your hidden dark side. As a sophisticated dresser, you are looking for out of the ordinary accessories with exciting designs. Find the perfect cuff that defines your personality from Rebels Market, an online store with unique badass designs.