Womens Vests

Women’s vests are ideal when you are looking for a cloth to transition the weather. Vests are wonderful and they can be worn by both men and women. It is something that should be looked at because it is like a pair of jeans when it comes to versatility, it can be worn in the most casual and formal of events. For the rebel in you, find alternative fashion-inspired styles, from Goth, High fashion, Punk rock, Metal to biker-inspired vests here.

A vest or waistcoat is a sleeveless upper-body garment that is designed to be layered over a shirt or under a jacket. A traditional vest button in the front features at least one pocket and has an adjustable buckled belt or strap in the back to create a snug fit. The front of the vest is decorative while the back of the vest is made of a different material, typically a thin, satiny, solid-color fabric, so as to produce less bulk underneath the jacket.

Types of Women Vests

Tuxedo: For an androgynous look, rock a tuxedo vest, as a great addition to any outfit. These vests streamline your looks to appear prim and proper. The clean lines and lapel instantly modernize the look and add structure to the outfit. Opt for curved lapels for a feminine style or other bulky cuts for a more masculine feel.

Corset: Has your reshaping and molding begun? Corsets train your body to a desired stomach or waist size. Unlike other corsets or girdle's, RebelsMarket pieces compress your stomach making you feel full and Instantly reduces inches in your waist and stomach. For a Gothic or Steampunk style, corset vests are must-have wardrobe pieces.

Fur: Stand out during the fall with fur vests to keep you warm, cozy, and stylish. These stylish vests will warm you up during winter, and still remain light enough in summer with the cut-off sleeves. From shaggy fur to sheep’s wool, these vests come in a variety of textures to suit your preferences. Fur vests add a luxurious touch to your outfit and are great for layering.

Leather: They are also available for women. It is perhaps the most reputable clothing for women bikers but you don’t have to drive around the city in a Harley Davidson’s in order to pull off this biker girl look. They come in several styles and even the type of leather, from faux leather to ostrich leather; you have an array of styles to choose from. Zip ups and button-downs are also available and getting one for you is not such a bad idea.

Bolero: It is a short, cropped jacket that is meant to go over an existing top, camisole, dress, or blouse in order to either cover the shoulders in a bare dress or shirt. Pair a bolero with a strapless top and jeans for a date night or going out with friends for dinner and drinks. Try a satin bolero vest with a rhinestone-encrusted brooch to jazz up your old faithful little black dress, or wear a lightweight over a summer dress with spaghetti straps. 

Contrast colors by wearing a black bolero with a brightly colored top or dress, such as red or purple. Pair a cute knit cardigan style bolero vest with a T-shirt or tank top and jeans for the ultimate summer outfit that is cute and casual. Boleros look great with skirts as well. Create a visually interesting look by adding a brightly colored bolero to a denim skirt and team up with a neutral-colored top and accessories.

Denim: Vamp up the style of any outfit with the edgy look of denim vests; it derives from the classic cut of a jean jacket without the sleeves. Take your weekend wardrobe to another level with the latest trend of denim vests. Wear it over a fitted dress for fierce feminine style, or keep it casual with a tank top and shorts.

Puffer: Try a puffer vest in vibrant colors and a shiny finish for an athletic look perfect for a ski vacation with the family. Or style it with a diamond quilt in muted colors for a preppy equestrian style.

How to Style Your Vests

If it is indeed your first time shopping for a vest, consider your body type, before choosing a vest, as not all are flattering. The material, cut, design, and color can have a major effect on whether a vest is a hit or a miss.

Small bust: Then it is the perfect layering piece since the extra fabric fills out the chest area and hides the lack of your body volume at the top. 

Big bust: Get a vest that is made of thinner fabrics and fitted with darts to match their body’s contours. 

Curvy: Look for a strap or ties at the back to pull it in at the waist to create an hourglass shape to slenderize your buxom figure. If you want to hide a tummy, a slightly looser but not boxy vest may be very effective at gliding over the tummy area and hiding it. A short, tightly fitted vest may accentuate large hips just as it will accentuate tummy bulge. If you have wide hips, a slightly looser vest will minimize the difference between the width of the hips and the width of the torso.

Women’s vests are a staple in women’s wardrobes therefore owning more than one is necessary. Just like a pair of denim jeans, you should be able to own a few pieces in order to enhance your look, both casually and formally on several occasions. So look through our collection now.