Skull Jewelry

Skull jewelry is well-known for being emblematic of the biker community and is often used within punk rock culture. Skulls also have an aesthetic appeal and are used in jewelry ranging from stud earrings to thick silver banded rings. A simple sterling skull ring can give any look an edge and a rebellious appeal.  The skull jewelry pieces can vary from simple to elaborate and incorporate other design elements such as intricate detail work and added features like crystal, cross, and roses. They add a different and alternative vibe to any look that screams bold and edgy. 

You will find a collection of different styles, shapes, and sizes to accessorize any look at RebelsMarket. We have a vast selection of skull rings for men and women, ranging from petite and delicate to chunky and bold. Skull rings come in metals like titanium, stainless steel, gold, silver, and even encrusted jewels for an added pop of color and glamor. When shopping for unique skull jewelry, you need to consider some factors such as type and function to get the right jewelry for you.

Factors to put into consideration when purchasing a skull jewelry

Types of skull jewelry to shop for

There are various types of antique jewelry in our collection that can add ‘extra’ to a simple look. Skull bracelets are among the great choices used to accessorize an outfit. Too often, our wrists are left bare when they are just screaming for a little decoration. You can find watch bracelets with deadly symbolism to fit your style. You will also find a wide selection of skull earrings, necklaces, and even designer pieces from the world-renowned Betsey Johnson, who is known for her outlandish and edgy designs. 

Skull jewelry is a terrific way to get a break from the usual accessories and add a little bit of rebelliousness to any wardrobe. Our sugar skull jewelry can be paired with rockabilly outfits. Pair them with a flirty pin up dress and heels, or a bold button-down men’s rockabilly shirt and pants for a playful style. Have fun looking through our selection of skull jewelry and find the piece that's right for you.

Accessorizing with skull jewelry for men

Accessorizing has never been easier with skull jewelry. For men, we have skull watches, bracelets, skull necklaces women, and earrings that call to the darker side of your personality. It is no secret that men prefer to accessorize their outfits with skull designs. It allows them to express themselves without having to go overboard.

For a simple look, go for one or two skull head jewelry pieces and wear with a plaid shirt. You can decide to wear them on the same wrist or opposite sides. Pair your silver skull necklace with your chukka boots or handmade men’s Chelsea boots for a vintage kind of vibe, and you'll be good to go.

To create a watch and skull bracelet combo, go for thinner pieces that sit comfortably below your watch just a bit closer to your wrist. This works well with skull pieces that don't have too much contrast. If this style is not your preference, you can also choose to wear your watch and bracelet on opposite sides, it’s all up to your style statement.

For a care-free look, you can shop for multiple pieces. The easiest way to hack this look is to start with four to five skull pieces with a common theme. You can also stack skull jewelry with different materials, like beads and leather.

Some of the most popular men’s skull jewelry styles will be pulled from pirate fashion or a hardcore rock and roll style. Each piece is easy to mix and match with an edgy printed t-shirt, jeans, bondage pants, or a stylish black leather jacket. No matter how you cut it, the human skull's symbol has been an attractive design for male fashion.

Accessorizing with skull jewelry for women

Skull jewelry for women is also increasing in trendiness with an alternative style. They can be cute and unassuming or edgy and dark. There are skull jewelry pieces with bows and flowers such as pendants and necklaces, and others with vampire fangs. Women's skull jewelry is a key to accessorizing beautiful Victorian goth dresses, steampunk women, and chic boho looks. No matter your style, there will be a fantastic piece of cool jewelry that will showcase who you are.

There is a piece of skull jewelry for every occasion. Whether you plan on heading out for a meeting with friends, to your prom or homecoming, for a Halloween party, on a biker’s journey, or even to the local club, you will always look your best with our skull jewelry collection.

Don’t forget to shop for a skull jewelry box to keep all of the rebellious awesomeness of your vintage jewelry set. Not only will it help you decorate your room with an edgy style, but it also allows you to keep your skull pendants and chains in check and your rings in perfect order and at hand.

Shop for ideal skull jewelry at RebelsMarket. We have the piece to define your style, from skull rings for men and women to sterling silver and stainless steel skull pendants. Find cool skull jewelry to complete your skull clothing. RebelsMarket is your one-stop-shop for all things skulls and skeletons when it comes to buying affordable skull jewelry online. You can shop for a wide variety at low prices. Don't be left out! Shop today to enjoy 10% OFF your first order.



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