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Steampunk Women's Clothing

Dive into the fantasy world of steampunk fashion, feel the energy! Our retro-futuristic steampunk women's clothing and costumes section will leave you enthralled. This is a trendy fashion for steampunk women who are ready to express themselves. It's a fictional world that makes it all fun and edgy, incorporating elements of horror, fantasies, and speculative fiction. Our awesome collection will have you running to the bank to buy some of these items. From tops and shirts to coats, skirts, and more, you will find everything here.

Steampunk History

This trendy fashion developed from the aesthetics of Steampunk fiction, with elements from the Victorian era fiction and films from mid-20th artisans, have molded aspects of this style yielding a pseudo-Victorian mechanical style. If you grew up watching classics like 'Treasure Planet' and 'Steamboy,' or reading fiction mastery by Jules Verne and 'H.G Wells, you probably understand why it is so popular.

It puts its spin on Victorian-era that has carved out its niche beyond the cosplay attempts of dedicated pop culture fans in recent years. Its design aesthetics have a unique sharp look that melds the unique style's essence of the 19th century industrial revolution period.

The fashion first came into mainstream attention through the beloved 1995 classic "The City of Lost Children." Fashion enthusiasts were dazzled by the ingenious costume designs by Jean Paul Gaultier. The trend further continued, giving the style a more sleek and edged look than the earlier designs visually depicted in different mediums.

If you are looking for a suitable guide to introduce you to the world of steampunk, where to buy clothing, and how to make your unique style, you have come to the right place. In this extensive guide, we will cover all the essential items of clothing and provide you with online sources to buy the best apparel.

Steampunk artists are loved for they have graced these visuals in their music, defining their style. Victorian fashion is all about fantasy and having fun with outfits. Inspired by the 19th century, the garments are often dressed in petticoats and or corsets. It is also inspired by fiction works based on authors like Tim Powers and K.W Jete.

While it is possible to incorporate some Steampunk influence in everyday outfits, real attires are often reserved for special occasions such as anime or convention. The dressing comes along with headwear, either a feminine top hat or a floral pin.

Outerwear includes skirts, pants, and even dresses are also common. Bustier corset tops are also fashionable and can either be under or overbust. Elegant gloves are common and can be fingerless. Steampunk women's fashion today is taking on different styles and incorporating current designs. It is now possible to have any item of clothing inspired by the Steampunk culture. Look through our collection and see which of these will tickle your fancy best.

How to style

To develop your wardrobe, you need some choice selection of clothing articles blending Victorian era and modern-day fashion aesthetic. It does not have hard set rules; Diversification is vital when it comes to styling. It is still a niche category, so don't expect to find uniquely designed clothing and accessories all over the internet. But your best bet would be niche sites that specialize in alternative clothing, like RebelsMarket.

In general, the ladies have an easier time styling their outfits than men because of the easier availability of clothing and accessories. Women's outfits in the steampunk realm are gender fluid with ladies often replacing skirts and dresses with jackets, leggings, and overcoats (ever seen Evie Frye from Assassins Creed Syndicate?). Most of the details are on the tops with corsets replacing vests. 

  1. Dresses – Fancy a new dress, ladies? Dresses for women are highly stylish with narrow waistlines and a lot of frills. They can be any length, but the Victorian era knee-length is considered a standard, even for the lusty harlot cosplays. Neo-victorian designs also have intricate ornamentations. 

  2. Skirts - Conservative and provocative at the same time, skirts are gorgeous to look at. The most popular variations are the bustle, lace and ruffle skirts. Despite layering a skirt over leggings is a modern or minimal aesthetic, it goes surprisingly well with the Victorian era-esque sense, making for some exciting women's looks.  

  3. Leggings – Leggings have been a staple for more than three decades. Leggings usually incorporate colorful and zany designs that look abstract.

  4. Corset top – Corset tops are the pride and joy for many women in their extensive wardrobe collection, whether they are steampunk lovers or not. Corset tops have always come with a wide array of fancy and varying designs, making the task choosing a one for your set not that much of a difficulty.

  5. Mini top hat – Ladies are often seen rocking a mini top hat reminiscent of Victorian-era style. They are one of the most versatile women’s accessories in equally suitable for corset and skirt setup or a pants and jacket setup without skipping a beat.

  6. Lace-up boots – Lace-up boots for women come in half, and full-size lengths, but are above ankle length and are more popular among ladies going for a steampunk aesthetic. These boots can be both heeled or flat, providing the flexibility of choice.

Steampunk fashion is all about trying out sexy pieces that will accentuate your body. Don’t be left out of this trend. Grab one or two outfits on RebelsMarket and get ready to make those heads turn. Shop today and get 10% off your first order plus free shipping.