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Skull Necklaces

Designed for the fashion-forward individual, skull necklaces make bold statements radiating a sense of edgy style. Drawing from mystic and alternative influences, these unique pieces flaunt a knowledgeable charisma paired with effortless confidence. One wearing a Skull Necklace will captivate people’s attention as a unique adornment that pulls out the daring inside of anyone. With a variety of intricate detailing and sizes, these neckpieces make it endlessly easy to match the OOTD classy or edgy perfectly with any wardrobe mode. 

Adding a skull necklace to your wardrobe is the perfect way to take your alternative fashion look to the next level. Not only are the necklaces a statement piece but they are also versatile, making them easy to pair with different looks. Helping you to express your style and make a bold statement about who you are, these striking accessories let people know that you have an edge and aren’t afraid of staying ahead of the trends. Whether dressed up or down, it's easy to see why this accessory is becoming hugely popular within the alternative fashion scene. Don’t miss out on this trend!

Skull necklaces are the perfect accessory for women who want to add a touch of edge and rebelliousness to their style. Whether you’re a punk necklace babe, a biker, or just love skull fashion, skull necklaces provide an effortless way to showcase your signature look. With such a wide range of skull necklace styles available, you're sure to find one that matches your personal style. From intricate designs featuring bones, crosses, and skulls to more subtle styles with pendants shaped like miniature skulls and even those adorned with jewels and gems, skull necklaces give you the ability to express yourself in a fashionable way that is both fearless and extraordinary.

It is a common misconception that skulls have to be bland and monochrome, oftentimes skull necklaces can be bright-colored and bring out a more festive vibe. Skull necklaces can be adorned with colored rhinestones and strung with different colored beads. Want to buy something for yourself or someone but not sure of the perfect fit? Here are some pointers you can take along with you when shopping.

Factors to consider when buying a skull necklace online

Materials to shop for

We believe that no one should be left out in the cold when accessorizing, even with sensitive skin. High-content gold, titanium, stainless steel, and sterling silver skull necklaces are great options for anyone with metal allergies. 

When shopping for skull necklaces, several different materials can be taken into consideration. Silver and gold are the most popular materials used in skull jewelry, both of which offer a different aesthetic. For pieces with a modern vibe, stainless steel is another great option.

Always look for the highest quality materials when picking your pendants and chains. The best types of metal chains will be gold, silver, platinum, titanium, tungsten, and steel. Skull necklaces are made out of each of these materials and give you a different look depending on the occasion and which piece you choose. 

Accessorizing with a skull necklace

Accessorizing with skull necklaces is an increasingly popular fashion choice for a variety of events and occasions. Wearing skulls can add a stylish edge to any ensemble, while also expressing your unique style. Whether you're going out with friends or dressing up for a special event, there are many ways to make your look stand out using skull necklaces. For a more subtle approach, pairing the right necklace with earth tones or muted colors allows the accessory to do all of the talking. 

Alternatively, accessorizing with a bolder piece can ramp up more daring looks, adding plenty of attitude and flair to any outfit. Each occasion calls for something different: come warmer weather, experiment by layering two or three different pieces of jewelry; add some sparkle with bejeweled pieces at night events, or get creative by mixing and matching styles for maximum impact throughout the year.

Statement necklaces can be reminiscent of human anatomy or animal anatomy. Some of the most whimsical pieces to accessorize your outfit include crow skulls, skeleton heads, skull collars, and bird anatomy. These skull pieces are extra unique when worn with steampunk or gothic clothing, but you are not limited to these alternative styles. You can rock an emo, rocker, tattooed, or vintage wear and accessorize your desired look with a skull necklace of any shape, design, and color.

Accessorizing with skull necklaces may seem a little intimidating because not every occasion seems to call for a skull or skeleton to crash the party. However, this is a misconception. Just because a skull is a little more macabre than your everyday accessory does not mean that it will not fit every occasion.

Skull necklaces for women

Skull necklaces can make a stunning statement for any woman's wardrobe. There are various ways to pair these pieces with other clothing for an edgy, chic look. When wearing a plain women’s t-shirt, team it with a classic skull roses necklace for a casual yet stylish combination. Alternatively, combine a bold skull pendant necklace with a little black evening dress to create the perfect party outfit. To add a rock-inspired edge to almost any look, go for layered pieces that include skull charms. For the daring fashionista, mismatched earrings can also include unique skull designs. There are so many different ways to wear skull necklaces and experiment with each style to find the right combination of attitude and sophistication.

Skull necklaces for women are an edgy and stylish way to stand out from the crowd. Whether you’re looking for something bold and statement-making or something more subtle and elegant, there are plenty of options to choose from. For an extra daring look, accessorize with a silver or gold skull chain necklace paired with a corset top dress and platform boots. Or for everyday wear, a sugar skull pendant sets off a cool skull tank top and jeans combination nicely. For those who prefer something a bit more on the delicate side, vintage-inspired skull head necklaces are sure to get you noticed without the flash. So take your pick and show your style – don’t be afraid to let your skulls fly!

If you're looking for a subtly elegant piece of jewelry to go with your formal attire, nothing quite compares to a gold skull necklace with delicate skull and rose designs. Not only do they look extremely fashionable, but they are also incredibly versatile! Women's skull necklaces can on the one hand give off an understated sophistication if worn alongside a long alternative dress and can also be made to appear more relaxed if donned with skinny jeans alongside a graphic tee. Whichever look you choose, this unique piece is sure to make heads turn!

Skull necklaces for men

When it comes to adding a unique and stylish flair to your look, nothing beats the classic statement of a skull necklace. For men, accessorizing with skull neckpieces is an easy way to add instant personality to your wardrobe. The best way to make the most of a skull necklace is by pairing it with items such as dark-hued t-shirts or simple blazers. To stand out even more, opt for pieces featuring captivating details such as silver skulls, stainless steel links, and edgy charms that exude sleek sophistication. There's no doubt that a popular design like this will have you looking cool and confident in no time!

Skull necklaces for men, often with beaded chains, present stylish and masculine designs that don't overpower the look but still get noticed. Best of all, they are versatile - perfect for a casual day or night out. The key to wearing a skull necklace is finding the right one for the occasion; silver and black tones tend to go well with dressier looks while gold and bronze usually fit more laid-back styles. For a really bold statement, pair your skull necklace with other accessories like rings or lapel pins, then top off the ensemble with an eye-catching belt buckle. With these tips in mind, you're sure to make a style statement every time you accessorize with one of these great pieces of jewelry.

Men's jewelry has evolved a great deal in recent years, with chain necklaces leading the way. Now, men can add a touch of gritty urban cool to their look without abandoning sophistication. A cool leather wrist cuff skull watch teamed with a statement chain necklace is an impressive way to make a powerful statement on any occasion. On the other hand, if you want something more formal, a black skull necklace would look great with a button-down gothic shirt, trousers, and a black leather jacket. Either way, chain necklaces offer an exciting way to express yourself and make your own style.

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